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Large number of people running around conducting their daily activities while wearing less clothing than might be seen at a European beach Check Intimate scenes in which one of the participants is an anatomically correct robot Check Bestiality with a magical mythical creature Check Yup, this must be a Piers Anthony novel After all, he is the same author to have written a book named The Color of Her Panties Now I do not want to sound prudish Well placed and well written sex scenes can certainly enhance the quality of a book However, Piers Anthony seems to overdo it and make it ridiculous Now that being said, this is an entertaining book It combines a fantasy based world and a sci fi world and a character who can travel between them He is on a grand adventure where he trying to solve his problems in both places While certainly no masterpiece, it was good enough that I am willing to check the next book in the series out. A classic Gary Stu story The main character Stile is so gifted in every possible facet ranging from athletics to music to mental prowess that it feels utterly unbelievable, given his station as a serf His only flaw was being short, and naturally he never failed to mention this fact, in his many self righteous monologues, to reason out why certain people he encountered during his adventures showed distaste against his character It wasn t because he was a maddeningly arrogant pretty boy, god bless, no It s only because he was short that not everybody he met wanted to be his friend.Those he met who didn t instantly dislike him wanted to be his best friend, and the women all beautiful, full breasted and delicately built, of course were unanimously attracted to him and wanted to be inside his pants It s like some dirty old man s fantasy To make matters worse, all of them were fine with the fact that Stile would screw anything that moved as soon as they were no longer within his immediate line of sight In fact, one of the major reasons why Stile jumped around between the worlds was because she s waiting for me So as soon as he was tired of the woman in the current realm, he would cross the curtains so he could fuck the other woman Very nice.After Stile performed his first spell, he swore an oath never to use magic any because he was so powerful that his spells could affect the otherwise spell immune unicorn His arrogance knew no bounds.Despite the nightmarish main character and the painfully bland, sidekick ish side characters , Piers Anthony wrote in an unpretentious, fluid style that is often enjoyable Those bits about horses were informative and insightful until he wouldn t stop telling us about the difference between a trot, a canter and a gallop Then he started describing a unicorn performing acrobatics in mid air and running in a five beat gait what and my eyes started to roll I know it s MAGIC, Mr Anthony, but when we read about a unicorn we expect it to be only capable of physical tricks that horses can do Making them do backflips is just ridiculous, and gets me thinking of My Little Pony, which is certainly not the imagery you were going for.If not for the writing style, I would ve easily given this book a single star Considering the non existent plot and the unbelievable characterisations, be ready to drudge through Split Infinity, rolling your eyes and groaning as you flip through its pages. This book reminded me of a geeky prepubescent male s fantasy dream The plot takes place in two worlds a world of fantasy, and a world of science fiction I normally read books from both genres, so I thought I would really enjoy it The idea was novel, but it did not flow well The main character jumps jarringly between the two worlds throughout the novel In the science fiction world of Proton, no one is allowed to wear clothing unless they are in the rich upper class The nakedness of the characters added nothing to the story it just seemed weird The characters all seemed one dimensional For example, the hero s girlfriend, Sheen, is an android woman whose proportions were apparently designed exactly to the taste of the hero She was programmed with two directives to protect the hero and to love the hero I was made to please you, to want to please you She reminded me of a deluxe blow up doll, Stepford wife, and robotic guard dog rolled into one character When he jumps to the magical world of Phaze, he meets his next female companion She is a black unicorn who can shape shift by night into a naked beautiful woman Of course our hero has to tame her first so he can ride her He rides her all over Phaze during the day in her unicorn form and all night in her female form Of course, she doesn t like to talk much and throughout the book males speak for her When the hero is with her his conversations are unnatural and contrived He just monologues every thought in his head I gave it two stars instead of one because there are some creative ideas and a few passages I enjoyed reading For example, I liked when the hero first attempted to ride the unicorn He had some vivid descriptions and it was a very creative part of the book She seemed intelligent and they had a nice pas de deux going between them It was a grueling battle in which I found myself rooting for the unicorn to throw the hero onto his derri re The whole passage, however, was ruined for me, when I read later on in the book that she had the ability to shape shift into a firefly and instead let him tame her I decided she was an idiot at that point and I lost all respect for her She was transportation, a mute sex partner, and a fencing partner all rolled into one a teenage guy s wet dream.I couldn t stand the main male character any than the female characters His small man syndrome got old pretty fast The author had to remind us on nearly every page that the hero is short Of course the hero is good at pretty much EVERYTHING, from being an expert on horse manure to sword fighting His extensive abilities got to be ridiculous He is basically a superman, yet we have to read every other page about how he suffers for being short and how people look down on him and