Free E-pub ☿ Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking ☢

I found this book to be very well presented, slightly humorous, and exactly what you thinkn it is It is a sex book, completely and clearly a sexually open book The material could be a little tame for many as we found it , though that stems from being adventurous I would think that the average couple, looking for expand thier sex life, would find many ideas here Ever we came across one or two things to try, the rest has been part of our routine for yearsAll in all a good, illistrated, guideReveiw of a free copy via GoodReads I had to buy this book for the title alone If you need help, it ll help you It was a fun read. Free E-pub ♊ Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking ♠ Why Is RIDE EM COWGIRL Today S Most Exciting Lovemaking Guide VISUALIZE YOUR PLEASURE Over Tasteful Illustrations Show You How RELAX AND EXPLORE Feel Inspired By Dr Sadie S Easy Conversational Style NO PRETZEL POSES Learn To Pleasure Tweak The Positions You Already Love READ IT TOGETHER Fun, Sensual Hands On Arousal Tips Excite You Both RE DISCOVER SEX Thrilling Touches Your Lover Wants But Isn T Telling You MORE INCLUSIVE Exciting New Positions For Pregnant And Voluptuous Lovers GO PLEASURE CRAZY Discover The Secret To Igniting HER Orgasms During Sex HAVE FUN The One Bedside Companion For New Couples AND Longtime Lovers RIDE EM COWGIRL By America S Pleasure Coach Dr Sadie Allison Empowers Pleasureful, Passionate Lovemaking What Are You Waiting For So many books on positions in the past leave out us BBW s she doesn t While of course she doesn t go into it as much as I would have liked at least she touches on it As always enjoyable graphics and lots of good advice Spice it up in the bedroom Great book for couples wanting to re ignite the fire Favorite positions tweaked just a bit for even fun Great to read a chapter in bed with your spouse. A wild, bucking bronco kind of read Highly recommended. I laughed the whole way though this book Sadie Allison has a way with words so that I feel like I reading a text a friend wrote She breaks everything down to easy to understand language Even though she is talking about sex her word choice is still education but not like a textbook She even makes a point to discuss topics that seem like common sense She makes sure to establish back ground knowledge before diving into subjects She even has a chapter for full figure women positions The one thing I did not like is the illustrations of full figured women It seemed like a joke compared to the illustrations of thinner women I would use this text a as mini lesson on an author s purpose Allison s purpose is to educate women on better sex positions She established back ground knowledge to help her readers better understand her purpose Her word choice was based on her audience as well. Well this book is a refreshing change to the typical karma sutra type books you usually see in the sexuality section It s not all mushy mushy, about making love to blossoming flower type of thing you usually get out of a book or the majority of the books I ve seen anyway This book was very percise and to the point I like how there are no fillers, but gives you the direct need to know information, ranging from the different types of penises, and how to please each and every one of them Not that I need to know how to please every type of penis, but being able to pinpoint exactly which type of penis my bf has, made it that much easier to please him Rest assured, hes pleased The pictures are really great too There is a section in the book about the best positions for pregnant women, which i find is hard to find Thoughtful and well written I would highly recommend. The illustrations are beyond awesome It s unclear exactly how many times I actually had to set down Ride Em Cowgirl to immediately put Dr Sadie s words into fruition Try opening this book to almost any page, and be not immediately inclined to harness up and put on your cowgirl hat.Sexual creativity truly for everybody I may not be pregnant, but I ve always been curious how to tackle the bulge in the bedroom I ll be buying this for all my pregnant girlfriends, and maybe even leaving it in the bathroom for my boyfriend to discover as well.Love the illustrations and Sadie s fun voice as always An all around winner Way to go Dr Sadie, you ve done it again.