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The I consider this book, the I find to dislike about it things like its uneven, often glacial pacing, and its blatant Mary sue It shows moments of decent fantasy where you can fool yourself into thinking you re reading something good, but quickly descends back into mediocrity It s one of those books where you like the plot and think interesting idea, but dislike okay, hate the execution.The book starts out with a decent, if heavy handed deus ex machina of an opening It goes downhill from there with an excruciatingly long, dull journey I expected some sort of reward to the reader for being forced to read that An exciting fight in a new time period, or the inevitable reveal of Rhapsody s soul mate gag me Instead I got even travel, coupled with everyone falling in love with the heroine and an awful lot of talking interspersed with very few scenes of action Also, the dreaded telling, not showing Rhapsody started out a decent character if a little unbelievable even then The author uses her nightmares as shorthand for all the pain she s suffered, but her personality rarely, if ever shows signs of what the book says she s gone through And if her character could have grown on you before the endless journey, it became repulsively perfect afterwards An uncanny valley of a genuine person, if you will She s overloaded with powers, always gets her way so much so that Achmed, the only person who ever successfully stands against her, even acknowledges it as its own power that even works on him , is kind to children and cares for the sick and a million other things that just make her seem like an idealized, unreal heroine the author wishes she were The hilarious thing about everyone singing her praises and the author portraying her as being so intelligent to have basically been granted a postgrad degree is that the actual heroine is largely rather stupid She s childlike in her view of the world, which no one who s been through what she s been through would be, and comes off as mentally challenged in regards to her self image and people s opinions of her It s one thing to not think you re pretty though the fact that she considers herself hideous is crazy , it s another not to be able to interpret people s facial and body expressions and know that they like love desire you I was left wondering if the author was deliberately presenting us with a mentally handicapped heroine Due to the way it was written, a lot of the passable jokes in this book fell flat Even when I knew I should be laughing, I couldn t because the word choice and phrasing had messed up the joke s delivery This problem with the writing haunted the book in other places and occasionally left me scratching my head in puzzlement a character s mouth moved into a hidden smile but since it was neither hidden from everyone s view, and his mouth moved, I m at a loss to what the author was describing The exposition, while obviously separate from the rest of the text at times, wasn t as bad as it could have been, but I ve read Robert Jordan Achmed, while having the best characterization after Rhapsody, is only vaguely less of cypher to me now as he was at the beginning of the book You couldn t help but like him for saying no to Rhapsody so many times and for not killing her , but I don t think the author understood him any better than Rhapsody Poor Grunthor, while occasionally breaking out of his clich portrayal, is mostly ignored Surely as one of the Three, we should at least know about his life before and how he came to be with Achmed There are a million other little things that annoy me about the book if Naming is such a great power that it can bring flowers back to life, why doesn t Rhapsody actually use the power for things other than silencing people and renaming them once or twice Why must Rhapsody keep adopting copious numbers of children and siblings Why doesn t Rhapsody notice all these erections men keep getting around her , but I ll be here all day if I start to list them. Something else to go on that long list of awful things through which I put myself Torturous volumes of Angel Sanctuary tops it, I think, but this has to come a close second.Rhapsody is an awful Mary Sue and every sweet chime of her irresistible voice and sweeping charm was an affront to my very being Why, then, did I put myself through four episodes before a I couldn t take any and b the school library ran out of copies It was all for Achmed, my friends one of the two likable characters in this series both of which happen to hold minor roles before Rhapsody s shining brilliance.Sorry, my fingers got a way from me there.Oh And Ashe Ken doll made real and tormented by a tragic past and saved by the grace of our beloved and flawless heroine aren t they all Gods What I wouldn t give for him to turn to stone.Really, though, I shouldn t be so vehement It was my own fault that I had to live through four aching volumes of this really gives a new meaning to Symphony of Ages bloody ages drivel and I should blame no one but me and stop being so bitter. @READ EPUB Ô Rhapsody: Child of Blood æ The Brilliant New Saga Is Born Rhapsody Is A Woman, A Singer Of Some Talent, Who Is Swept Up Into Events Of World Shattering Import On The Run From An Old Romantic Interest Who Won T Take No For An Answer, Rhapsody Literally Bumps Into A Couple Of Shady Characters Half Breeds Who Come To Her Rescue In The Nick Of Time Only The Rescue Turns Into An Abduction, And Rhapsody Soon Finds Herself Dragged Along On An Epic Voyage, One That Spans Centuries And Ranges Across A Wonder Filled Fantasy World A World So Real You Can Hear The Sweet Music Of Rhapsody S Aubade And Smell The Smoldering Forges Deep Within The Cauldron I love sci fi fantasy and I was suckered in by many of the good reviews on It did sound interesting, three people transported hundreds of years into the future, so I gave it a shot I still can t believe I wasted two days on this book and the two following it I curse the fact that I m one of the sort of people that needs resolution, even if it means wading through three books of complete drivel.Achmed and Grunthor were the only reasons I didn t use this book to start a bonfire Those two are actually interesting characters, even if they re turned into metaphorical eunuchs