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This book was penned in 1965 but is highly readable in current times It was a mixture of physical hard evidence such as the archeology at Gobekli Tepe , or a personal account of Anthony Quinn s in the Sinai peninsula All In all there were twenty five varying accounts of the paranormal ancient civilization subjects that were thoroughly discussed.This book made me think and rethink I ll be looking into research being done. [[ READ EPUB ]] ↟ Strange True Encounters & Unearthly Experiences ↝ TOP Occult Paranormal Supernatural FIRST NEW BOOK IN FATE MAGAZINE S STRANGE SERIES IN THREE DECADES In FATE Founded Released The First Book In Its Bestselling Strange Series, Reprinting Many Of The Publication S Most Acclaimed Reports Of Paranormal Phenomena Selected From Its Pages Over The Next Ten Years The Strange Books Sold Over ,, Copies Worldwide Strange True Encounters Unearthly Experiences Is The First New Book In The Series In Over Three Decades, And Features Robert M Schoch, PhD In Geology And Geophysics At Yale University On Discoveries At Anatolia S Gobekli Tepe Suggesting Civilization Is Far Older Than Previously Believed Gregory Sams On Unfolding Evidence That Stars May Be Conscious Janet Brennan On Europe S Mysterious Black Madonna Statues Martin Cadin, Ex Member Federal Aviation Administration, On His Personal Experiments Using Telekinesis Michio Kaku, Professor Of Theoretical Physics At The City University Of New York, On Our Ten Dimensional Universe And Paranormal Phenomenon Journalist Chris Friar On Th Century UFO Sightings Proving They Are Not A Modern Phenomenon Actor Anthony Quinn On The Profound Mystical Experience In The Sinai Desert That Changed His Life Plus Over A Dozen Other Accounts, Investigation And In Depth Reports On The Ouija Board, Remote Viewing, Poltergeists, Kansas Sacred Sites, The US Warship That Was Saved By An Angel, And Much We Believe This Brand New Entry In The Strange Series Is In Every Way The Equal Of Its Predecessors And Will Prove Every Bit As Entertaining And Enlightening As The Earlier Books Did Asked Where He Got The Ideas For His Stories, Steven King Credited FATE My Mother Used To Read Me FATE Magazine, Which Was About The Paranormal, Flying Saucers All That Stuff I Was Fascinated Here Is What Readers Have To Say About Classic Reprints From FATE A Book Worth Reading I Look Forward To Reading The Other Books In This Series FATE Always Comes Through Well Written, Short Articles On A Variety Of Paranormal Events, Many Of Which Were Unfamiliar To Me Interesting, Unfamiliar And Competently Edited Good Stuff Reminds Us That Stories Like This Have Been Happening For Years Not Just A Modern Invention Worth A Read Very Good Read Stars The book has a number of interesting parts.Stars might be conscious.Island Heights Spector.The Mysterious Black Madonnas.Telekenesis and testing the ESP of animals.Are Neanderthals still alive today Orgone energy.The sacred sites of Kansas.19th century UFOs.Giza s underworld.Ghosts.Gobleki Tepe.Charles Fort.Ouija boards.There are also other topics I don t see how stars can be conscious and there is absolutely no evidence at all that Neanderthals still exist today although humans do carry a small amount of Neanderthal DNA, indicating that early humans mated with them Gobleki Tepe is an absolutely fascinating topic which I think tends to be downplayed since acknowledging it s importance would require some reformatting of human history.It predates the pyramids by thousands of years It was a major site that obviously took a lot of work That means there would have been a good number of people working on it No one knows why, where they came from, why they ended up burying the city and what happened to them after they left.Ouija boards have two chapters and the second one is the most important as it points out the dangers of using such devices My advice Never, ever use them Whether or not they actually make contact with lower energies or whether or not it releases the darkness that is in some people s minds, the ouija board is better left alone.,This is pretty much an average book on the general area of strangness. What a crock of s t.I like reading paranormal and occult things, though I wouldn t say I believe in it all Most of the time I find them amusing and I get the odd tingle down my spine.This is just a collection of people who have a large collection of tin hats, who think they can conduct scientific experiments A teenager could tell you that these people wouldn t know a scientific experiment if it hit them round the face. What are these people on Are they a collective of complete idiots This crap belongs in a trashcan Don t buy it.What are these people on Are they a collective of complete idiots This crap belongs in a trashcan Don t buy it. Did not like it most of the stories are old news.