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One of the best comic series I ve ever read Bar none. This was so much fun The characters, the relationships, the stakes, the powers, the action, the pacing, all of it It was a totally entertaining and utterly additive read My only disappointment came from some of the dialogue Its use of ableist slurs and body shaming being just some examples how the languages used definitely didn t pass the test of time That being said, overall I thoroughly enjoyed this reading experience but it was definitely tainted by the microagressions and dodgy language TW ableist language and slurs, sexism, fatphobic comments, body shaming, self harm. I always knew I d like comic books I really enjoy serialized entertainment it s why I prefer TV to movies the long story arcs, the fully developed characters, etc , but I have been hesitant to try them because comic book communities seem so daunting and insular X Men has always been a comic series that intrigued me, but at this point there are like six million issues How do I know where to start But, with this comic book being so recent and so handily packaged in bound volumes and being available to me without necessitating a visit to a comic book store also daunting and insular and so well loved by and then written by Joss Whedon, I had to try it And I loved it Runaways is the story of six kids who find out that their parents are super villains although, as is always the case with truly interesting villains, you might decide they aren t so evil after all my opinion Oh, yeah, they re definitely villains After witnessing their parents committing a pretty heinous act, Alex, Nico, Gertrude, Molly, Chase, and Karolina decide to run away from their parents and then take them down Along the way, they discover various super powers of their own and action, adventure, comedy, and romance ensue Runaways, however, is than a superhero story and it s than a good versus evil story It s a story about being a teenager, about family, about loyalty, about friendship It just happens to be set against a fantastical backdrop Karolina, for example, on discovering a secret about her own identity has a very normal reaction let s not tell anyone I m a freak, okay Molly, the youngest of the group, struggles with the idea that the people who love and care for her can at the same time be hateful and uncaring toward so many others And her parents do sincerely love her All of the parents love their children and like all parents they are just trying to do what s best for them Only the Pride as the evildoing parents call themselves aren t trying to get their kids to eat their vegetables And this motley crew of teens oh, come on, motley crew I couldn t resist it has to defy authority in a way most teens don t even have to contemplate This isn t staying out after curfew this is ruining or maybe even ending your own parents lives.As you will probably see time and time again in my reviews, I m a sucker for a good examination of parent child relationships and this is a good one. This is great It sort of makes me sad, since I ve had it sitting on my to read pile for over 9 weeks I was planning on just letting it go without reading it for some reason, but it s so spectacular it makes me depressed to think of all the other stuff that just sits there sits there that I never end up reading and even though I know the odds are against all of that stuff being equally as awesome still The never ending quest to read All The Good Stuff.Anyway, this book sort of reaffirms BKV for me, since I ve been sort of down on him because of Swamp Thing and the end of Ex Machina It s easy for me, when reading Saga especially, to forget that even if the artwork is particularly great I tend to think that Fiona Staples is responsible for all the good in the world , the artist isn t the one behind all the snappy, sarcastic, laugh out loud dialog, so yeah, god bless you BKV for being such a good writer What is our son doing with a male mannequin head in his room How the hell can you be concerned about thatBro, all you ve got is a book How do you plan to fight our parents With literacy On hold for Volume 2 Runaways is not your average superhero graphic Anytime I see a marvel character I usually run the other way, but this has me intrigued It is just the right amount of action, drama, teen angst, love , and just 1% Captain America. Good stuff I like the way they came up with an entirely new group of superheroes and still managed to mix in a few cameo scenes with older Marvel characters like Captain America Can t wait to read the next volume Six children run away from home when they discover their parents are a secret super villain group known as The Pride The discovery of their own weapons and powers allows them to plan a rebellion against their evil elders Brian K Vaughan is the writer so you know you re in for a great read from the start The loveable team of Alex, Chase, Nico, Molly, Karolina, Gert and her pet velociraptor provide plenty of laughs and memorable quotes Runaways is one of those ridiculously enjoyable books that will have you discussing your favourite characters and moments with other fans Molly, Chase, Alex and Old Lace for me The first eighteen issue run of the series is collected here