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!Pdf ♌ Opposites Attack: A Novel Inspired by True Events ☪ Alyce Flew , Miles To Learn French, Sophistication, And Inspire Jealousy In Her Ex Boyfriend Enter The Tr S Different, Exasperating Jean Luc Fleeing To A Total Immersion Language School In The Idyllic South Of France, Alyce Puts Love And Her Failed Career On Hold To Do An Extreme Makeover On Herself While She Struggles To Learn French And Attain Some Degree Of Chic, She Attracts The Attention Of Several Locals, With Disastrous Results Tension Escalates To A New Level When She S Forced To Stay At The Guest Cottage Of The Enigmatic Author Jean Luc She Finds Herself Strangely Attracted To Him, Though He Seems To Despise Her And They Communicate Mostly Through Bickering Soon, Alyce Must Choose Between What She Thought She Wanted And Something Totally Different Set Against The Alluring Background Of The Mediterranean With Recipes Inspired By Provence, Opposites Attack Is A Fast Paced Romantic Comedy With A French Twist Il s agit d un livre charmant.Okay, so I cheated My high school and college French is mostly spent except for the odd word or phrase that I recall, but that is no impediment to enjoying Greensboro author Jo Maeder s new novel.But, Google translate has helped me convey I hope correctly that Opposites Attack is a charming book A young, American woman goes to France to learn the language and get over a love affair that hasn t taken the turn she hoped Eventually, she discovers that the Francophile lurking underneath her all American skin may be dominant than she has suspected.Opposites Attack is just the sort of love story filled with food and funny bits that is perfect for a rainy summer afternoon we ve had a surplus of those lately or staying up into the wee hours to finish it as I did last night.It s frothy and sweet like a luscious chocolate mousse Did I mention that I like chocolate mousse I love this author She has such a way with words that can, at times, be poetic I discovered her writing with the book When I Married My Mother As soon as I finished that book,I downloaded this one I decided to hold off on reading it until I read something else I am so glad that I waited so that this book could stand alone in my mind, from the Married My Mother book I will most certainly continue to read this author. A thoroughly satisfying, delicious and amusing 3.5 star chick lit The ingredients are plain and simple an adventurous, outgoing heroine who feels like a long time friend a charismatic hero you d love to invite over for dinner drinks and enjoy a summer evening with a small group of close friends a small village setting as ideal as in our imaginations the humor of clumsy situations, silly scenes, surprisingly insightful observations, and brow furrowing side characters that make you slowly shake your head Combine these in a time honored recipe of predictable chick lit because don t we want the boy and the girl to get together in the end , but throw in unexpected nuances to surprise the palate The only drawbacks to the book, knocking it from a four star my highest rating for an easy to read chick lit to a smidgen less, are a few bumpy transitions between scenes distracting interruptions to an otherwise smooth read The flow through time periodically jarred me like an unexpected pothole in the road There we little to no markers to note the passage of time no dates on the email headers, no reference to a day of the week or the beginning of a new month This left me uncertain as to the overall rhythm of the book A few small examples there is a moment when Alyce thought about calling her father for advice and in the very next paragraph, without a double space to denote passage of time or location, the reader is in the middleof her conversation with her father Later in the book, Jean Luc is looking out an office window at a mother and son arguing in the parking lot when an idea comes to him and then, in the next sentence, he is in the parking lot next to the other two without the author moving him from inside the office to the outside parking lot By the end, you realize the entire story takes place over a three month period and yet days and weeks were obscured such that one cannot to sort out if one to two days or one to two weeks has passed from chapter to chapter How much time was Alyce with each host before being reassigned For so long, Alyce was having difficulty picking up French, even after Jean Luc and Isabella try to force her hand with full immersion, then she is alone with Jean Luc she s fluent in one weekend one week I don t know Distractions like these forced me to read the certain passages several times to fill in the missing action or missing information not provided by the author.All in all, if you enjoy reading authors such as Jennifer Crusie, Sophia Kinsella or Mary Kay Andrews, you will probably like Opposites Attack If you have been to or wish to go to the Mediterranean, you would probably like Opposites Attack If you enjoy long evenings spent with good friends, good conversation, good food and good wine, you will probably like Opposites Attack.Thank you to author Jo Maeder and to Goodreads Giveaway for allowing me to read this ARC Not only that, but to have the autographed copy in my hands the day after I won it That s impressive. I was looking for a book that was interesting, was set in a different locale, and was just plain different from the usual Regency chick lit I ve been stuck on I accidentally stumbled on this novel which exceeded my expectations Not only did I have La Vie En Rose running through my head for days, heard myself speaking with French accent in my head, I started craving brie and baguettes I think I gained five pounds just reading the meal descriptions Enjoyable and refreshing read. I received a free copy of the book from the author.I wasn t sure what to expect when I first started to read the book but it definitely surprised me.It s been ages since I read a book about France and it s equally long since I last spoke French To be honest, after reading this book I miss both things.I liked the characters as well as the plot, it was an interesting and funny read I would like to read by the author. This book is an enchanting tale of an American woman taking the full immersion plunge in France The cast of characters and delicious story left me wanting I felt like I was an eyewitness to a growing love affair and thoroughly enjoyed the mishaps that befell the main character, Alyce I felt like I could almost taste the delicious food described in the book This book is a perfect relaxing summer read, although I couldn t put it down and read it in a day. Jo Maeder is one of my favorite authors I loved her memoir, I Married My Mother and now I love her novel, Opposites Attack It s a lovely, romantic romp set in a lovely, romantic setting Maeder gets it just right, balancing romance, fun, a foreign setting, fish out of water protagonist, and a love triangle that will keep you turning page after page to see who wins out. Opposites Attack by Jo Maeder is a romance novel I got from just because I liked the cover I didn t even read the synopsis Now that I ve read it and loved it, I m thinking about ordering the paperback It looks lovely and the book is fun too It deserves a spot on my bookshelf This books is about a girl supposedly going to France to learn the language The blunders she makes are hilarious I study languages and French is one of them I do understand her confusion and such French can be really tricky sometimes I used to make silly mistakes too It s funny reading about someone else doing the same As she makes progress the story develops The pace is perfect.I love how the author explains all the aspects of learning a new language Part of this process is also learning about the culture where said language is spoken I m sure many people think they know a lot about France But just because you know about fashion, cheese, wine and the Eiffel Tower doesn t mean you know the French culture There s to it than that and this book shows that perfectly.The book includes fabulous recipes Just reading thinking about them makes my mouth water Yuuuum I would really appreciate some French delicacy right now.To sum up this was definitely a very fun book to read You have to check it out It s written in such a different perspective from everything else I ve read lately There should really be books with this kind of setting You know what I m talking about I think.Rating 5 stars There wasn t really anything I disliked about this book This is a rare occasion It should go down in history.Who would I recommend it to Everyone A quick read Loved the setting Provence and surprisingly for a chick lit there were no sex scenes and they weren t missed In fact, I found it quite refreshing I felt parts of the book lacked details but it s the perfect light summer reading book.