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~Download Kindle ♀ Exodus: Perfects ♵ Pandora Is One Of The Many Hephaestus Children, A Product Of Their Genetic Research She Was Born To A Surrogate Mother And Raised In The Care Of Hephaestus In A Children S Home In Cambridge Full Of Other Hephaestus Children Until The Scandal Broke She Was Totally Unaware That She Was Different From Any Other Child Being Academically Excellent And Unwilling To Simply Accept Received Wisdom She Was Fast Tracked For Her Citizenship Examination Once Declared Legally An Adult By Passing The Citizenship Exam She Was Left To Fend For Herself In A Shared House In Cambridge She Got Involved In The Struggle For Civil Rights For Genetically Modified People Through Her Relationship With Charlie This Novella or short story ended very abruptly There was not ending, it just stopped I found only one error, which is good.