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|READ EBOOK ♵ Ricochet ⚖ When Change Happens In People Will Find Inspiration Where Others Find Only Imprisonment What Is Their Secret Grounded In The Latest Social Science And Enlivened By Nick Tasler S Signature Blend Of Wit, Wisdom, And Storytelling, Ricochet Takes You On A Fast Paced Quest To Unravel The Mystery Of Highly Adaptive People You Ll Meet Scientists And Researchers Who Have Spent Their Lives Trying To Crack This Case, As Well As Real People People Just Like You Who Have Clawed, Scratched, Innovated, And Explored Their Way Through The Unexpected Changes That Screw Up Our Plans, Mess With Our Egos, Deflate Our Goals, Rip Off Our Masks, And Yet Somehow Ultimately Reveal What We Are Truly Capable Of As Leaders, Creators, Innovators, Parents, And Friends The Truth Is That Some Changes Stink Coating Those Turds With Sugar Won T Make Them Doughnuts But Adaptation Is A Skill That Is Hard Wired In Our DNA All We Have To Do To Ignite Our Resilient Superpowers Is Learn To Apply Three Simple Laws Of Successful Adaptation Find Freedom Pursue Progress Make Meaning When We Do That, A Magical Thing Happens We Don T Just Survive Change We Get Good At Change And When We Get Good At Change, We Stop Spending Our Days Worrying And Our Nights And Weekends Feeling Guilty About Not Worrying About The Next Reorg Or Recession Or Health Problem Or Marital Challenge We Stop Living In Fear And Instead Start Savoring The Crazy, Exciting, Messed Up Adventure Of Everyday Life