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DOWNLOAD Â Spell Bound ì Hailed As Impossible To Put Down, The Hex Hall Series Has Both Critics And Teens Cheering With A Winning Combination Of Romance, Action, Magic And Humor, This Third Volume Will Leave Readers EnchantedJust As Sophie Mercer Has Come To Accept Her Extraordinary Magical Powers As A Demon, The Prodigium Council Strips Them Away Now Sophie Is Defenseless, Alone, And At The Mercy Of Her Sworn Enemies The Brannicks, A Family Of Warrior Women Who Hunt Down The Prodigium Or At Least That S What Sophie Thinks, Until She Makes A Surprising Discovery The Brannicks Know An Epic War Is Coming, And They Believe Sophie Is The Only One Powerful Enough To Stop The World From Ending But Without Her Magic, Sophie Isn T As ConfidentSophie S Bound For One Hell Of A Ride Can She Get Her Powers Back Before It S Too Late DEpic Battles Harry s version Aragorn s version Sophie s versionThere are lots of reasons why I gave it two stars or what we called OK stars rather than the Liked stars.The Hex Hall has been highlighted or well known for its being fluffy, charming and funny And that s why I liked this series This third book on the other hand is too darn dark to be neither these three sigh Initially I had problems with the whole book I never felt fully immersed with it I felt like a ping pong ball that constantly tossed from one side to another There were twists and turns and lots of the snark that kind of didn t flow well, mainly because there are so much going on and the storylines should have had depth to them.I really don t want to spoil the story for you, but there s a slightly darker feel towards the end of the book I felt a bit cheated with Hawkins taken an easy way out to get to the ending that she came up with And the big choices, highlighted moments and the final battle were a bit not so big I m all like Oh she easily repelled the power of the mwahaha evil Good for her. or like that s all will happen when you visited the underworldYeah in other word why the heck its way too easy with her As for the characters they are still likeable, especially Cal and Jenna Both of them I think did grow from the first to this last book though I didn t like what happened to one of them For Archer, he s still charming and all but he goes from Mr Hot down to Mr Cute Maybe because he has smaller part in here and their Sophie Archer love team didn t give me sparks compare to Sophie Cal love team And now for Sophie well, Sophie s character to my opinion is quiet overdone in this book Don t get me wrong, her humor has always been one of my favorite parts of the series, but it sometimes felt very out of place in the tense situations here.I think that, as a reader, I was just expecting so much from this final book in the series since the middle book was just so good Ah Well Spell Bound was still a good book, it just wasn t a great book, at least it didn t end great. Please be aware that the spoilers in this review are real, so don t click on them unless you ve read the book There are mild spoilers in the visible text, but they re not anything that you haven t already guessed if you re already a fan of the series And since three people have done this already, please DO NOT discuss spoilers in this book without spoiler tagging your comments since you will absolutely ruin the book for people who haven t read the book yet If you don t know how to do this, please learn before commenting I absolutely LOVED the first two Hex Hall novels There are few authors whose books I pounce on at midnight the day of release and stay up all night reading, so that should give you an idea of how much I love Sophie, Jenna, Archer, and Cal.The relationship between Sophie and Jenna is still fantastic, and that was probably my favorite part of this book Their worry for each other, their banter, etc, are all familiar and funny and a welcome interlude whenever they re together There is also a plot line involving view spoiler demon kids Nick and Daisy that pulled at my heartstrings a bit hide spoiler Review, March 15 As much as it literally hurts rating this book four stars, I have to do it I will admit to anyone who wants to hear that I have pretty much been obsessively waiting for this ending since I read Hex Hall on my birthday two years ago Really I have waited so long, and as much as I want to say it was perfect it wasn t.Not to say it wasn t enjoyable In fact, I absolutly love it I love the humor, I love the twist in Part two I adore Sophie, Archer, Jenna, and Cal, and I so wish that my parents were as totally cute as James and Grace are But there are simply to many factors that take away from the book that make it a four star book for me.First off, the Brannicks I have been waiting to find out what was going on with them since Demonglass, yet I feel that we hardly saw them I did like the plot twist in Part Two, but that made us leave the Brannicks so abruptly, I was disappointed I thought the book was going to be about Sophie learning how to kick butt via Brannick teachings, yet that didn t happen We get to see some background information and meet the Brannicks, but then they are gone until much later in the book I don t even feel like they were even fleshed out much Even Izzy wasn t made much of a character.Then, there was the big battle sequence at the end So, I am not going to spoil anything here, but I will say that it was a big disappointment Think Mockingjay conflicts, where Katniss passes out during the really exciting parts No, Sophie doesn t pass out until the end, but the whole battle was super short and way too easy You ll see what I mean when you read it I was looking forward to a epic battle, good vs evil, that sort of thing, and again it didn t happen.Last of all, the love triangle The following information is covered with the spoiler cover for a reason, so don t read it unless you want to see me rant on that You have been warned view spoiler When I read Mockingjay, the one and only time I read it, I found myself hoping that the loser of Katniss s heart would sacrifice himself for Katniss Well, God answered my plea, only in this book instead of that one Racheal Hawkins kills Cal Holy Hell Weasel I didn t think she would have the guts to do it It s actually probably the only thing about this book I m completly content with if I want to be honest Not that I was hoping Cal would die I wasn t chanting that or anything during the book However, it was almost romantic in a way, Cal healing Sophie and getting himself killed to save her life It made me feel really sorry and actually care for him I do think that Hawkins should have done him justice though I didn t think about Cal in the first book, and when she introduced him as a love intrest, I hated, well, disliked him I m in love Archer, and I still think the love triangle was pointless Also, one complaint, I wanted to see of Sophie s parents They are just so adorable together hide spoiler Are you trying to make me insane, Ms Hawkins What happens if I die before this book comes out, huh I will have been left with the cliffhanger of Demonglass as an ending I hope you re happy with yourself..Okay, okay, I am bordering on the melodramatic, I know I just can t believe this book s release is so far away That ending was evil Not demon evil, but evil enough.