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Roni wants to be a hard core newspaper reporter and tries to go over the top which lands her into trouble often She meets Brian at the principal s office one day when both of them were waiting to speak about their current crimes Roni had only tried to speak Alicia about the facts of her attack but it leads to a confrontation and detention Brian has created a mess in the chemistry lab again so he is also on detention Together they hook up to look for clues when they get word that Alicia has gone missing from her dr appointment late that afternoon They find trouble and the truth but they both still end up being grounded Mysteries that take on a bit of the Nancy Drew element with a touch of the present day motives and technology Brian and Roni make a great team even though they stumble upon the clues and or cause grief with the locals including Roni s mom who works for the mayor and Brian s mom who is a detective on the police squad. I read the book Snatched from The Bloodwaters Mysteries from Pete Hautman and Mary Logue This is a book about a girl named Alicia and how she gets kidnaped It s started out as one day Alicia gets attacked by someone and they didn t know who it was So a girl named Roni try s to ask questions about her attack and she didn t get anything but her and Alicia gets in a fight and Roni gets sent to the office When Roni is at the office she meets a boy who is younger than her named Brian they talked for awhile and she found out his mom was on the case about Alicia and ask him if he knew anything and if he didn t to ask his mom but he knew his mom would never tell So they started to hang out when the heard that Alicia got kidnap they went to the house to ask questions because the is were the cops were to ask questions but they didn t get anything she kept asking questions and she try s to figure out the case herself I rate this book nine out of ten. I was really impressed and surprised by Snatched, and it s great to read a book with so much creativity and humor hidden in the mystery. I can t wait to read the rest its so good It got my heart racing I had to read on to find out what was going to happen Definetly 5 5 stars Short chapters will make this appealing to teen mystery readers Roni and Brian want to solve the mystery of what happened to Alicia Camden before the cops do in this story set in a town near the St Croix river in Minnesota. I thought this book was very exciting and action packed I liked how the main characters were kids so I could relate to them I recommend this to kids 13 and below Even though I really like this book I thought there were parts that a little slow. terrible ending who on the face of earth would kidnap themselves but at least the rest was good Snatched By Pete Hautman, Mary Logue Amaya Foster The book i read was called Snatched it started out like a regular school day and then to boys we arguing over something and then they got into a fight the principle caught them and said hey come here why are you fighting and they both got suspended There names were Roni And Alicia One day after they got suspended Alicia was out walking around and she gets snatched Alicia called for help and she called her friend Brian Alicia told Brian and Brian told Roni Roni was a reporter She reported the problem They went through everything to find Alicia They both went to one side of the woods to the other they got caught by police but they took the chances to find her The police let the to going after they told the police what was going on Alicia was in the woods behind a rock sleeping she didnt want anyone to see her Brian seen Alicia behind the rock and also heared her crunching on leaves with her feet Brian carried her to the others and her parents were there while her dad was on counchis and was being helped by ambulences and her mom was thanking brian for finding Alicia they were all worried about her even her enemy Roni All of them were happy but Roni and Brian were grounded for not being home on time ROni was grounded from suspention and Brian got grounded for not being home at 10 30 at night and his mom was really angry but he didnt care because he helped find a friend I really did like the book there was a little bit of crime and mysteries and including school a couple of lifetime things you could think of like watch for you kids or be careful around others Its a good book i think you really like it The main setting of the book is snatched like its a setting of what maby the book will be about or what will maby happen through out the book its like a title of mystery The main characters in the book are Roni Brian and Alicia They all take part from the start to the end The main conflict was like searching for Alicia and Rojni as the reporter for the school was to report things of what goes in in blood water Yes i would recommend this book to others Why because its a good read and you would wanna read it alot Theres lots of things that goes on in the book that will make you wanna keep reading it Who would i recommend this book to everyone i know its a good book. {KINDLE} Ú The Bloodwater Mysteries: Snatched (Bloodwater Mysteries) ½ Roni Delicata Is The Pushy Crime Reporter For The School Newspaper The Bloodwater Pump Brian Bain Is A Quiet Science Geek Who Has A Tendency To Blow Things Up Ordinarily, They Would Have Nothing To Do With Each Other But Today Isn T An Ordinary Day Their Snobby Classmate Alicia Camden Has Been SnatchedSoon Enough, Roni And Brian Are On The Case But As They Dig Deeper Into The Mystery, They Find Nothing But Suspects Alicia S Hothead Boyfriend Maurice, Her Creepy Stepfather, And Even Driftwood Doug, The Hobo Who Always Seemed To Be Watching Alicia From The Woods It S Up To Roni And Brian To Find Alicia And Reveal The Shocking Secret That Led To Her DisappearanceAn Eerie Mystery That Never Loses Its Sense Of Humor, Snatched Marks The Beginning Of A Great New Series Set In The Small Town Of Bloodwater Featuring Two Offbeat Detectives You Ll Be Thrilled To Meet I loved Hautman s Godless, but Snatched isn t one of my favorite things First, Godless hits its late teenager audience right in the center, but Snatched is extremely juvenile The main issue how a child who is being abused deals with the consequences of her abuse floats around in the ether, then is dealt with in one short scene The plot afforded loads of room for all kinds of interesting complications, but none of them showed up I can only surmise that Hautman s co writer, Mary Logue, writes for a much younger audience Second, the characters stayed amazingly flat, even though they had lots of potential The two teenaged main characters have interesting parents and unusual proclivities, but the most interesting thing about them is their names PQ Delicata and Brian Bain Unfortunately, the name thing goes on and on a bit, as several of the other characters have weird names, too PQ who, for some unexplained reason, is called Roni wears strange clothes and is called fat a couple of times, but she never really addresses her weight issues or even really thinks about them much, though they appear to be something others notice about her straight away Brian is adopted from Korea and skipped a grade, so he could have loads of issues, too, but seems to float through the story without suffering In fact, that could be the thing that bothers me the most I don t like protagonists who slide through their lives, unfazed by visits to the pricipal s office both PQ and Brian are there often and car wrecks.Overall, though, the story hangs together Mysteries are plotted very differently from other fiction, and this one is plotted very tightly Snatched s biggest problem is that its audience is probably at 5th grade level, but its main characters are 13 and 16.