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I love how Adrian sticks to the series 8 books and she has never faltered from the romance and basic storyline like most series authors This is a good story, just not one of the best I ve read from Adrian I loved that Jenna was not one of the breeds, but I wanted to know what exactly Jenna was and how her and Brock was going to make things work out between them since she wasn t a breed I guess I like clear closure, than again who knows maybe Adrian will bring Jenna out in the coming books I am looking forward to the next book in the series. 4 1 2 Girl Power Stars Loved it This series gets better and better Happy reading [Download Epub] ☸ Taken by Midnight (Midnight Breed, #8) ♾ AT THE CROSSROADS OF DEATH AND DESIRE, A WOMAN TASTES A PLEASURE NO MORTAL IS MEANT TO SURVIVE In The Frozen Alaskan Wilderness, Former State Trooper Jenna Darrow Survives An Unspeakable Breach Of Body And Soul But With Her Narrow Escape Comes An Even Greater Challenge For Strange Changes Are Taking Place Within Her, As She Struggles To Understand And Control A New Hunger To Do So, She Will Seek Shelter In The Boston Compound Of The Order, An Ancient Race Of Vampire Warriors Whose Very Existence Is Shrouded In Mystery Perhaps The Most Mysterious Of Them All Is Brock, A Brooding, Dark Eyed Alpha Male Whose Hands Hold The Power To Comfort, Heal And Arouse As She Recovers Under Brock S Care, Jenna Finds Herself Drawn To The Order S Mission To Stop A Ruthless Enemy And Its Army Of Assassins From Subjecting Earth To A Reign Of Terror Yet In Spite Of Their Resolve, A Purely Physical Relationship Without Strings Soon Binds Brock And Jenna Together With A Desire Fiercer Than Life And Stronger Than Death Itself Until A Secret From Brock S Past And Jenna S Own Mortality Challenges Their Forbidden Love To The Ultimate Trial By Fire From The Paperback Edition I did not enjoy this book as much as I liked Shades of Midnight I had been looking forward to this one, too, so I m very disappointed.First I found it difficult to like Jenna Granted she d been through a horrible trauma and was still nursing four year old wounds, but then maybe the book should have started later when she was a little less freaked She was downright unlikable for the first half of the book.Brock is a character I was looking forward to getting to know better But he seemed oddly two dimensional He had rage and regret I didn t get any sense of his chemistry with Jenna I had to accept it because the author said it was there, but I wasn t feeling it from their interactions.Add to that a story line that was teaser than anything else and it just felt unfinished and unsatisfying Sure, one huge plot point was settled, but, frankly, I didn t see why it was still hanging in the first place I can understand one aspect still being out there, but the rest, what was the point I found this story to be tepid and it felt incomplete Especially after the last installment that I loved so much and that felt like a fully realized story Hunter is next and I hope we have a stronger plot line to his tale At least he can t be hooking up with Mira a spec that has always given me the willies even if it didn t happen for 20 years since the book starts one week after the end of Taken I have found Adrien to be hit or miss When she s on, like with Shades, she s so on it s fantastic So I m hooked if for no other reason than the ones that are good are just that good This one is very bridge like, setting up further action down the road I find that often to be unfair to the lead protagonists, and it s not an easy plot line to make successful Maybe next time. 2.5 stars First, the goodI loved that the main character was not a breedmate This was the first time ever that the author strayed from her formula Now, the badWe got no explanation for WHY she was made different We know the HOW, but we never got clued in as to why things transpired the way that they did The story itself wasAbout the same as the others entertaining but formulaic I m fine with that by now, or I wouldn t still be reading I know what s to be expected and the formula always delivers, so I m able to enjoy the books for what they are. Breed warrior Brock Special ability Absorbing the pain and suffering of the others by touching Age Around 110 years old Breed mate Jenna Special ability Great physical strength, advanced senses, phychic abilities, speaks Ancient language Occupation Former state trooper Mark place None She has dermaglyphs which have started to form at the back of her neck.Settings Boston, New York, Gloucester, Newport, Harmony in Alaska This is a great book I loved that it is focused mainly in the action and less in the love story between Brock and Jenna In this book the woman is actually interesting that the breedwarrior Jenna is Alex s friend from Alaska She is not a breed mate and she is definetely not very lucky with her life so far and her family She basically has no family left Her brother Zack was a crooked Sheriff who got killed, her husband and daughter were killed in a car accident and Jenna cannot have any children She was about to kill herself when Ancient appeared and did strange things to her in the previous book In a storyline which reminded me the one Scully had in X files, Ancient put an inplant in Jenna s neck Jenna stayed in coma for a month and when she wakes up, nobody knows what she is exactly.Brock is the one who helped her to overcome her pain They fall madly in love although none of them thought it was a good idea and they form a great team The book is not lacking in action There is the storyline about saving the lost breedmates and the storyline about the saving of young Kellan.On top of these, new characters are introduced Kellan and Lazaro Archer and Corrine. 