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I m a parent educator and have read dozens of books on boys with a view to which will most help parents Biddulphs book Raising Boys wins hands down because its readable by parents who don t have a lot of education, but its not dumbed down, he takes the best brain science, education research, and family therapy experience, to help parents get a grasp of how to understand boys He hits the sensible midway spot between the extremes like Sax its all in the genes and the old thinking that gender didn t really exist In my home country Australia this book is in over a million homes, and everyone uses or knows about it You don t always have to agree, and Biddulph himself says this he is a professor of psychology but you d never know it, its humble, funny, and full of very touching stories He also gives mothers their own voice There were places where I teared up, especially in understanding the terrible wounds to men from lack of fathering in the 20th century Best bits the three stages of boyhood Knowing that boys have to be actively taught to be gentle and helpful Encouraging fathers to be involved, and how rough and tumble play helps make boys better at self control And that boys need to learn to cook One word for this book worthless The tiny tidbits of useful information were dumbed down to a ridiculous degree The author used sweeping generalizations without citing any research Example He states that most students who do well on achievement tests do not do well in college Um, what Research please His advice to parents is so broad and so common sense it is laughable My favorite The best way for fathers to teach their sons to treat women well is to not hit thier wives Really Shocking Reading this was a complete waste of time Good thing it only took an hour an a half. It s somewhere between a 2 and 3 star book, I m feeling generous today It s an easy book, very simple conceptually, and I spent a lot of time frustratingly going girls are the same apart from lacking a penis However i think if it s your first child, and you re looking for a child raising book with a male slant, it s ok I was interested in a book which identified a child s male specific characteristics, and apart from the aforementioned penis, and a lot of either unsourced or poorly sourced research on random boy stuff, there wasn t much But like I mentioned before, it s an ok book to add to the myriad of other childraising books that you re likely to read to ensure your parenting guilt complex is well developed early on Quotes like Many gay or bisexual men I have spoken with say the lack of fatherly affection was part of what made male affection important to the We aren t saying here that all instances of Attention Deficit Disorder are really dad deficit disorders but quite a lot are If a mother is terribly depressed and therefore unresponsive in the first year or two of her son s life, his brain may undergo changes and become a sad brain If she is angry, hitting or hurting him, he will be confused over whether she loves him These caused me to very quickly realize this is definitely NOT the book for me. A gentle, funny and challenging book with loads of good ideas, especially for a mum who grew up without boys in her family Biddulph tells quite gritty stories, doesn t prescribe or have insulting tip lists like a lot of parenting books I completely disagree with those reviewers who dismiss it as simple its deceptively deep, but just accessibly written Biddulph s work is very famous here in Australia because he aims to reach those who have less education and of course DADS LOL and so he uses plain language But his science is spot on and I have a neuropsych background He doesn t put too much emphasis on gender differences, but he does tell you when and where they do occur.Especially those changes at four, thirteen and fourteen, which parents need to know about.He makes some people uncomfortable with his frankness, and especially challenges dads to do a better job, but he doesn t patronize them My husband loved the book and you could see him making an effort to do better Here in Australia thousands, if not tens of thousands of parents have questioned whether their boys are ready for school, and made thoughtful choices, one way or the other, based on this book, and it has changed school practices to becoming boy friendly There are thicker books, but without such practical help, and partisan books, but Biddulph hits the spot. Read probably isn t the right descriptor for this book, which I m returning to the library mostly untouched I checked it out only because our favorite librarian, when I checked out another parenting book, recommended this to me as a great way for mothers to learn about their boys and what makes them tick I probably should have realized that any book subtitled Why Boys Are Different wouldn t be a good fit for a mom who dresses her son in his girl cousins hand me down Mary Janes Which are way better for traction on an emergent walker than anything else he owns.I wasn t expecting this book to acknowledge our particular family structure, but I was horrified on behalf of heterosexual families everywhere that Steve Biddulph thinks dads need advice like A good way to teach your son to respect women is for Dad not to smack Mom around Dads should be attentive to their sons lest they turn out gay due to lack of male attention Whether or not it makes them gay, lack of fatherly attention can also give boys ADD.All that plus a generous helping of sweeping generalizations about boys backed up by minimal scientific evidence made this a very quick read, indeed I m on to what I ve heard is a scientific guide, It s A Boy Understanding Your Son s Development From Birth To Age 18. Very conservative views I stopped reading it. This was a pretty good book Provocative, thoughtful, full of sound research and hitting a lot of the key points parents of boys worry about, wrestle with and argue over Some of the things I took away from it Its extremely important for adolescents but perhaps especially boys to have mentor types who are part friend, part adviser in theirbesides their parents Boys needs risksmake sure there are healthy, okay, daring things to do in their lives Boys really need moms and dads but the emphasis takes turns with the parents through the stages of growth Mid teen boys should never drive a car alone with multiple other boys in it and no adult chaperone Testosterone surges start happening before pubic hair shows upand it changes how boys think and act Sensitive, respectful relationships with women can be taughtmodeling is key, both for mom and dad.And I m sure there were a host of other things..lots of good little highlight able tidbits in here and a pretty sane attitude about why boys matter particularly although not at all than girls Cool info. {Free} ò Raising Boys: Why Boys Are Different-And How to Help Them Become Happy and Well-Balanced Men ⚜ Amazing Books, Raising Boys Why Boys Are Different And How To Help Them Become Happy And Well Balanced Men Author Steve Biddulph This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Raising Boys Why Boys Are Different And How To Help Them Become Happy And Well Balanced Men, Essay By Steve Biddulph Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This was a great read for me, I have read a few books about boys and not every boy is the same so I had to find the one that fit my son This one was perfect, it gave great insight and really helped me see how I can be a better mother to Alex This might not be for everyone boys are different , but it was perfect for me.