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( Read E-pub ) Ô Retribution (Degrees of Darkness, #2) ⚝ Called To The Homicide Of A Dallas Criminal Lawyer, Detective Remy LeBeau Stares At A Scene That Drags Him Back Into His Past To Another Murdered Lawyer In New Orleans A Case That Put Remy On A Collision Course With DeathCody Lewis Struggles With The Horrific Memories Of Her Kidnapping And The Need To Numb The Pain The Battle She Puts Up Causes Her To Avoid Remy And Their Undetermined Relationship But The Flashbacks And Nightmares Are Proving Potent Than Cody Thought And She S Having A Harder Time Resisting The Cravings For AlcoholAs The Case Takes A Turn In Revealing A Professional Assassin Is Behind The Death, Remy Begins To Make Decisions That Could Cost Him His Job And Cody Because The Deeper He Sinks, The Closer The Enemies Of His Past Come To Finding Him A great follow up that I enjoyed even than book 1 I was happy to see some of Remy s secrets finally revealed, and it was interesting to see him face some of his past The mystery suspense was great, and that is what keeps me hooked on this series Again, there was a lot of back and forth with the romance, but I did like the progression in this book I was also really happy to see of Anderson in this book and hope he plays an even bigger role in the future This is the second installment in the Degrees of Darkness series, starring Cajun detective Remy LeBeau and barrel racer Cody Lewis They re making progress, but so many secrets still stand in the way of their happily ever after.You can read this one on its own, but you ll be missing a lot of the layers that make it so awesome As usual Remy has secrets than the CIA, and they ve already taken people he loves The secrets are pushing Cody away at a time when she needs Remy than ever Her descent into an alcoholic binge is particularly well done and doesn t pull any punches.But what comes after that descent, wow You have to read it to find out why there s a burning house on the cover, and who the house belongs to Also, if you have a crush developing on Remy s partner, Heath Anderson, there s plenty of fuel to turn that crush into a raging swoon. The second installment on the Degrees of Darkness series doesn t disappoint In fact, it heightens the readers interest and puts into place all the background information gleaned from the Relentless Retribution picks up right where Relentless left off Can you read this one without having read Relentless Yes But, I wouldn t recommend it If you do, you ll miss much of the background information that makes everything fit together and intensifies the plot Cody and Remy are becoming comfortable with their relationship and have put of a label on it They still are not a traditional couple by any means Each of them has too much baggage for that In Retribution, Remy s past rears its ugly head big time What lengths will he go to in order to protect Cody Will he ever realize that she isn t Marie There are many questions answered in this one, but just as many either left unanswered or come to light Again, the intrigue is high, the characters are intriguing, and the interaction is fast and furious I m glad that Anderson gets a bigger role in this one OK, off to Revenge, book three in the series It s difficult to put these down I read Relentless which is Book 1 in this series and absolutely loved it I even have a little girl crush on the author for writing such an amazing story After reading Retribution, I am in full blown stalking mode.I LOVED Retribution Seriously LOVED it And Remy LeBeauno words are spectacular enough for this man.I was never big on the romance suspense mystery genre but oh how I am singing a new tune now Winter Austin is a writer who can weave a story of suspense to the level of building it piece by piece that you are actually on the edge of your seat chapter by chapter And when she has you on the edge of that seat, she swoops back in and completely knocks you right off with surprise after surprise that you are reeling from the multiple layers she is tossing you as she leads you in to her world.Winter Austin s ability to tell a plain old good story is justwondrous.I was completely engaged with the characters They were written in such a way that they were real Flesh and bone real I continually think about them I know them I can feel their emotions Did I mention Remy Lebeau Yes I did but he is definitely worth the redundancy.Jeepers I loved his character Alpha Kind Protective Troubled Confused Cajun Smexy Dark Mysterious Hidden past Hurt Swoon worthy.Retribution starts off five months after Relentless ended And the story starts off running with another murder mystery This time though, the stakes are higher, the twist and turns that are woven bring you back to Remy s former life in New Orleans We finally find out so much that was hinted at and touched upon in Relentless What happened to him, his wife, and what led him to disappear What secrets is he still hiding, and what has him so scared.Then we have Cody She loves Remy just as Remy loves her But there is so much still keeping them apart Cody is suffering from PTSD from her kidnapping ordeal and not dealing with it very well Not dealing to the point of continuously avoiding Remy The story line is so intricate in bringing past and present together that the additional characters brought in start to bring everything full circle in your understanding of their world.There is the return of J.C, Heath, and Logan as well Heath aka C Bar, Remy s partner He s quite the character and we learn a lot about him and his past as well He played a very big role this time around with all involved.The story is action packed with the same underlying romance peaking in around the edges You will be guessing and completely surprised through out the entire story with a HUGE surprise ending Personally, my mouth was hanging open I was so stunned Retribution can definitely stand on it s own but I highly suggest you read Relentless first for a much better understanding of the characters and situations And the best thing about this seriesit continues with Revenge, book 3 scheduled to be released in November I know I need.This series is a definite must for a good story, a good mystery, great suspense, and a nice romantic balance.