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This book told me the history of the Shedd Aquarium and its place in the world of aquariums and marine biology It is concise and interesting I wish I had read the book before I visited the Shedd yesterday. #E-PUB ó Shedd Aquarium ô Karen Furnweger Is The Editor And Content Manager At Shedd Aquarium When She Joined The Staff In , She Inherited A Faile Drawer Ful Of Archival Materials, Turning Her Into Shedd S Historian As Well She Is Especially Fond Of The Aquarium S Turtles, Beluga Whales And Sawfish Shedd Aquarium Celebrates The Gift That Made Shedd Possible And The People, Events And Animals That Contributed To Its Growth And Success Inside, It Features Some Of Shedd S Favorite Friends, Past And Present Highlights Include A Spunky Beluga Whale, A Talented Turtle And A Venerable Australian Lungfish Just Three Of The Many Rare And Exotic Creatures That Make Shedd The World Class Public Aquarium It Is Today Picked this book up during a recent trip to the Shedd Aquarium It is a great book going into the history of the aquarium and the history of aquarium science and its evolution Some great photos of the facility currently, in the past and of some of the residents of the aquarium. Jumping to the point This book is what a museum souvenir guidebook SHOULD be.Karen Furnweger s Shedd Aquarium has a perfect blend of text and photos illustrations It contains the history of the institution, with sidebars to help explain the times in which it was founded The book has numerous anecdotes about the animals in its collection, past and future in some cases, about individual animals, with others about the species in general.If I had a compliant a picky one, admittedly it would be the format a squat hardcover book, rather than the 8 1 2 x 11 paperback that is prevalent in this sub genre.RATING 5 stars And some applause. This is a great book that provides you with the background information about Shedd Aquarium I found it interesting that the original design of having the animals swimming in aquariums that visitors looked into instead of the current designs of the animals swimming around visitors while they walk through aquariums was to mimic the idea of visitors looking at artwork hanging on the walls at art museums This was an informational read that preps you for a visit, or helps you relive your time spent at Shedd Aquarium