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I have to say, for someone who isn t as sold on the whole of the erotic romance genre as I once used to be, I find Chloe Cox s writing so entertaining Book number five in the Club Volare series, Taken by Chance, proves that to me once again Chloe told me that she hates and agonizes over as most authors do writing the summary for a book Well, I think she did a FAB job, and there isn t much I would add in a discussion of the storyline and plot So, let s get to the important stuff what worked for me and, because I m a nitpick, what didn t So, actually, Taken by Chance is the first book I ve read in this series, but, as Chloe Cox mentions, it can easily be read as a standalone I had no difficulty coming late to the series Everything was well explained and the author does a great job of introducing all of the characters and providing necessary backstory Chance Dalton was hot, sexy, dreamy, fun, domineering.oh, my That man worked his ahem mojo, ladies He had a fantastic personality I find so often that authors either write dark and broody or lighthearted and charming, but they are rarely able to combine all of the above and make me believe it Chloe Cox pulled this off with ease and realism, and I LOVED IT This is a guy minus some of the kink that, in real life, I would totally want to know in the biblical sense Girlies, you will dig this dude in a major, major way Lena Maddox was a sympathetic character, and I feel like her story is one women can relate to She was wary, scared, distrustful, feeling hunted, and yet she maintained the ability to go with her gut and trust her instincts when it came to Chance She took a chance with him and would up getting far than she anticipated I will say that I would have liked just a bit depth to her character, a little exploration of her situation, a smidge realistic emotion and reaction For the minimal amount of page time that Thea, Lena s elderly friend and landlord, received, honestly, she was one of my favorite parts of this story What a fun, vivacious, open minded, lovely woman she was She s another character that I would LOVE to know in real life A note to those wondering, Taken by Chance is what I call BDSM lite There s nothing dark or psychological here It s not too deep There isn t an in depth exploration of all of the intricacies of the BDSM lifestyle Taken by Chance is mostly fun and sexy a lot of fun and sexy Enjoy it for exactly what it is What I love most about Chloe Cox s writing is her dialog This author has a gift for natural yet fun and smoothly delivered dialog For me, personally, there is just no way that I cannot overstate the importance of authentic sounding, well written AND entertaining dialog It is one of the things that can easily make or break a story for me Chloe Cox makes her stories in this way, no doubt about it ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review For reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook. This was such an amazing read I loved Chance and Lena This is truly a story of two lost souls coming together and healing each other Of course it is HOT As per usual for the Volare Series Chloe really develops these characters in such an amazing wayI feel like I am sitting there watching in person I loved the appearance of Lola and what she had to offer I also found this to be a story that could actually be true in Hollywood I loved how protective Chance is But who doesn t love Alpha male Whew I also really enjoyed Thea s story She is an amazing lady and I enjoyed the interaction between her and Lena New hole this book can be read as a stand alone, I suggest that you read the previous books in the Volare Series first Those are wonderful as well Book five of the Volare series by Chloe Cox available on kindle unlimited AudibleThis book is about Lola s cousin Chance who has left is secret black ops life to open the LA Volare club when he moved in he meet a film actress that is being hounded by pap s because her ex boyfriend took pictures of them in BDSM situation where Lena is tied up and in a compromising situation now pa are wanting a interview and pictures of her so she can t leave her home Chance is a white knight he loves to save people so help Lena leave her house but while they are together zshe realises this open up an opportunity for her to explore her BDSM side This book was is a lot laid back and i loved how easy Chance was on Lena and letting her explore her BDSM Loved this book and how much Lena developed in this book but also how much she got Chance to come to terms with his past and help him move forward with Lena Great HEA Another Volare book that will not disappoint Chance Lena have a connection with one another that won t be touched without overcoming their own personal battles I can relate to Lena, how can anyone cross a line with someone and only expect it to blow up in her face when she s had nothing but a history of just that These are a line of people that don t even have half the spark he has with Chance It would only devastate her if the one person that means the most to her does exactly that It s just easier to avoid the possibility of love and have a Dom Sub relationship and keep her heart to herself With so much self doubt.Chance is only going to just have to step up to the plate for her once he s overcomes his past and bring Lena to his side where he needs her This is an honest review in exchange for ARC I just LOVED this book Lena and Chance s love story was surprising, hot and left me wanting MORE I have read all of Chloe s books, and I truly loved this one the best It is a wonderful story of how a couple go from a Dom Sub relationship to a warm, funny, surprising love relationship Like other readers, I did not want this book to end Please Chloe give us of Lena and Chance Your books just keep getting better and better I could not put this down, I read it in two nights and then re read the last 4 chapters again Great job Chloe I cannot wait for Declan s story These books just keep getting better and better.and lets face it if they get any hotter or steamier my kindle might just expire.I loved the story of Chance and Lena and I like how the story has moved to the L.A Club now as it allows us to get to know wonderful characters.I only recently discovered this author and these books so I was able to devour all 5 books over the course of just a few short days, and now that I m finished I feel like I m going to go into book withdrawlLooking forward to Declan s story next and can I just say that I also cant wait for Ford s story.Let the countdown begin. 3.5 stars for a hot read I have to admit that I didn t particularly like the first 30% of the book as initially I couldn t warm up with the MC and the story dragged along a bit But once I got to know Lena Chase a bit better, I couldn t put down the book and read it in one sitting The sex is just hot and well hot, there s actually a small plot with the whole photo backstory, and Chase is such a nice alpha caveman that now I want one for myself. I loved this book I really love the hero Chance he was so Alpha male with a touch of Teddy Bear I loved how he protected Lena from the start a man from my heart Both had things in there past that they needed to work through and what helped was being with each other, pushing the others boundaries I enjoyed the plot wasn t ready for it to book to end This is a must read Two Thumbs up to the author Chloe Cox. (DOWNLOAD KINDLE) ⚛ Taken by Chance (Club Volare, #5) Ë Lena Simone Maddox S Life Has Been Turned Upside Down Trying To Make It As An Actress In LA While Retaining Her Dignity Had Always Been Tough, But Now Her Ex Has Leaked Pictures The Kinds Of Pictures You Don T Want Anyone To See The Kinds Of Pictures Lena Didn T Even Know ExistedSo Much For Dignity Or Respect And So Much For Trusting Men Lena S Been Screwed Over Too Many Times To Open Her Heart To Anyone, Ever AgainSo Why Does She Have To Keep Reminding Herself Of That Fact Whenever She S Around Chance Dalton The Owner Of Volare LA And Overall Player Is The Guy Who Gets The Paparazzi Off Her Back He S The Gorgeous Dom Who Can Actually Make Her Feel Sexual, Even After All That S Happened And He S The One Man Who Might Be Able To Earn Lena S TrustLena Begs Him To Train Her As A Submissive, Hoping To Reclaim That Part Of Her Identity After Her Ex Has Taken Everything Else But Chance Has Demons Of His Own Things That Happened Years Ago, Things That He Won T Talk AboutWhen Lena Finds Herself Falling For The Fiery Dom, She Freaks Can She Trust This Man With Her Heart Will Chance Give Her A Choice TAKEN BY CHANCE Is In The Club Volare Series, But Like All The Books In This Series, It Can Be Read As A Stand Alone There isn t anything wrong with this book per se, it s just that I ve had it on my TBR forever and since I purchased it, I have come to realize that I don t enjoy erotica that much, in particular BDSM books And this book is both I don t find the whole Dom sub genre hot, but if you do, you will probably enjoy this book It is well written and there is somewhat of a story in there, although the main focus is the sex, most of which I skipped over.