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This is a fun story that suffers greatly from a complete lack of grammatical editing See my highlights for just a few examples If you can make it through this, then you will enjoy the book Personally and unfortunately, I am too distracted by poor writing, and I will not be reading the sequels because of this. The book opens with a brief retelling of the start of the slave rebellion so familiar to the tale of Spartacus and moves swiftly on to the climatic battle as the legions of Rome finally crush the slaves and crucify the few not slaughtered in battle.So far, so familiar.This is where the story really starts Spartacus is captured along with his family and faced with an impossible choice serve the hated Romans or watch his beloved family be slaughtered before his eyes Robert Southworth tells a wonderfully engrossing tale from the slopes of Vesuvius, to the villas of the rich and across the Inner Sea to the sun bleached shores of Carthage introducing a host of memorable characters along the way as Spartacus is forced to train a team of warriors for the ultimate contest between gladiators.There are several great scenes here as the story builds towards the final showdown on the bloodsoaked sands of the arena where Spartacus and his men face victory of death.The story is well paced, well written and builds the story nicely with several strands as Spartacus and his men are used as pawns in a bloody political power struggle between rich senators.I look forward to reading the second instalment in this series.I received a copy of this book as a prize in a competition. [Read Epub] ⚇ Spartacus ♵ This Enthralling Piece Of Work By First Time Novelist Robert Southworth Explores The Avenue History Could Have Run Down If Spartacus Had Survived The Slave Rebellion In BC, An Uprising Whose Aftermath Didn T Deliver The Remains Of The Famous Slave Leader The Brute Force Of This Famous Figure Of Roman History Is Relayed, And The Events Of The Period Re Imagined To Great Effect The Work Is Sure To Appeal To Fans Of Roman History, As Well As Those Enad By Stories Of Action And Adventure Whilst The Figure Of Spartacus Continues To Hold Massive Appeal For Contemporary Audiences, This Work Offers A Fresh Vision Of The Roman Era A Dark And Brutal Reenactment Of High Gladiatorial Drama I have to thank the Stars tv company for getting me in to Spartacus, it was an absolute fantastic series to watch, which left me wanting , but sadly the tv series end with the death of spartacus and I had to fill the void left behind I had tried several other authors, but none seem to capture the spirit of the tv show either they changed key characters names or the flow didnt feel right luckily for me reading the local newspaper at work I came across an article about a local author Robert Southworth who had written a what if Spartacus tale obviously this peaked my interest, I had to get this book, even if only to support a local author, im so glad I did because Spartacus Talons of an Empire is an amazing read the story is everything I wanted and then some it was like having the tv show back the characters, the action, the humour, the sorrow, it was perfect,for a first time author this is a fantastic book to start a wonderful writing career, and im definitely in when the inevitable sequals start coming, What if Spartacus survived That is the premise of this novel, the first in a series of books by Robert Southworth, and it provides fertile ground for this very good storyteller The author has done a terrific job of bringing this resourceful character to life in an exciting and violent story, which is almost an ancient Dirty Dozen, as Spartacus and his companions embark on what is almost certainly a suicide mission Almost I can t wait to read the sequels. Proof of life or death what do we really know about Spartacus fate after defeat According to historians, Spartacus was one of the many casualties dying on the battlefield as a John Doe, body never found In truth he had three outcomes crucifixion, death in battle or escape so there is room for speculation Spartacus Talons of an Empire brings forth a riveting tale of survival, an unthinkable escape and subsequent enslavement Family ties, wife and son, shackle Spartacus to do the biddings of the Romans you obey or we kill your family threat Acting as a mercenary he embarks on a dangerous mission for the Empire, one which will test his skills, loyalties and bring forth an unthinkable friendship.I have particularly enjoyed this novel because I have always liked to believe that the Fates shone upon the great slave general Spartacus and he might have survived the final defeat therefore this alternate history made my day even if for just a couple of hours The storyline itself is not bad, but the writing might need a bit of polishing here and there proofreading However, all in all a good debut novel and I will, no doubt, continue reading the series. Fits easily into the historical genre but can just as easily be classed as a fully entertaining adventure story Well defined characters are taken like their reader on a ride which see s them experience the full range of emotions An engrossing book which stands out amongst the many Spartacus tales at the present A must if you enjoy imaginative and witty writing. Very entertaining read. Writing about Spartacus, Robert Southworth had a daunting task There are several Spartacus novels out there on the market Many of them resemble each other It s not enough to put Spartacus in the title You have to modify the title In this particular instance, it s Talons of the Empire Southworth s retelling of the story stands out from the rest The hero s human side is explored He is than just a martyr rebel avenger He is a father and lover trapped in a situation you wouldn t wish upon your worst enemy The pacing of the novel lends itself to a screen adaptation The novel reads like a miniseries Even after you put your book aside and turn off the light, you can still see the images passing before your eyes, with sound effects. Having been passionate about the Roman Republic and Empire ever since I was first taken to a museum in Chester nearly half a century ago as a child, I will always give any book on the subject s some time I have to admit however, I don t usually read alternate history, the reason for this is simple, history speaks for itself and is rich enough not to be tampered with, but and there is a big but here, if the tale is well researched, mixes fact with fantasy fiction, and brings the story to life, that s good enough for me.This story does just that, it comes to life as easily as the characters themselves, it s gritty, realistic, well paced and importantly for me, not full of fluffy overdone explanations and grammatical content that tends to make my stomach churn, when reading some novels Robert Southworth has produced an excellent first novel and one that I d highly recommend, especially if you too are interested in this topic genre Don t let the alternate slant put you off and you ll be in for a wonderful ride.As a keen reader of books by writers such as Ben Kane, Douglas Jackson, Anthony Riches, Simon Scarrow and many , I can say hand on heart, this story is easily comparable Well done Robert, please