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A very good overview of experiments done on the nature of dreaming, thoughts and psychological observations, and history Not at any point does this book attempt to interpret your dreams for you, which no book should attempt to do, but it does explain how some have interpreted situational aspects of the subconscious mind Interesting and thought provoking, the way I like my books. Interestingly, my ex girlfriend bought me this book years ago because of my interest in dream interpretation Though interested in reading it, I didn t prioritize it until I was granted permission to teach, The Psychology of Dreams and Dreaming at FIU this summer The book just happened to be the same the other professor who teaches it uses Either quite a coincidence, or perhaps it has some merit in the field Admittedly I didn t read it all, and only skimmed some of the chapters After all, one rarely teaches the whole textbook But I read the vast majority.The text, though last published in 1994, has a very 70 s feel to it There is a great deal about paranormal dreaming, which the author studied pretty extensively Though often quite intriguing, I felt it went a little further than my tastes Still, he often paints a convincing picture of the existence of such phenomena as telepathic dreaming, dreams that tell the future, and even dreams that foretell illness I wish there were modern evidence to support his beliefs, but anyone studying these topics currently would be laughed out of a university.The book does a good overall job of explaining the history of dream interpretation, and one can see how interpretation has remained consistent for centuries It also explains the body s affect on dreaming, as well as circumstances residue of the day, movies watched, etc This is done quite scientifically Most importantly, there is a good overview of some of the main theories Freud gets his own chapter, as does Jung Then there is another chapter dedicated to other theorists he deemed important This all serves to offer the reader different perspectives and tools to begin interpreting their own dreams, or provides students with perhaps the only training they ll have with dream work Overall I liked the book There were times I felt he took his perspective too far, but many authors do I still recommend the book as an overview of dream work and to starting conversations about dreams and what they mean. Download Pdf ☰ Our Dreaming Mind ♓ A MASTERPIECE ON DREAMSThis Book Is A Singular Resource If It Inspires You To Remember Your Dreams, This Book Will Change Your Life If It Inspires You To Act On Your Dreams, This Book Will Change The World Henry Reed Author Of Getting Help From Your Dreams And Dream SolutionsIn This Brilliantly Researched And Thorough Study, Internationally Recognized Dream Authority Robert L Van De Castle Examines The Vital Role That Dreams Have Played Throughout History, From The Dreams Of Ancient Sumerian Kings To The Pioneering Dream Research Of Nineteenth Century Psychologists Our Dreaming Mind Delves Into The Most Provocative Experiments That Scientists Are Conducting On The Dreaming Mind In This Century And Surveys Ongoing Dream Experiments Dreams And Sexual Arousal, The Impact Of Pregnancy On Dreams, The Connection Between Dreams And Creativity, And The Possibility Of Paranormal Dreams In Our Dreaming Mind, Robert Van De Castle Pulls Decades Of Accumulated Wisdom Together In A Sweeping Panorama Unsurpassed In The Literature For Its Scope, Its Insight, And Its Ability To Captivate Its Readers Stanley Krippner Director Of The Saybrook Institute Editor Of Dream Time And Dream Work IMMENSELY READABLEA Monumental History Of Dreams Publishers Weekly Our Dreaming Mind Is Really A Dream Come True The Most Comprehensive, Authoritative, And Inspiring Book On Dreams I Know About At Heart, This Book Is About Human Consciousness And Our Place In The Universe A Magnificent Contribution Larry Dossey, MD Author Of Meaning Medicine A Doctor S Tales Of Breakthrough And HealingAN ALTERNATE SELECTION OF THE BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB A wonderful book for unlocking the mystery of our dreams. This book is for the fairly serious student of dreams and dream psychology It can be read by the layperson and such a person will get a lot out of the work Some background in psychology would be helpful but not necessary to understand and get a lot out of the book.It almost told me about dreams than I wanted to know but because it kept changing focus throughout the book it retained my interest.This is a good read.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms I enjoyed this book a lot and took so long to read it because it was well worth the time It requires a lot of thinking about between chapters For me, the best parts were the early chapters dealing with dream references from ancient writers, and dream theories from the early pioneers of psychology in the 19th and early 20th centuries Then I got somewhat bogged down in the long middle section dealing with recent dream research and theories The book was published 20 years ago, so what it reports as current research is often somewhat dates However, it is good to slog on through in case you might miss something that matters The last chapters were again very rewarding, dealing in some areas of research being done in other countries and the final chapters dealing with lucid dreaming Lucid dreaming is a subject well worth further research, both in reading and practice. This book contains a lot of interesting information pertaining to the history, theorists and research of dreams It also highlights many of the theorists before and after Freud who have been overlooked and contributed heavily to the field of dream research if not It makes for a great reference book as well The chapters about paranormal dreaming such as precognitive, clairvoyant, and telepathic dreams are especially very interesting and make for an intriguing read. A great overview of the dream world Van de Castle has done it all, from working in a sleep lab, being the subject in a sleep lab, visiting an indigenous culture in the Caribbean to find out their thoughts on dreams, and doing numerous psychological studies He s interested in telepathic dreams, which definitely piqued my interest in the book A wealth of knowledge. Because I ve been studying dreams all my life, and because I write books myself, now and then I wonder if it isn t time to write one about dreams But every time I have to say to myself Why not just tell them to read Van de Castle This book is advertised as a sweeping exploration of dreams, and that s no exaggeration If you want to learn as much as possible about dreams in one very readable book, this is it.There are bonuses Van de Castle surveys the dream experts of the ancient past, and those of other cultures You ll see that a deep interest and understanding of dreams is nothing new Then there s his own research into the barely explored region of telepathic dreams I was not aware of the strong, and very interesting evidence for dreams in which groups of people inter connect.You won t read it in a day 545 pages , but if you re seriously interested in dreams this is one book you must read. A good overall reader on the topics of dreams One of the few book that give an overview on dreams that actually talks a lot about modern dream research I also enjoyed the early chapters about dreams in early civilization and the chapters on Freud and Jung.