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I really liked this book, so much so that I didn t want to return it to the library, and now it s overdue This is a great celebration of food, sex, and women who love food and sex Also good essays on risky behavior, such as having unsafe sex I really enjoyed Lewis bluntness about sex she s a former sex worker , and good sense of humor For instance, her first essay is about ass eating, and why it doesn t turn her on She describes it as being on the receiving end of an intestinal Wet Willy, and goes on to say that she was able to relax and enjoy it somewhat by pretending to be a tiny kitten being cleaned all over by a mommy cat although it didn t do anything for her sexually I also loved her celebration of womanly curves, in an essay lamenting her friend s anorexia The thing is, woman are supposed to be woman shaped Our thighs are supposed to touch We re at our best when we re healthy, strong, soft and libidinous We re at our most fuckable when we re well fed and sleek, not when we re dry as toast and out of our minds with hunger Oh, and there are a few good recipes in here, too I may pick this up to add to my collection, as I wound up quoting from it or referring to it several times since reading it I will warn you, though, not to read the essay about her ex girlfriend s career as a colonic irrigationist while you re eating. (((FREE DOWNLOAD))) ☘ Sex and Bacon: Why I Love Things That Are Very, Very Bad for Me ↝ It S Said That How We Eat Is Reflective Of Our Appetite In Bed Food And Sex Two Universal Experiences That Can Easily Become Addictive And All Consuming You Don T Need To Look Far The Food Network, Billboards, TV Spots To Name Just A Few To Witness Firsthand The Explosive Combination Of Food And SexIn Sex And Bacon Why I Love Things That Are Very, Very Bad For Me, Sarah Katherine Lewis Is A Seductress Whose Observations About The Interplay Between Food And Sex Are Unusually Delightful, Sometimes Raunchy, And Always Absorbing Sex And Bacon Is A Unique Type Of Lovefest, And Lewis Is Not Your Run Of The Mill Food WriterA Lusty Eater Who S Spent The Better Part Of Her Adult Life As A Sex Worker, Lewis Is As Reckless As She Is Adventurous She Writes Of Eating Whale And Bone Marrow As Challenges She Was Incapable Of Resisting With Chapters That Hone In On The Categorically Simple Fat, Sugar, Meat Lewis Infuses Even The Most Quotidian Meals And Food Memories With Sensual Observations And Decadence Worthy Of Savoring Sex And Bacon Is Exuberant A Celebration That Honors The Rawness And Base Needs That Are Central To Our Experiences Of Both Food And Sex I wanted to fucking love this book but sadly that was not the case I must confess that I was disappointed by it overall I wanted sex and I felt like she had probably tapped that vein already in her previous book and was struggling to come up with on the subject What she did have was mostly colored by her horrible experiences in the sex industry so it was kinda dark What I did love The food bits, the stuff about how she lost weight by eating all the foods she wanted also my theory on that btw , the Southbound piece on giving head and Earl Gray Tea , the essay about Micki SIgh Micki sounded like the sexiest being on the planet But overall the book felt cobbled together or maybe not organic Lewis speaks about her struggle to write the book and her battle with depression, which may account for the forced feeling I got from some of the writing The stuff about her break up and her love for her man was a downer I would read another book by her though, and think that she is a talented writer. This book was wonderful Lewis writes for all the women with a girl on one arm, a boy on the other and a 7 layer cake on the counter She takes big bites and savors them, and lives to write about it A former sex worker who has a delicious way with words, Lewis has given us a book that is part memoir, part advice column, and part scrumptious cookbook She embraces her humanity in a beautiful way, and celebrates all manner of decadent things Sex positive but interestingly judgmental of the clients she used to service understandable, from the descriptions It s also fascinating to see how compartmentalized her sex life was when she was working in the trade Well written, funny, loving and wry It ll make you hungry for.Not for the faint of heart or those who eschew Anglo Saxon terms for genitalia. Rawness, dirty sex, a glimpse into the sex industry combined with the experience of a sarcastic dry perspective of the world will make the audience want to keep turning those pages I highly appreciated her sense of humor and how she made her words dance around to create an honest image of human interaction I also loved the Seattle references, read her books, support local authors The title is true to the content of this book The language would be considered scandalous by many of my friend s standards That said, I found it entertaining and also enlightening about the adult entertainment industry and the human condition The recipes inserted seem worthy of my kitchen but I doubt I ll ever open the book to cook something up. I wanted to love it, but I just didn t It is fun to attempt to live vicariously through someone who works in such a taboo profession, and she did make me obsessed with fried chicken for about a week, but the writing was tedious While she went on and on about the joys of sex and trans fats I mostly just craved an editor. Excellent book, some important principles and beliefs and recipes that reflect my own philosophy on life A lot of underlying feminism as well, which I found only added to the content Great book, and a fun read However, a caveat for those faint of