later on I skipped pages to read about them and to get away from Mary Sue oh, sorry, I mean Rhapsody.Let s talk about Rhapsody How perfect does a character really need to be This woman is blond, thin, beautiful beyond description, modest, magically talented, an expert swordswoman, loves all children excuse me while I go retch.She started out fairly well, a former prostitute trying to escape from an over attentive client, but it all went downhill after that When she s reborn in the fire and becomes Ms I m So Perfect, she becomes utterly unbearable Page after page is spent talking about her beauty and the affect it has on everyone around her which she, of course, has no knowledge of I was grinding my teeth before I even made it a third of the way through the book.The horror that is Rhapsody herself aside, this book has way too many other flaws for me to recommend it How much of a history lesson do we really need Personally, I was almost put to sleep every time a character felt the need to lecture us for pages on end about their world s history and politics It s boring In fact that pretty much sums up the majority of this book.Even Achmed and Grunthor start to become a little worn by the end of the book What made them fun is slowly stripped away by their mindless devotion to Rhapsody and their increasingly out of character behavior.This book, the whole trilogy, actually, is little than a romance novel wrapped in the thin disguise of a fantasy book If that s your sort of thing and you don t mind nauseatingly perfect, sugarcoated heroines, then you ll probably like this If, however, you re looking for an intelligent book with a believable plot, well rounded characters and gripping dialogue, you ll want to look elsewhere. I m conflicted here.I like this book.But it s a bad book.The story, the basic premise and idea They sound interesting.I can t tell you whether they actually are because, despite all pages in the book, the basic beginning force of the story isn t explained Not surprising really, as that s most likely being saved for exploration further down the series The plot contained in this particular book itself, the journey of Rhapsody, Achmed, and Grunthor, THAT part I did find quite enjoyable and would gladly read of I will expound on the problems I had with the book some, but I would like to preface it with saying that despite these problems I had fun reading the book I enjoyed it, which I believe counts for at least a small bit.Now, problems I ll be saying nothing new when I complain about Rhapsody herself Within the first chapter she s found her soulmate, given him her virginity, and declared herself forever his in some of the most forced and gag inducing romantic text I ve read outside a Harlequinne romance Later on in the book, every man she comes across, and many of the women, are instantly dumpstruck if not falling madly in love with her simply because of her shear beauty Of course, she never realizes this, but is wonderfully kind, perfect, and gracious to everyone she meets.Basically, she s perfect What flaws she does have seem to exist only to throw a greater light on her perfections, and she shows no real change or growth throughout the book.I should hate her, but I don t I found her perfection easy to ignore and move along with despite it being annoying This, considering she s the main character of the book, is not necessarily a plus for the writing Never the less, Rhapsody is just relatable enough that I can accept the character, if not like her.Of the other three main characters two I loved, and one I absolutely hated The males, Achmed and Grunthor, I enjoyed reading about They had wit, skill, kindness tempered with realism and cynicism, and generally just seem intelligent than the girls.The last of the group, Jo, I found entirely un relatable, miserably idiotic, selfish, ignorant, and jarring to the setting From the moment she joins the group she just doesn t seem to fit in, her actions endanger the others but are never met with any real consequence, and, at least in this book of the series, she seems to serve no real purpose.Many of the supporting characters could be interesting but are unfortunately struck with the dumps and strawman itis whenever Rhapsody is around.The text of the book itself can be lengthy and verbose at times, but the descriptions, though treading close to purple at times, I found was one of the enjoyable aspects I didn t really get annoyed with the reading until after the climactic battle at the end At this point the story doesn t wrap up but meanders on into the lead in to the next entry in the series Personally I think it would have served much better to wrap things up, or leave them at a cliff hanger, and save the last three chapters and place them in the next book as the first three.Lastly, there are some scenes in the book that just seem to float in space with no real purpose For example I, quite frankly, did not need to know about Lord A s extramarital sexual dalliance with Woman B, who hasn t been so much as mentioned before and is never mentioned again after this scene These scenes might have some purpose in later books but if that is the case than they should have been in those books Here they float disjointedly with no real rhyme or reason for having been brought up at all.To Sum Up Things I loved Achmed so much so that I m actually rooting for him to pair up with Rhapsody , Grunthor, and their journey before, through, and just after the Root Things I liked The general setting of the world, and the idea of a story that spans several centuries and the disorientation the change in times has on the characters.Things I loathed Jo, Ashe, random scenes which don t seem to fit anywhere in the plot. Not quite 3 stars but than 2, and kind of a bore, really Neither the characters or the story or even the world itself was of any interest to me Not even the time travel arc got to me, which is a big deal because I tend to like time travel elements when they re done well and made sense Overall though, I can t really say what it is exactly that didn t engage me, other than all those things I just listed Hah The writing alone wasn t bad, nor was it any good The whole thing was rather bland, tbh But maybe that s because I m past the age threshold for this kind of high