and the main story remains strong throughout, made all the interesting thanks to The Pride s discovery of a mole within the ranks of the runaways.In fact, Runaways came close to getting a full five stars and only a few small criticisms hold it back I wasn t keen on the reveal of The Pride s origin in the final third of the book It was a typically crazy idea from Vaughan but something about it didn t really work for me Some of the cultural references also went over my head, although this was written back in 2003 4 so that s understandable Many years since then, Vaughan has written the outstanding Saga and I feel some of his ideas are better suited to such worlds of his own creation The cameos by Marvel heroes and references that work are brilliantly done, though Finally, while fill in artist Takeshi Miyazawa does a good job with his two issues overall, the characters lose some of their charm and disappointingly, Nico s ethnicity changes entirely.Do any of these things prevent me from giving Runaways a full recommendation Absolutely not This is a fantastic series that anyone who enjoys fun comics should read Vaughan and primary artist Adrian Alphona have created and developed a fantastic new series with characters that I really connected with I ll definitely be continuing with Runaways as soon as possible. In the past ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been through movies, television and numerous streaming services, taking cue from the pages of Marvel Comics ranking from the iconic to the obscure Amongst them, is Runaways by Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, which is now adapted as a web television series created for Hulu So, whilst the show is currently airing, about time I revisit the first Marvel comics run I ever collected.Centring on a group of six kids whose parents routinely met every year for a charity event, the kids spy on their parents and learn they are the Pride , a criminal group of mob bosses, time travellers, dark wizards, mad scientists, alien invaders and telepathic mutants After stealing weapons and resources from their parents, and learn they themselves inherited their parents powers, the Runaways consisting of Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, Gertrude Yorkes and Molly Hayes make a run for it and must find a way to shop their criminal parents.Having written for Marvel for a number of years whilst at the same time writing his Vertigo masterpiece Y The Last Man, although Runaways is taking cue from numerous aspects throughout the Marvel universe, it is closer towards the creator owned work that Brian K Vaughan would be most remembered for Certainly, the Marvel influence can be seen in Vaughan s later work as Runaways bridges that gap, with the central conceit of children s relationship with their parents whilst contrasting with the super powered spectacle you d expect from Marvel.Vaughan knows how to write teenagers as each of the Runaways come from a different background, they re introduced through their initial reluctance of hanging out with each other due to the gathering of their parents and throughout the course of the series, they become a family albeit an unconventional, dysfunctional one Although I enjoyed the company of the kids and how their relationships with each other alter during the series, eighteen issues are a bit much as there is a tendency of acknowledging that this is the Marvel universe, with characters such as Cloak and Dagger interacting with the Runaways, which feels like filler.Very much the breakout title for artist Adrian Alphona, you can tell that his art improves throughout these eighteen issues in how illustrates the characters who are not wearing any superhero costumes, which does create a distinction from other superhero comics Although along with Takeshi Miyazawa, who steps as a fill in artist for two issues, Alphona would push his full artistic glory with G Willow Wilson s Ms Marvel.Although Brian K Vaughan would return to teenage sci fi adventuring with his current run of Paper Girls with not quite successful results , his original run of Runaways is a terrific teenage team up that gives a unique perspective to the Marvel universe. {Free Book} Ñ Runaways à They Were Six Normal Teenagers Linked Only By Their Wealthy Parents Annual Business Meeting Until A Chance Discovery Revealed The Shocking Truth Their Parents Are The Secret Criminal Society Known As The Pride For Years, The Pride Controlled Of Los Angeles Criminal Activity, Ruling The City With An Iron Fist And Now, With Their True Natures Exposed, The Pride Will Take Any Measures Necessary To Protect Their Organization Even If It Means Taking Out Their Own Children Now On The Run From Their Villainous Parents, Nico, Chase, Karolina, Gertrude, Molly And Alex Have Only Each Other To Rely On And They Must Not Only Survive On Their Own, But Also Somehow Take Down Their Own Powerful Parents Before It S Too Late Brian K Vaughan And Adrian Alphona Craft A Thoroughly Modern Take On The Conventional Teen Team Comic Collecting RUNAWAYS Una versi n a lo X Men, incluye escuela de mutantes adolescentes con superpoderes desconocidos , problemas intrafamiliares, y muchos MILLENNIALS C mic adaptado a serie televisiva, con la actuaci n de James Marsters Spike en Buffy.