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|Read Pdf ¸ Torchwood: Something In The Water ì Dr Bob Strong S GP Surgery Has Been Treating A Lot Of Coughs And Colds Recently, Far Than Is Normal For The Time Of Year Bob Thinks There S Something Up But He Can T Think What He Seems To Have Caught It Himself, Whatever It Is He S Starting To Cough Badly And There Are Flecks Of Blood In His HankySaskia Harden Has Been Found On A Number Of Occasions Submerged In Ponds Or Canals But Alive And Seemingly None The Worse For Wear Saskia Is Not On Any Files, Except In The Medical Records At Dr Strong S GP PracticeBut Torchwood S Priorities Lie Elsewhere Investigating Ghostly Apparitions In South Wales, They Have Found A Dead Body It S Old And In An Advanced State Of Decay And It Is Still Able To Talk And What It Is Saying Is Water Hag I really enjoyed this author s writing style A good, fast paced read, and the clever descriptions made everything easy to visualise. A flu epidemic is spreading through Cardiff, whilst a strange corpse is found in the water.It s a race against time for the Torchwood team to piece together all the clues.The story is fast paced as the team try and solve the mystery, the characters are also well written It really felt like the show. 4.5 I loved this story Even Owen was great Actually, he was awesome here The cases are connected, but you get that right in the beginning The problem they are facing here is than serious and it keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end There are a few moments when you think they ve beaten it only to realize the fight isn t over It was exhausting in a good way Jack s role is pronounced, Toshiko got a moment to shine and, as I said, Owen wasn t his usual whinny self absorbed self.Another thing I loved is the humour There is lots of it in Something in the Water and it is a Torchwood kind of humour I ll just select a few examples in spoiler tags They aren t really spoilers, but still view spoilerWe d both be dead by now if there were Well, you would be Owen looked at him You re an inspirational leader, Jack Have I ever told you that Gwen and Toshiko have made it through alive Alive It was a close thing, apparently They nearly died of boredom Owen s dark humourTwo autopsies in one day Business is good Y know, I kind of prefer it when the dead stay dead Pot Kettle Black, Owen said Yeah, agreed Jack with a shrug The difference is, I do it with stylehide spoiler Loved the storyline, it kept me very gripped.