7 hours was what it took me to read this book I still can t believe it though,lol I guess I really got caught up with it.It was amazing Much better than the previous book, although not as good as Tegan s, Rio s and Niko s books, but those are just too though to overcome,lol But after those 3 this is definitely my fav in the series.I never thought would end up loving Brock as much as I did, he was a terrific hero Loved him And the heroine, Jenna, was even better She was a thought one, ex police and with just in the need for a man like Brock They were so perfect together SPOILERS AHEAD There is one reason for why I am not adding this book to my favs and that is that I was waiting for Jenna to become even stronger I had this idea that she would become a warrior herself, as strong as the ancient had been But nop, she just stayed half human, half sth we don t know, with a bit power that a human but with the ability to live without aging I don t know, it was a bit lame I just kept waiting for a big finale but it never arrived.Also I missed the breedmate warrior connection in this installment And the powers the breedmates and the warriors usually have Brock s power was a bit lame sorry, but it s the truth and Jenna had none at all But then again, the romance was terrific, and to see Jenna becoming something we still not understand was great too And what this book had that none of the last ones did was that it was entirely set in the compound, so we get to see a lot of the warriors again, even to know them better That was good END OF SPOILERS It was a terrific read, not a fav, but great nevertheless I missed this series greatly and this installment did not disappoint I CAN T WAIT to read Hunter s story. Taken by Midnight features Brock, one of the newer members of the Order , and Jenna, Alex s best friend from Shades of Midnight Their story is both touching and heartbreaking As an ex cop, Jenna is used to being in control, but after the events in Alaska she is brought to the Order s compound where Brock makes it his duty to protect her First off, I just want to say how amazing it is to see a hot black hero up front and center Brock is the perfect combination of a protector and a supporter Adrian has always incorporated people of various ethnicities into her novels, from the Breed warriors such as Rio and Kade to the Breedmates like Claire and Savannah There s even an Asian appearance by Secret Agent Phillip Cho Kudos to Adrian for making her series so diverse and welcoming I also love the fact that she features interracial relationships in her books She adds the perfect amount of romance to each of her novels.And Brock and Jenna s relationship is no exception Adrian does an amazing job of balancing the action and romance in this series I found this especially true for Taken by Midnight SO MUCH HAPPENS in this book Yet the romance still stands strong amongst all the gritty action This is a testament to the type of relationship that Brock and Jenna have It seems like nothing will tear them apart.Another thing I adored about this book is the fact that the Breedmates are able to get in on the action The women in this series have always been strong and independent, but to see them combine their efforts together and go out on their own and make something happen is just great to see It s empowering to see these women make a difference I couldn t hold back a little whoop of triumph with the Breedmates success One of the things I was surprised to see is the depth of information that was revealed about Jenna s condition Although not everything has been answered and set in stone, I found my eyes glued to the pages to figure out what the hell is going on with her My guess is that the Ancient s embedded piece of whatever it is is causing her body to transform into a vampire Think about it She has the urge to drink blood She has unnatural super strength and speed And she can sense Minions which only members of the Breed can do.I am so eager to know what happens next Deeper than Midnight seems SO FAR from now With the introductions of new characters, I am excited to see if the series continues further with their own books I would love to see a book for Lazaro Archer and his remaining heir, Kellan Aww. 4 5 stars Vampire Paranormal RomanceWhat I loved Brock I ve looked forward to the big, beefy, black, badass teddy bear warrior s story, and he was