heart it gets pretty raunchy. I have never met Sarah Katherine in person, but back in the 1990s, we both published zines hers was called Pasty, mine was called Angry Young Woman Somehow, we became aware of each other, and we traded issues back and forth With the advent of blogs, the zine craze went electronic, and I lost touch with her.Thanks to Facebook, we got back in touch I found out she s written a couple of books Sex and Bacon is an entertaining read it s a collection of stories about sex, relationships, love, and food Despite not having great relationships, and despite both loving and hating food, I devoured this book.Sarah Katherine was a sex worker, and for someone like me, reading about her experiences was fascinating I m the wallflower, and still am The book is in four sections Desire, Flesh, Sweet, and Pain It s a collection of essays about food and the dating scene, and life, and love and the ickiness and the gloriousness of it all There s the guy who gets off by watching sex workers eating Baby Ruth bars, because Baby Ruth bars look like turds There s the section where Sarah Katherine eats the food she likes and loses weight if only that worked for me She talks about oral sex, anal sex, personal ads, finding someone, going home with them that first day which is always mind blowing to me and sploshing, and that s in just the first 33 pages.The subtitle of this book is Why I Love Things That are Very, Very Bad For me Sarah Katherine talks about having protected sex, then having unprotected sex A particularly frightening for me passage on page 45 talks about having unprotected sex on the first date with a man who said he d been tested a few months ago Sarah Katherine had been tested too She acknowledged it was unsafe She also talks about risk In life and in love, and it s this attitude that impresses me and terrifies me.Then, there s the food There are suggestions for food and recipes And most of it sounds really, really good Some of it is extreme she eats four pounds of bacon in one sitting She talks about fried chicken Mussels Lamb roast Autumn foods, containing pumpkin The tediousness of vegetables Sarah Katherine offers some suggestions for preparing them For those without a terribly educated palate, there are details about eating pancreas, marrow, and whale The book is in four sections Desire, Flesh, Sweet, and Pain It s a collection of essays about food and the dating scene, and life, and love and the ickiness and the gloriousness of it all There s the guy who gets off by watching sex workers eating Baby Ruth bars, because Baby Ruth bars look like turds There s the section where Sarah Katherine eats the food she likes and loses weight if only that worked for me There s humor in this book, and heartache, and some sad truths about being poor There s also gratefulness There s advice despite or because of working in the sex industry, Sarah Katherine warns against porn she tells men not to go to strip clubs, or rent adult films or look at porn on the Internet That shit will fuck you up it s addictive nonsense designed to wreck your chances of having loving relationships with real, live females and to make sure you keep paying for the fake stuff Is this book entertaining Is the Pope Catholic and progressive and generally turning out to be a very pleasant surprise Hell yes This will open your eyes about the sex industry, food, and the culture we live in Parts of this book are disturbing, true, but that s the thing about knowledge Sometimes you learn stuff that is terrifying and disgusting particularly if it has to do with people But this book overflows with passion and gusto Not everyone will agree with Sarah Katherine s opinions on food, sex and relationships, but she is about living Don t be afraid to indulge, or to take a few chances. Okay, truth be told Sarah Katherine Lewis is not all that good of a writer This book is written with a casual, slightly affected intimacy that is most often found on blogs In fact, this book would have made an amazing blog That said, I did enjoy the book I picked it up after realizing that all of my recent reading had been about serious, weighty emotional topics, which isn t surprising since I am going through a separation And what could be less emotionally draining than sex and bacon With a title like thatwell, I bought the book And I read it that evening with a rich, fruity zinfandel , so obviously I enjoyed it The recipes , which are narratives on the process of cooking a dish that happen to include ingredients and some measurements, are delightful The experiment to find out how much bacon is enough bacon is something I have joked about recreating with friends I was touched by Ms Lewis honest account of depression, and how difficult it is to live a life of considered hedonism when one is broke, ill, and heartbroken I appreciated her candor about the effects of the sex industry on the perception of all women, and how harmful that can be while at the same time allowing the women involved with lucrative careers far lucrative than most conventional jobs But none of these are why I enjoyed the book as much as I did, despite a writing style that grated on me, and introductory passages that seemed only tangentially related to the stories that followed Really it is the siren song of a woman who looks at the world and declares it hers for the tasting A woman in touch with her desires, and who is fully aware of how women are constantly pressured to squelch their desires in service to the desires of others, and decides that she doesn t give a flying hoot for what other people expect her to do.For the shy, the stressed, the introverted Sex and Bacon is a nice, friendly dose of liberate your inner hedonist catnip.