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[[ Read E-pub ]] ⚜ Skin Deep (Dark Reflections, #1) ê This Book Contains Sexual Content, Explicit Language And Intense Situtions Of Domestic Violence Recomended For Mature Teens Or Higher The First Book In The Dark Reflections Series Being A Teenager Is Hard Being An Overweight Teenager Is Even Harder Bethany Watson Has Tried To Accept Herself, But Being Either Bullied Or Ignored By Her Peers Leaves Her Feeling She Has Nothing To Contribute Worse, Just As The Feelings For Her Best Friend Begin To Blossom Into Something Else, Another Girl Sets Her Eyes On Him Someone She Can T Compete With She Discovers A Host Of Problems Bigger Than Her Social Life And Waist Size When She Comes Face To Face With A Creature Hell Bent On Destroying Anything That Gets In Its Way An Unwilling Recruit In The Fight Against The Darkness, Bethany Is Torn Between What Is Right And What Is Easy IT WAS GOOD BOOKI would recommend it to who was bullying.She did great job with this book That why I gave four star As the book description states, there is some strong language, domestic violence, and mild sexual content It does fit the story, but this is definitely geared toward older teens I don t normally read YA paranormal stories, but the cover and description drew me in I m glad I decided to give this book a try, as I really enjoyed it Bethy is a relatable heroine The characters have normal teen drama, just with a paranormal twist Sharp s book contains well drawn characters and vivid descriptions I love the support group Bethy leads It s definitely something many teens and some adults could benefit from Sharp skillfully addresses bullying The inclusion of bullying statistics at the end of the book highlights the sad reality of it in today s society I look forward to reading the rest of the series. This book was NOT my norm, I m not one to read YA or paranormal often but I am SO glad I grabbed this book when it was free on This story was so good The writing was fantastic, the story was involved, the characters were like able, and the paranormal angle seemed believable Beth is a high school senior, who is dealing with serious bullying on a daily basis This is a heart wrenching subject, that made me cringe at each occurence Luckily, she has a couple of friends that helped her get through the hard times Unfortunately, while she s dealing with the bullying there are darker forces at work in her town, which are threatening to destroy everything she s ever known.I don t want to give a play by play of the story, but will say that I HIGHLY recommend this book Bethany is a very strong willed heroine, I adore her and want to know what happens in this series as the story ended on a cliff hanger This book, despite it s important topic, just didn t do a lot for me It s wasn t bad, per se, but I felt it bordered on being negative than positive Then when you add in the paranormal aspect, it took a turn that I wasn t expecting and I felt like it went of the rails after that Like, anything that happened after fit perfectly into her world because it was paranormal.I think it works well, in that regard, especially since it was about a, probably, typically proportioned gal, but it just wasn t exactly clear if she truly had issues, or if she projected those issues, as most teenagers tend to do in school.Still, it was a decent enough read, if not quite believable I mean, I can suspend that with a truly absorbing book, but I can t say I was fully invested in these characters Overall, not bad.just not my cup of tea.Three stars.