fantasy Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson, etc etc Vaginal Fantasy book pick for July DNFed at page 49 A fourteen year old royal born boy is sent one thousand years backward in time, is completely unfazed by this process, instantly falls in love with The Most Beautiful and Obviously Intelligent Girl Ever in the History of Ever, and obviously they re soulmates, so it s totally cool that they have lots of sex Oh, did I mention that they meet and sleep together on the night before her fourteenth birthday Gosh, how utterly romantic, and obviously the truest and most important love that has ever existed Then he gets zoomed forward to his own time before he can meet her family and take her away to his palace, so he screams and weeps, and his wails cross the boundaries of time to reach her tender ears Since he doesn t show up at her family farm, she divorces herself from all emotion and vows that she will never marry another, because that s a logical and understandable reaction.No, thank you I prefer characters who behave realistically within their situations, regardless of how fantastical or extraordinary those surroundings may be. while i really enjoyed the world set up in this book enough that i am willing to read the sequel , there were some major problems i liked the entire first half of the novel where Rhapsody was kidnapped and traveled through the root of the world and ended up in the future the part that i started having problems with was firstly, Rhapsody, in her travels, is transformed into the most beautiful woman ever this isn t as annoying as her total refusal read denial that this is the case she thinks that she looks freakish because everyone male keeps looking at her this is interesting for a little while, but rapidly becomes obnoxious the second problem with the character is her penchant for picking up stray children i feel that this is in there to make the reader like the character, but it really just makes me want to strangle her after a while, i want her to stop adopting kids into her family on the plus side, the character of Achmed is a fascinating enigma he is curt to the point of rudeness, but still has human moments his face is disfigured, and this, too, is a mystery that is worth reading of the trilogy to find out why.overall, i really liked most of the supporting characters with two noticeable exceptions the two exceptions are another of Rhapsody s adoptions , her sister and the other is Ashe, whom i have the feeling that the reader is supposed to like, despite his portrayal as socially inept i find the character irritating and unrealistic i know that word hardly applies in a fantasy novel, but the character seems to have really strange motivations this may prove to be a problem since he may be shaping into the love interest which would annoy me since i obviously prefer Achmed also, the hood that covers the face of Achmed is interesting and intriguing, but the hood that covers Ashe is just irritating perhaps it is a sign of an overused plot device Achmed is still compelling enough that i will continue the trilogy, but i m not sure that i m in love with the main character or her apparent love interest. I absolutely adore this series The characters are great, the world building is AMAZEBALLS, and even my dad likes it and my dad hates everything except LOTR. The good This book is very well plotted in fact the series is very well plotted The overall story was gripping I think I saw that the author is a musician, and used music theory to help structure the book That s a pretty neat idea The heroine consistently is the one moving the plot forward, and is clearly the hero, all men are rescued by her and not the other way around Girl power Too bad she s such an idiot which brings us to.The bad The writing and characterization of the people in the book was pretty terrible The main character and name sake of this book is basically a 1970 s romance novel heroine, thrown into a fantasy novel which was pretty funny, ac tually, once I figured that out It was disorienting to have the main character, the one you re supposed to identify with, be so irritatingly perfect in a Harlequinne sort of way Not to mention that every man who saw her instantly fell in love, and I don t care how hot you are, no woman is attractive to every man in the world not to mention, where were all the gay people in this universe And the way the men reacted to Rhapsody to a man hah hah was absurd I can t think of a single one that didn t want to either possess her ie, the bad guys or fall in love with her ie, the good guys by the end of the series The transitions in characterization were awkward at best and totally absent at worst For instance, one character went from riding down children in the street to the horror of our romance heroine SAVE THE CHILDREN to rescuing her from freezing to death with absolutely no exposition in between It s like Rhapsody decided he was good and Tra La Twas so These problems do get better as time goes on, and the third book is almost bearable, it s all still awfully annoying.The Ugly Oh, the word choices Oh, the terrible dialog In this land, if something is very , it is always fill in the blank than you can imagine There are no unused adjectives why would there be a crown of gold when it could be a crown of purest gold Etc, etc, ad nauseum The descriptions they go on for pages, my friends I ended up skip ping over loads of stuff and just reading the dialog because I did want to know what happened, the bones of the story and the plotting are really good , and I noticed that this author has the same problem with scenes every little detail of every little action is related I ve read some writing manuals that suggest coming up with a complete and through back story for your characters but in addition to doing this, Ms Haydenwrote it all down In short, Hemingway would choke on these three books, and would glad of his impending death rather than finish the series.In sum it s a great plot, but if you have short patience with wordy authors, don t like being irritated with characters, have an aversion to fake Welsh, or dislike the word lore oh, man, how I hate that word pass this one by.Please pardon me while I rinse my brain out with The Sun Also Rises and some Charles de Lint whatever his faults, he s never overly wordy.