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This fucking series, I swear to god.The characters The plot The pacing The absolutely everything.If you haven t read it and you don t pick up the first book like right this second then we just can t be friends I m sorry but I don t make the rules. Have you ever read of book that made you want to do this But also this That above is how I felt when I read Out of Sight, Out of Time Don t get me wrong, it was FANTASTIC Ally Carter did the most amazing job on this book Her books take forever to come out but every minute of waiting was worth it If you don t believe me read the book right now If you don t have it, go to your local library, and request it, so you can read it My brain was on overload after reading this I waiting for sooooo long to read this, and it did not disappoint And if your one of those people that think this is too late in coming, WHO CARES JUST GO AND READ THE BOOK READ THE BOOK REEEAADDD IIITTTT. [Free] ♿ Out of Sight, Out of Time ☸ This Episode Is Nearly Three Hundred Pages Of Perfection, And The Only Regret Fans Will Have When They Are Done Is Being One Step Closer To The Final Installment Of This Outstanding Series VOYA Starred Review With Than A Million Gallagher Girls Books Sold, A Legion Of Fans Have Fallen In Love With The New York Times Best Selling Spy Girl Series, And The Fifth Book Delivers The Most Nerve Wracking, High Stakes Adventure Yet The Last Thing Cammie Morgan Remembers Is Leaving The Gallagher Academy To Protect Her Friends And Family From The Circle Of Cavan An Ancient Terrorist Organization That Has Been Hunting Her For Over A Year But When Cammie Wakes Up In An Alpine Convent And Discovers That Months Have Passed, She Must Face The Fact That Her Memory Is Now A Black Hole The Only Traces Left Of Cammie S Summer Vacation Are The Bruises On Her Body And The Dirt Under Her Nails, And All She Wants Is To Go HomeOnce She Returns To School, However, Cammie Realizes That Even The Gallagher Academy Now Holds Questions Than Answers Cammie, Her Friends, And Mysterious Spy Guy Zach Must Face Their Most Difficult Challenge Yet As They Travel To The Other Side Of The World, Hoping To Piece Together The Clues That Cammie Left Behind It S A Race Against Time The Circle Is Hot On Their Trail And Willing Stop At Nothing To Prevent Cammie From Remembering What She Did Last Summer Before I get into this book itself I just have to say, Ally Carter AWESOME Seriously I don t think any author does teen heroines quite like Ally Carter Now, I think it s a known fact that each book in the Gallagher Girls series is better than the last and this book is no different There s action, there s an awesome plot, there are surprises and revealations, there s Rome, and, of course, there is romance But above all that I d have to say my favorite part of this book and the series as a whole are the well developed and or incredibly hilarious characters Cammie, Bex, Macey, Liz, Zach, Mr Solomon, Rachel, Abby, Townsendneed I go on Each character is different from the next and has their own voice and I love all of them I can t even pick a favorite because they are just so awesome in their own way I even hold the secondary characters close to my heart because they bring so much humor to the series It seems that all the characters seem to really mature and grow up in this book compared to the rest Of course, Cammie especially She even notices how different she is now to the way she was in the first book Remember silly Cammie who worried about having a boyfriend Speaking of the first book, another part of this book I loved a lot was without spoiling anything the way it tied in certain aspects and characters from the first three books There will be a point where you will stop everything and find your copy of I d Tell You I Love You But then I d Have to Kill You and reread a section in there and think OK unless you re like me and have read the first book so many times that you have practically memorized There are a few characters from the first couple of books that are back and relevent as well one in particular that made me INCREDIBLY happy to see The fact that this book has always been in first person point of view always made the reader feel positive and assured of who Cammie was and that she could be trusted But since Cammie has lost her memory of the last few months, Cammie AND the reader are left completly in the dark And so Cammie and the reader begins to question whether she can truely trust herself Out of Sight, Out of Time was truely fantastic and well worth the long wait I am excitedly waiting the next in the series which I believe is supposed to be the last WHAT NO REREAD July, 27 2015ITS STILL MY MOST FAVORITE 3Actual Rating 4.5 starsMY MOST FAVORITE GALLAGHER GIRLS BOOK SO FAR. So the rating since the last book remains