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Another twinkie book A pleasant enough book to read at the beach It didn t require any thinking and passed the time quickly enough However, I did spend a large portion of the book wanting to shake the female protagonist til her shoes fell off for being so STUPID about a man she was planning to marry But, in true DS fashion, everything was wrapped up with a nice bow at the end Mild language and intimacy You won t suffer if you don t read this book. As I recall, the conversation with one of my literate friends went like this Mike Have you ever read Danielle Steel Me I don t think so She writes romances Mike No She writes literature Her books cover the gamut of human experience She s the best selling author in the world today Me Oh OK, I l have to give her a try Soon after, I came across one of Steel s books, Rogue Always willing to have my assumptions proved wrong and anxious to find another great storyteller, I dove in.Wow Talk about bad The reader is told that the title character is a great guy but something of a Peter Pan he refuses to grow up Told, mind you, not shown And then we re told again.And again.And again.And OK, you get the idea.I ve never seen so much repetition in a book If each instance was clever or insightful, I might forgive her Make that, any instance But I couldn t finish this one I barely made it through the first chapter.Seriously, is this what sells in America these days Now I m depressed. @Read Ò Rogue æ For Maxine Williams, Being Married To Blake Was An Amazing Adventure Brilliant, Charismatic, And Wholly Unpredictable, As An Entrepreneur He Had Made Millions And Grabbed Headlines His Only Shortcoming Was As A Husband, And Now They Have Worked Out An Odd But Amicable Divorce, And Share Three Children They Both Adore Blake Gets To Keep His Globe Trotting Lifestyle Dating A Succession Of Beautiful, Famous And Very Young Women While Maxine Raises Their Kids In Manhattan And Pursues Her Passion, Working As A Child Psychiatrist Then, Everything ChangesMaxine Finds A New Love Just As A Tragedy Transforms Blake From Carefree Playboy To Compassionate, Responsible Grown Up He Wants Maxine In His Life Again As A Partner In A Humanitarian Project That Could Affect Countless Lives But Maxine Is On The Cusp Of A New Life And Almost Certain That Blake, Aka The Rogue, Is A Man Capable Of Doing Anything Except ChangeOr Is He A Booksquirm Book Club pick and fortunately the first book voted off of the island Our assignment was to read chapter 1 The following are my thoughts of the book based on that first chapter.This chapter would have been shorter if the reader didn t have to experience daja vu while reading it For example, on page 3 she Belinda knew she would remember Blake and this moment for the rest of her life And then on page 4 It was a day and a moment that Belinda knew would be engraved in her mind forever Apparently it was so memorable that Ms Steel wanted to make sure her notation of it was remembered by her readers for the rest of their lives At first I thought maybe this was an isolated incident, but then she harped on the fact that Blake had been absentee father for the kids, especially for Sam, which is evidenced on pages 11 and 26 Oh, and let s not forget this little gem on page 22 Daphne Jack both had Blake s almost jet black hair and then again on page 27 She Daphne was a beautiful girl, with her mother s features and creamy skin, and her father s jet black hair Really, Ms Steel, if you are going to harp on something could you at least be consistent Is Blake s hair almost jet black or is it actually jet black because this detail is obviously important enough to mention twice in the same chapter And you give me all these repetitive facts but then leave me with All three of them went to Dalton, and Maxine loved the school Great Mom likes the school she sends all three of her kids but wtf It took me a Google search to find out why someone would think that just dropping the name of the school would mean that readers would know why it was significant BTW, in case you are interested, tuition for 2010 11 was 35,300 For the love of all things holy, I m hoping never to have to read another chapter of this book A bit disappointing the female character is so weak in particular situations Danielle Steele has written better and worse 5 of 10 stars. I listened to this book on CD, and the voices were AWFUL Some of the characters came off as being completely obnoxious, although I don t think they would have been if I d read it I just couldn t stand listening to Charles talk He sounded like a snobby, dorky old man And her kids voices were terrible too Her son jack sounded like a pot smoking dope And her daughter was equally annoying Other than the reader, I think it was an OK book It passed the time while I drove, and it was not like all the other Daniel Steel s, where everyone dies It actually had a good ending Not much substance though. . Among all those bad reviewshonestly, I adored that novel.Danielle was successful to write it in a way that touched me on a personal level.and about that repitition in the difference in characters between Maxine and Blake, I found it confirming and gets me deep inside Maxine feelings each time I pick the book to continue reading.I really like that book.the way she described the characters and the hard times and choices everyone went throughso realistic and touching In general, Danielle Steel is an awesome novelist This was one the books I had to read for my adult materials and services classes I had to read books from genres I usually didn t read from in my leisure SoMaxine was married to Blake, which dissolved when she found he was devoted to his work than he was his family Years later, she finds love with Dr Charles West, whom she plans to marry When Blake reappears in her life again, he seems to be a changed man, especially when he wants her to assist the survivors of a natural disaster Blake offers her adventure, while Charles offers her stability The ending is contrived and a true cop out after creating a nearly three hundred pages of mildly interesting characterization, it only takes two chapters for one character to completely change face The reader may feel cheated when reading this book the author forces a happy ending that is both unwarranted and illogical.Spoiler Alert Charles turns out to be a dick but with little explanation , leaves Maxine at the alter in her wedding dress, and so she decides, WTF, I ll just marry the ex since instead The kids are all like Yay A perfect Lifetime ending Now I know why I will never, ever read another of her books Bleh. OMG If this is what Danielle Steel books are like usually, why do people bother Crap, total crap.Either that or her editor was drinking a lot.Steel writes over and over that Maxine is a psychiatrist dedicated to her kids and career, a real homebody Her ex earned a fortune in the dot.com boom, got out in time and made a bigger fortune He wanted to enjoy it and go gallavanting around the world Dedicated doctor stayed dedicated to career and kids Can we say repetitive She divorced him They re still friends though.She meets new guy, a doctor, who does like her dedication to her career but not to her kids.Meanwhile husband gets stuck in a Moroccan earthquake and finds a calling helping orphans Max leaves new beau to help ex help orphans a week before her wedding Guess who the dedicated doc ends up with This was trash, not lovely romantic trash, but badly written, forgettable drivel.I finished because it was like watching a car wreck You know it s bad but you don t believe how bad til the car looks like an accordion.