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Brent and I read this together and we enjoyed it so much I wish I knew a guy like the main character, Thorsen a generous curmudgeon with a great sense of humor, very flawed but lovable I actually miss some of the characters now that we re finished I could have kept reading about their small town Utah lives for a lot longer Those are the kind of places where neighbors feud and forgive, gossip and take care of each other Besides enjoying the story, I found Petersen s writing style a pleasure to read It s a quirky Mormon story, but also very universal and accessible. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this story which I randomly chose off the Library shelf Written by an LDS author, it is not your typical Molly Mormon story Mr Petersen developed the main character, Jens, in such a way that I feel like I know him As a matter of fact, he could be anyone s next door neighbor and I would be than happy to have him as my neighbor This well crafted story made me think twice about how easy it is to judge others from the outside It made me want to be less judgmental and to love others no matter their position or where they are in their journey thru this life. A feud between a Sanpete county bishop and a crotchety old ward member Hmmm I appreciate what he was trying to do, along with some of his observations about small town hypocrisy and narrow mindedness Seemed to need development though as a lot of the conceits fell flat or missed The bare bones of the plot were there, but it just didn t gel like it should have Didn t have the impact you wanted it to carry I liked the character of Jens Thorsen the crotchety old man though He was well drawn and you felt sympathetic toward him Maybe since I read this on the heels of The Backslider, I am asking too much Certainly Rift has to be much better and complicated than most Mormon fiction, but I wouldn t know since I usually avoid it. There is lots of Mormon fiction out there, and a great deal of it is fairly mediocre But there are also some very talented authors in this genre, and it is worth seeking them out I found a copy of this book on the sales table at the Benchmark Books exhibit at Sunstone in July of 2018 I m really glad I picked it up Todd Robert Petersen s writing style is very descriptive, and I enjoyed the picture he paints here of small town Sanpete County, Utah and of the landscapes surrounding it The novel is also peopled with lots of great rural Utah characters, both Mormon and non Mormon These things reminded me of Levi Peterson and, indeed, I would put this Petersen right up there with that Peterson in terms of the quality of his prose and of the story he tells here. I was hesitant about this book I don t generally read religious fiction That isn t to say that I haven t read religious fiction, i just prefer not to As Jim Gaffigan puts it, I like to keep work at work That being said, I don t know if i would even classify this as religious fiction Sure the plot was interwoven through a deeply religious community, but this story was than that As far as character driven narratives go, this is one of the best I wanted to hang out with Thoreson and Stucki in that barber shop The writing was superb, but that almost goes without saying The author hee hee, Todd really has a way with not only fleshing out the characters with the perfect balance of shadow and detail, but the landscape as well.And chapter ten was probably one of the best things i ve read all summer Addendum Lately i ve been revisiting my thoughts on this book a lot I teach a Sunday school class and we recently had a lesson on Charity, and all I could think about while preparing it was Jens Every action he takes in the book is for the benefit of his fellow man I like it. interesting read Let s get two things out of the way This is, apparently, religious fiction, which is not something I would normally pick up Also, Todd Peterson was a professor of mine over 15 years ago The best thing I ve ever written was for his class and I still use lessons from his class every day.RIFT is about a small town All small towns, religious or not, are basically the same Feuds, rumors and gossip are just part of life Peterson created a character that I couldn t help but love Jens is the cranky, rascally old man that is always there with a helping hand and a wink.The writing is copious and I easily could see myself in this town, watching as the feud between Jens and the Bishop grew larger and ridiculous In the end, it wasn t and isn t about who was right or wrong It s just about being a good person and helping others. Not a truly great piece of literature but I really enjoyed this novel about crusty old characters in San Pete County, Utah The characters were interesting and I thought it gave a pretty honest view of rural Utah I shared the book with two friends, one of whom grew up in the area They both enjoyed it The friend who grew up in the area said the resemblances between the main character and his brother could not be all coincidence I thought the depiction of the hypocracy of local church members was a little too harsh but understand how an outsider might see it that way. This novel has at least two things going for it First is the gem of a main character, Jens Thorsen At first glance he s the your typical grumpy old man with a hidden heart of gold While this description fits Jens, he s much than that He is a real, three dimensional, well developed character Unfortunately, such well drawn figures aren t typical enough in LDS themed fiction Many characters in LDS novels are too good or too bad to feel human, or just too stereotypical Some of the minor characters in Petersen s book fall into this latter category The self righteous Relief Society ladies read a bit like caricature The other strength of this novel is Petersen s sense of place He describes rural and small town life in Sanpete County vividly He is a good descriptive writer. ^Read Epub ✙ Rift ↡ Jens Thorsen S Retirement Is Not What His Wife, Lila, Was Expecting Rather Than Tending To Things Around The House, Thorsen Has Thrown Himself Into A Life Of Charity Visiting The Sick, The Widowed, And The Incarcerated Between These Acts Of Service, Thorsen Finds The Time To Nurse His Feud With Local Bishop Darrell BunkerThe Two Have Hated Each Other For As Long As Anyone In Sanpete, Utah, Can Remember Even Though The Valley Is Much Too Small For The Both Of Them, Thorsen And The Bishop Have Managed A Tense Ceasefire That Allows Daily Life To Carry On But When The Bishop S Daughter Moves Home, There Are Suddenly Too Many Egos In One Place, And Sanpete Starts To Pull Apart At The Seams