the same, thank goodness, I don t think I can handle any disappointment from this series it used all its allotted disappointment slots too bad This book was probably better than the previous book in that the writing is much MORE fitting to the genre No whiny characters or terrible terrible humour tho its still a bit cheesy for YA, but it s a work in progress I found that this book focused on Cammie and her internal struggles as well as her need to find answers pertaining to her father So yes, there s a lot of self doubt and terribly irrational decisions made on her part, but she goes through a great learning process I was kinda pissed tho with a bunch of things 1 mainly Bex s attitude for the first 50% of the book I mean what the eff man, get over yourself, bye snobby brat child 2 romantic drama for no reason Zach is cute, kinda clich and lame and the slightest bit boring, but we could definitely work with him There were a few twists and turns that I DID NOT see coming and while there was no out loud gasping, there were a few raised eyebrows moments.So yeah, one book to go, lets see how this finally plays outThere are things in this life in this world There are things that you don t want to remember 3 stars Alright, this review is going to have a lot of spoilers So if you have not read this book yet, DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW and read the book already So the beginning of the book, in my opinion, started very well I liked how she woke up in a convent all the way out in the Alps It really showed that Cammie had traveled A LOT over the summer.And then the whole memory loss thing really started to effect the story Because so much was missing between June and October Everything was like crazy And in the beginning I hated Bex for acting like that towards Cam I understand that she was mad that she left and didn t bring them but the way she was acting really crossed the line.And when Cammie thought Zach and Bex were together I was ready to scream Thank goodness they weren t but that scared me.At the cabin after Bex and Cammie talked yelled I freaked out when they figured out the bullet was meant for Cam I m pretty sure I even shouted What at the book.When Cam killed the sniper I was shocked I honestly expected to come out of that though I thought she would like freak out and have a major breakdown I know she was upset about it but I expected her reaction to be much worse.And then there was the whole trip to Rome Now that was interesting First, her finding out she was with someone when she was there Then, Zach shows up while she s sleepwalking what luck And THEN, she figures out she was with Preston I liked how Zach was jealous though Like, wow I was not expecting that And after the Circle attacked for the second time and Cam found the letter from her dad I knew something big was going to happen soon But I had NO IDEA what she would find First, the place where she was held and tortured by the Circle And then Her dad s grave I legit started crying I was so upset cause I wanted her to find her dad in this book or the next and for there to be this big happy reunion But that s not what happened I honestly couldn t believe it and I had to read that part at least three times until I was positive I d read it right When Liz came out and said the Mr Soloman had woken up, I wanted to throw the book How could one of the happiest moments possible happen at one of the saddest moments possible How Ugh That was upsetting cause Liz and Cam s mom were all happy and Zach but you can t blame him for being happy but of course they had to tell them.Alright, I just have to say, I HATE Zach s mom I mean I m sure everyone does but I just had to say it She just HAD to show up after they found the list Of course she did And she s also the idiot who made Cam fall and let the list go over the cliff into the ocean I hope she gets killed in the last book.Her, AND Dr Steve Oh my gosh, when Cammie went to see him and he started telling her all that stuff about him being with the Circle I was So Confused And when he told her to jump and she said she would I was like what Are you crazy I know you hurt your head and all but you have to be a moron to just stand and let him keep talking Thank goodness, nothing horrible happened after that or I Wouldn t have finished the book.When Cam wrote down the list I was so happy though I was like Yes So they technically did beat the Circle well not yet but they will Overall, I LOVED this book A lot of it didn t go the way I wanted but I didn t expect it to This is my favorite series ever and I can t wait until the next and last book comes out Though I think I ll be pretty sad when it s all over But I ll just have wait until book 6 I will shove these books into people s hands whether they are willing or not ZACH 333March 20th, 2012.How in the world