all the yumminess that I hoped he d beand I adored him in this He s fiercely protective, nurturing, honorable, caring, strong yet gentle, tough yet tender, and sexy as all get out Kudos to Lara Adrian for featuring a hot black although technically Breed, not a man lead romantic hero and for delivering a sensual, emotional, and seductive interracial romance that touched on the subject subtly but powerfully The love scenes between Brock and Jenna were emotive and erotic The glimpses of intriguing, cold Gen One Breed assassin Hunter He s fascinating, and I can t wait for his story, Deeper Than Midnight And I m really anxious to find out who he ll be paired with.What could have been better I wanted of Brock and Jenna together Their romance was intense and passionate, but I needed a bit of it I didn t like that Jenna s mysterious, seemingly otherworldly transformation was left unresolved, so hopefully the next book will have some answers The ending was too abrupt and left me craving and desperately counting the months until Deeper Than Midnight comes out But that also means the author did a great job in keeping me addicted to the series 4 almost 5 stars Here s my Brock PLUS image error I love Lara Adrian s Midnight Breed series I d definitely rate them as one of my favorite paranormal series of all time My only complaint, and this is why it wasn t a 5 star review, is that I expected out of Jenna She went up against an ancient for Pete s sake And yet she bailed on the Order and her bff Alex at the first chance she got.At the end of Shades of Midnight Jenna had been unconscious and speaking in the ancient s native language Brock was there with her, and immediately felt something pull him towards Jenna.I ve loved Brock since he and Kade first came on board, in fact I just love how he s from Detroit, lives in Boston now, and just hates the cold weather Cracks me up every time When Taken by Midnight begins, we see Jenna waking from a week long coma and feeling better than she should, at least physically Emotionally she s a wreck And she wants to go back to Alaska What bothered me with the beginning was that Alex should have been straightforward and stopped trying to handle Jenna with kid gloves Jenna needed to be told the truth up front But because everyone danced around the issues, when Alex finally tells Jenna what s going on, Jenna panics, and runs.It is understandable, truly I mean if I d been held by an ancient alien and he d put some foreign matter in my spine that was now changing my DNA, and then I d been told that I couldn t leave the compound that was full of vampires, I probably would have freaked out too In fact, I think in that situation, you re allowed to have a panic attack BUT, and this was my problem with Jenna, she s an ex cop She s also with her best friend Her very happy best friend who knows a lot about what s going on Why on earth would she take off into unfamiliar territory on foot, and then hitch a ride with some smelly freaks in a catering van She definitely wasn t thinking, because that was just out of character for the ex cop.Once she was rescued from the creeps in the van, because don t you know you re not supposed to hitchhike Of course they were creeps So, once she was rescued, and Brock took her back to the Compound, she realizes her rookie mistake, but then still plans to leave as soon as she can This was a big section of the book, which is why it bugged me so I really expected out of Jenna, especially once she accepted the changes she was going through.After she realizes the idiocy in that plan, then the book really picks up I won t spoil the plot, but let s just say that Dragos was dealt a huge blow at the end of Shades of Midnight, but obviously not devastating enough because he is just the ultimate bad guy And his evil plots are pretty darn good Every time I thought I d figured out a part of one plot, something new would come up I am just dying to know what Lara Adrian has planned for us with Dragos still on the loose Hunter s book can t come soon enough for me I think the relationship between Brock and Jenna was great, and when this big giant wrench is thrown into their relationship, I was not only shocked, but proud of how Brock handled it, and proud of Jenna at that point of how she dealt with said wrench I also think that Brock and Jenna were good together, and good for each other The ending was left open as far as what will happen with Dragos, the Enforcement Agency, and some humans in high ranking positions.I was blown away by what s going on with the Enforcement Agency, and I really hope that Chase can pull himself together and do something heroic in the next book He s one of my favorite characters, and I really hope he gets face time.So anyone who s a fan of the Breed will love this book, I did, and it was really intriguing to see what Jenna is becoming In fact, I hope we get to see of her throughout the series, because she has potential galore I want to see her come into whoever whatever it is she is becoming Very intriguing possibilities there ARC courtesy of the author for review