belittle him I was able to get to the end of this book, but will not be reading the rest of the series. When I was 13, I read a lot of Piers Anthony, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot The guy was pretty much all I read, from the Xanth series to the Incarnations of Immortality series, and even the Battle Circle and Bio of a Space Tyrant series, but my favorite of his books from that time would have to be the Apprentice Adept series I read them again in my late 20s and thought they held up pretty well, so when I got on a bit of a nostalgia kick recently, I thought I d give these another go, just to see if they were still pretty good And the verdict is well, mixed.When I was 13, I realized that most of Piers books had a lot of sex in them that may have been a reason I liked them as much as I did what I didn t realize was how much sexism they contained As I was re reading this series, I started finding some questionable quotes from them, of which these are some choice selections She evinced the confidence normally associated with a larger person, though of course height was less important to a woman Stile could not pick among women he had to have one shorter than he Not because he demanded it but because society did if he appeared among serfs with a girl who outmassed him, others would laugh, and that would destroy the relationship You have a Tourney to win, she reminded him, aptly changing the subject in the manner of her sex She smiled brilliantly and bobbed her cleavage about, enjoying her youthful form as only an old hag could no one feared age like a middle aged woman Yet she was a consummate actress, as so many women seemed to be And perhaps the most egregious, from when he and one of his many paramours are running from the threat of death, hiding inside a hollow wall, and he attempts to get frisky with her as she speaks encouragement, but ultimately denies him To speak readiness while withdrawing that was often woman s way I mean, this stuff bypasses plain old sexism and start to take a walk in the land of misogyny It s really insulting.It would be one thing to have these passages written from the perspective of the characters, to indicate their own motivations and feelings There was another quote I thought to include What is a bitch, compared to oath friendship but in the context of the speaker and the culture a werewolf, with a pack mentality similar to standard wolves , it fit the moment But the other quotes were buried in the narrative, indicating that they represented a philosophy of the author himself It makes me realize that, much like with Dave Sim and Cerebus, it s impossible to separate the author s work from his own questionable philosophies In the end, Anthony s portrayal of women wasn t just offensive, but it was also condescending and arrogant, as if this was just the way it was supposed to be.The generalizations are insulting, as is the way Anthony writes the women characters to be servile to the men, so because Anthony writes the women characters to be strong and speak their minds That would suggest that the characters are independent, but it s hard to call them such, since ultimately they re all pawns to the male character The only independent female character out of the trilogy appears in the second book, and you can see her over there on the cover of Blue Adept She s strong willed, fierce, and independent but she s also a man hater who gets written out of the story by the end of the book It s almost like the only way a woman couldn t be somehow used to Stile s needs is if she couldn t stand men at all, and it was even insulting and demeaning The theme mirrors the same theme from Sos the Rope, and I imagine that I ll find that same sort of thing in the last two volumes of that series.The weird thing about the series is that I knew from the first couple of chapters of Split Infinity that the story was going to keep going down that road, where Anthony developed his male characters and used the women as objects for them to use in one way or another if they weren t sleeping with Stile, they wanted to, and found other ways to be servile to him , but I still felt pretty compelled to read through the stories Part of it was morbid curiosity, just to see how bad it would get, and to see if my memory of the stories had somehow betrayed me, but I can t deny that the stories were interesting and compelling by themselves, either Shoot, I re read them all in the span of about a week, so regardless of his feelings about women, Anthony clearly knows how to tell a good story.Something else that bugged me about the trilogy was the overbearing sense of arrogance, conceit, and condescension of the narrative Stile, the main character, is basically an example of male perfection enough so that I started to wonder if Stile is just a Mary Sue character , and while there s some justification for this he s supposed to be a top player in the Game, which requires skill in several areas of sport and art the way he speaks to other characters is irritating Lots of of course s, obviously s, always s and clearly s are used in the way he communicates, none of them ironically, and after a while it becomes pretty grating He s self confident of course and self assured obviously , and the few times that he s not the best at what he does, he s at least second best clearly , so it s somewhat understandable, but he lacks empathy toward anyone else who doesn t meet his own standards always.So, I re read the series, and plan to finish off the Battle Circle series I already picked up the rest of the books in the series , but I think after these, I ll be done with Piers Anthony for good I have some fond memories of the Incarnations of Immortality series, too, but I also remember all the women characters being patsies of men, even when they were the protagonists And the less spoken of the Xanth series, I think, the better Even when I was 13, I felt like those were a lot juvenile than the stuff my friends were reading. Oh dear this is a hard book to rate I LOVED it as a teenager it has a really cool game, two neat alternate worlds and both are interesting , unicorns, and