am I supposed to wait that long It s completely impossible A GG obsessive cannot just be deprived of it for so long 2 words Zach Shirtless swoons and faints I love the name, I love the plot, I love the series, I love the characters, I love Zach, and I know that I will most definitely love this book P.S The cover is gorgeous Edit 3 13 I just ohmygosh I can tit was and gahhh.Preston and Catherine AND ZACHMr Solomon 3I m speechless I cannot begin to tell you how brilliant it was I ve already read it twice. Recipe to make a perfect book Warning MUST BE COOKED BY ALLY CARTER Ingredients 10 cups of Zach 9 cups of romance 5 jugs of humour 5 cups of action 2 teaspoons of anger A sprinkle of jealousy A pound of confusion A cup of answers 3 tablespoons of sadness 6 drops of darkness A whole bag filled of suspense and wonderful writingStepsMix together thoroughly Melt the pound of confusion and slowly add into batter, especially the first part Sprinkle jealousy and anger within the first half of the batter, fill the second half with romance Distribute suspense evenly Pour batter into around 300 pages Bake for around 2 years Add a cover for extra tastiness Serve hotTo make a perfect cover, you will need A kick ass colour scheme A catchy title written in magazine cut outs The pretty body of a girl in her new school uniformThe ingredients must also include the following best quotes although the commentary is provided by the sous chef, SabrinaI remember this I felt my hand run along his chest, his breath warm on the side of my face I breathed him in Zach I remember this And then he kissed me again, and the kiss was all that mattered He pulled back, traced his lips across the tender place on my head.Many will experience complete fan girling from the above quote It is sweet and fantastic He was beside me then, his arms wrapped around me, holding me tightly I m not crazy, I whispered I know Believe it or not, that s the most romantic thing Zachary Goode ever told me.And I kind of loved him for it.Perhaps the best quote in the recipe, this must be included I, the sous chef, believe this is the first time Head Chef Ally Carter included that main character, Cammie, loves Zachary GoodeZach, I said as I lay there Where did you go When you were looking for me I shifted in his arms, looked into his eyes Crazy His voice was a whisper against my skin I went crazy There are enough fluffy moments filled with Zammie to make any reader satasfied.Many will notice that the above quotes will include an element of romance The sous chef likes romance very much and those that enjoy lots of romance in their meals will enjoy this recipe However, there is also lots of laugh out loud moments included such asAmbassador Winters, allow me to introduce my aunt Abby and her boyfriend Townsend tensed Abby glared And Rebecca Baxter looked like she was going to choke on her own chewing gum Make sure to have a napkin nearby, the laughter is uncontrollable.While consuming the perfect book , many readers experience mixed emotions They will feel an array of emotions and can turn from happiness to complete anger The chef, Ally Carter, is truly a master at her work, to be able to elicite such emotions.Many go from this To this In only a short amount of pages To provide proof of such occurences, please refer to the status updates.Jealousy and hatred towards previously favoured characters is known to occur and this bitter taste will evolve into sweetness and sugary goodness soon.The final taste will be salty and addicting The reader will need to have but none will be offered yet The final reaction will most likely be joy because the last taste is exploding in ways words cannot describe.WARNING If not completely consumed, reader may experience side effects including anger towards best friend, resentment to love interest, complete and utter confusion, and most deadly, the need to know what will happen next Therefore, the entirety must be consumed.Also must be noted This recipe is much darker than the previous ones The darkness is to be expected and will add a certain flavour that is addicting Not knowing who to trust, even the main character, Cammie, is expected and completely normal Confusion is a main ingredient and will be experienced both by the characters and the reader.Critics LOVE this recipeSabrina says,This book is absolutely amazing I devoured it all in under a week and then reread it to fully appreciate the juices and fantastic flavour It was probably the best recipe Ally Carter has ever made and was absolutely brilliant Loved the darkness of it, as opposed to the usual fluff ScrumptiousThe next recipe will hopefully come soon I, the sous chef, cannot wait to see what Ally Carter has in store for us And that, my friends, is how to make the most perfect book there is Out of Sight, Out of Time, by Ally Carter.Bon Apetite