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Now, this is the cream of the crop of DC and Hanna Barbera crossovers.What writer Tony Bedard gives the reader is one action packed and funny self contained story Mix this with the wacky and talented artwork of Ben Caldwell and you have an engrossing and enjoyable read.This is my favourite of the DC HB issues and I would recommend it to fans of the Banana Splits and Suicide Squad alike I would also advise comic book lovers of the world to do themselves a favour and put a smile on their faces by checking out the issue. #Download Book ⚛ Suicide Squad/Banana Splits Special (2017) #1 Ø SUICIDE SPLITS Mistaken For Metahumans, Thrown In The Bowels Of Belle Reve, The Animal Rock Band Banana Splits Are Recruited By Amanda Waller For A Secret Mission To Save The Suicide Squad What Follows Is The Weirdest Team Up You Never Thought You D See How Can Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper And Snorky Stand Up To Harley, Deadshot, Katana And Croc And In The Backup Feature, Snagglepuss Is A Southern Gothic Playwright Working With An Ensemble Cast Of Cultural Figures, Exploring An Intensely Creative Time In The New York City Theater Scene Of The S I ve read all of the DC Hanna Barbara crossover specials, and this is one of my favorites A lot of these crossovers are just money grabs, hoping to cash in on people s nostalgia Most of these crossovers either lack depth or can t be fully flushed out in 40 pages Many of the crossovers leave the reader feeling like DC squandered the talent of those writing these specials For the Suicide Squad Banana Splits special, this is not the case This special presents a fully formed concept and tells a satisfying story The Splits fit really well into a Skwad story and their interactions with Killer Croc and Harley Quinn are hilarious This special also has offers the bonus of a back up story written by Mark Russell and featuring Snagglepuss The back up is the prelude to the series Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles Yet the back up story is strong enough to stand on its own while being both entertaining and thought provoking For me, the goal of these DC HB crossovers are interesting is to provide writers the opportunity to tell unique stories with diverse characters that ordinarily would not appear on the same page Both of the stories in this special than live up to this goal. Heavens to Murgatroyd I think the best part of this issue was the Snagglepuss preview that came after the actual comic. What have I just read A jail brawl attracts Waller s attention Snagglepuss was interestingish. When I heard about the series of Hanna Barbara DC crossover titles I wasn t really sure if it would work This was the biggest surprise.When the wannabe rock stars, The Banana Splits, are mistaken for terrorists the end up at Belle Reve, the prison and headquarters of Task Force X Also known as the Suicide Squad the current incarnation finds itself outnumbered and with one member captured Needing someone just as expendable to send in to assist, Amanda Waller chooses the newest inmates Turns out the four musicians might be naturals for this type of thing With a very nice back up story featuring Playwright and former vaudevillian clown Snagglepuss, this book was a delight and a nice surprise. I love Suicide Squad but I almost did not finish thisa comic.with 41 pagesand I almost didn t finish it This is like one of most shittest, cringiest, and just down right lazy comic book I have ever read There is nothing good about it Absolutely nothing Some of the scenes look like they weren t finished There were times the characters looked like they were less than half ass drawn The dialogue is cheap and cheesy I would say there was no thought put into this It s like this comic was just made for a quick buck.