magic What I didn t notice at that time was that it had boobies Lots and lots of bouncing boobies Anyway pretty immature relationships, and kind of umracial in that the main character, view spoiler while he can and does have frequent sex with a robot and a unicorn girl, who both love him and are totally faithful to him.cannot really love them because they aren t real women hide spoiler This was my second time reading this book, but it had been probably 5 years since my original time through I really love the author, especially his Xanth series which I had started just prior to tackling the Apprentice Adept one I only got through the first 3 books before I stopped, and which my 2015 Resolution to Finish What I Started I want to finally tackle the series.Piers Anthony is refreshing, hilarious, extremely creative, and I love how well developed he writes his characters The world of Proton and Phaze are easily imagined given through his writing And of course, it is easy to get carried along in a story that can be categorized as both science fiction and fantasy I found it a simple read, but at the same time complex given the detail he used to set each seen, and his colorful dialogue and vocabulary throughout Who uses the word fettle these days I don t know, but I think we really should start It s quite charming, and I feel a certain sense of freedom and inspiration diving back into his various worlds Now to go find a curtain of my own This was another novel concept by Anthony The first book or two were great, but he took the series further than I wanted This one is definitely re readable, the 2d 3d are OK, but after that I couldn t get into them any The world is in the far future, but one man finds he can slip from his ultra modern world into a nearby fantasy world since the death of his counterpart in the other dimension He winds up dealing with all the problems two people have all by himself Funny, fast read Very engaging. Stiles is slave and a jockey, not very attractive and actually quite short for a man But he knows how to win in the Games, and that might make all the difference when he meets a woman and his world starts falling apart I could not finish this book I am just not a fan of this book At first I was all on board Games, where two people chose the battle field and competed, were quite an interesting concept Competition of speed on a dust filled slide Interesting The possibility that you can beat someone through intelligence and predicting the opponent s movements Yeah, I m all for that The characters started out great too a woman who was surprisingly competitive, Stiles who was secretly brilliant Good stuff.I mean, some parts were a little off like how characters could deliver a whole monologue about philosophy and the such But that s manageable And then it all started going crazy It happened around the time where Stiles rejected the offer to continue being a jockey So when Stiles rejected the counteroffer to keep his position as jockey, why couldn t any of the slaves do that before What was the whole point of him trying to be the best in the Games to stay in this world, then It basically defeated the whole premise of the story.And then suddenly, how in the freaking blazes did the book transform from a story about Games into a weird story about Stiles appearing in a new, magical world where there are shape shifters We lose our main original female protagonist who Stiles professed to love and then end up in a funky world where Stiles is a sorcerer and is the true beloved of a unicorn turned girl And then we stay in this weird, magical world for some 100 pages What is going on After I lost sight of the original attraction the games and the potential upheaval of slaves and AIs , I just didn t care any Stiles is wish fulfillment of a male protagonist ugly with a bland personality that somehow gets all the girls The magic was really spontaneous with no structure I see no reason to keep reading One star Couldn t even finish the book.Do not recommend. This is one of those books that I have read a hundred times quite possibly literally and cannot be objective about I first read it when I was maybe 8 And man oh man did I love it Horses Unicorns Magic Underdogs winning It doesn t hold up There are some key worldbuilding elements that don t really work that I never would have noticed as a kid so it s basically a slave society, where the slaves are all totally naked and powerless except they can leave the planet at any time And yet it seems totally functional, has zero crime, zero serf on serf rape although it is explicitly stated that serfs can be used as sex toys by Citizens and apparently is such an awesome place to be that no one in their right mind would leave voluntarily They get fed And have shelter And get to play games in their free time Also, Anthony has some really archaic attitudes about women, and they leak through Every single woman that Stile encounters, encountered in the past, or might encounter in the future finds him inexplicably irresistible, whether or not they are his type, species, or whatever He is therefore chivalrously obliged to take eternal possession of most of them, to the point where there is an actual conversation where a guy asks him if he could have Stile s girlfriend because he s an honorable man and therefore would never actually approach the woman first And he graciously allows one of his adoring lackeys to be his steed forever I meant it about the species So not a book, or a series, I could in good conscience recommend I m not even sure I ll make it through a reread, as much fun as the various game depictions are Although ugh, the Red Adept Next book `Free ↟ Split Infinity (Apprentice Adept, #1) ⇦ On The Technological, Decadent World Of Proton, Someone Was Trying To Destroy Stile, Serf And Master Gamesman His Only Escape Lay In Phaze, A World Totally Ruled By Magic Soon He Learned That His Alternate Self Had Already Been Murdered, And That He Was Next On Proton, His Fate Depended On Winning The Great Games On Phaze, He Must Master Magic To Survive And If He Used Any Magic At All, His Friends Were Determined To Kill Him At Once