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|Download Pdf ♰ Sleep Consult ♟ This Book Is My Attempt To Address All The Variables That Create Good Sleep In Children I Have Spent My Career Researching Sleep And Helping Families All Over The World With Their Children S Sleep No Two Sleep Consults Are Exactly The Same Because There Are A Lot Of Variables There Is No One Size Sleep Solution That Fits Everyone I Advise You To Start With The Age Of Your Child And Meander Through Other Topics As You Proceed The Highlighted Words Are Links To Other Topics And I Encourage You To Jump Around Along The Way, You Will Learn A Huge Amount And Create Your Own Personalized Solutions To Enjoy Healthy Sleep In Your HouseholdSleep Consult Teaches Parents How To Help Their Child Sleep Within The Context Of The Family It Focuses On The Step By Step Process Of Building Healthy Sleep Habits Parents Who Are Short On Sleep Will Appreciate The Clarity Of Explanations And Instructions Additional Tools Are Available Such As The Weissbluth Method Infant Nap App Months , Weissbluth Method Toddler Bedtime App Months , And The Six Sleep Problems And Solutions My Books, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, Your Fussy Baby, And Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins And Blog, Weissbluth Method, Contain Information Such As Why Sleep Is Important For Your Child And How Your Child S Temperament Impacts On SleepMarried To His Wife, Linda, For Years, Marc Weissbluth, MD, Has Been A Pediatrician For Than Years A Leading Researcher On Sleep And Children, He Founded The Original Sleep Disorders Center At Children S Memorial Hospital Of Chicago In And Is A Professor Of Clinical Pediatrics At The Feinberg School Of Medicine At Northwestern University Dr Weissbluth Discovered That Sleep Is Linked To Temperament, That Sleeping Problems Are Related To Infant Colic, And He Coined The Now Familiar Phrase Sleep Training To Describe His Method For Helping Children Fall Asleep His Findings That Changing The Time When A Child Is Put To Bed Dramatically Decreases The Number Of Night Awakenings Were Published In The Prestigious Journal, Sleep, In His Landmark Seven Year Study On The Development And Disappearance Of Naps Highlighted The Importance Of Daytime Sleep In Addition To His Own Research, He Has Written Chapters On Sleep Problems In Textbooks For Pediatricians, Has Lectured Extensively To Parent Groups, And Has Appeared On The Oprah Winfrey Show Dr Weissbluth Is The Father Of Four Sons And Seven Grandchildren And They Are All Good Sleepers Dr And Mrs Weissbluth Live In Chicago, IllinoisHis Books, Crybabies, Sweet Baby How To Soothe Your Newborn, Your Fussy Baby, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, And Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins Have Been Published Is Europe And Asia And Taught Millions Of Parents How To Help Their Children Sleep Well Dr Daniel Weissbluth Is A Board Certified Pediatrician And Completed His Residency At Indiana University Riley Children S Hospital He Is An Instructor Of Clinical Pediatrics At The Northwestern University School Of Medicine His Main Area Of Interest Is How Various Forms Of Media Affect The Pediatric Population He Co Created The Weissbluth Method Infant Nap App, The Weissbluth Method Toddler Bedtime App, And The Weissbluth Method Parenting Myth App For Mobile Devices In Addition, He Is A Regular Contributor To The Weissbluth Method Blog He Lives And Sleeps In Chicago