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Light weight meta fiction Not much going on here really, but as always with Auster his style makes it worthwhile. @DOWNLOAD EPUB ò Travels in the Scriptorium ⚢ Een Oude Man Wordt Volledig Gedesori Nteerd Wakker In Een Onbekende Kamer Hij Herinnert Zich Niet Wie Hij Is Of Hoe Hij Daar Terechtgekomen Is Op Het Bureau Liggen Enkele Spullen Die Hij Bestudeert In De Hoop Aanwijzingen Over Zijn Identiteit Te Vinden Al Snel Stelt Hij Vast Dat Hij Opgesloten Zit, En Daarom Begint De Man Maar Te Lezen In Het Manuscript Dat Hij Op Het Bureau Gevonden Heeft Het Verhaal Handelt Over Een Gevangene En Speelt Zich Af In Een Wereld Die De Man Niet Herkent Toch Lijkt Het Of Het Manuscript Speciaal Voor Hem Is Achtergelaten, Evenals Een Stapel Foto S In De Loop Van De Dag Wordt Hij Bezocht Door Allerlei Figuren Die Hem Vaag Bekend Voorkomen, En Die Hem Iets Lijken Te Verwijten Ze Brengen Hem Allemaal Een Stukje Van Zijn Verleden, Maar Bij Lange Na Niet Genoeg Om De Puzzel Te Voltooien Terwijl De Man Worstelt, Klikt Er Een Camera Boven Zijn Hoofd Iedere Beweging Wordt Vastgelegd Een Microfoon Neemt Elk Geluid Op Iemand Volgt HemOp Reis In Het Scriptorium Is Een Klassieke Auster Bevreemdend En Fascinerend, Vol Mysterieuze Teksten En Ongrijpbare Identiteiten, Een Verborgen Verleden En, Ergens, Een Duistere Kwelgeest First things first I am an Auster fan I m not sure I d have been able to enjoy this book were I unfamiliar with his work Yes, its gotten mixed reviews Yes, it is self referential Honestly, is this a surprise to anyone Get over it Worth reading for Auster philes Without a doubt The issues Auster takes on in this novella really, it s only about 150 pages are familiar to his readers questions of identity, memory, the nature of narrative, among others The writing is tighter, compact than that of Brooklyn Follies, and I enjoyed it This book is fun to puzzle over Highly recommended If you re new to Auster, start with the New York Trilogy or Book of Illusions. . . , Auster Auster , 1394 view spoiler he sits down on the edge of the narrow bed, assuming a position identical to the one described in the first sentence of this report But you managed to get out Still For the time being We could get it back on you in two shakes of a cat park across the way deluge Perhaps it is because the Protector and his family are gone from the city then, and with the palace standing empty and blue shutters covering the familiar windows, the reality of the Confederation begins to feel less substantial One is aware of the great distances, of the endless territories and people, of the chaos and clamor of lives being lived but they are all at a remove, somehow, as if the Confederation had become something internal, a dream that each person carried within himself For a person who had attained such an exalted rank, Joubert did not cut an impressive figure Just short of his sixtieth birthday An honest mistake my steadiness of character and fierce devotion to her were no less important qualities on which to build a lifelong union but eventually he manages to dribble forth a few measly squirts Farr, looking very much as he does now, is sitting in a garden somewhere where I come from, stories are supposed to have a beginning, a middle, and an end I couldn t agree with you in order to hold this tenuous union together, what better way to unite the people than to invent a common enemy and start a war he finds himself getting drawn into Ultima society The last thing Graf would conclude is that Land has killed his own future soldiers wondering if the afternoon pills aren t responsible in some way for counteracting his memory loss of the previous hours, or if it isn t just a lucky fluke, one of those unexpected things that happen to us for no apparent reason man of order planning to hatch a phony war with the Djiin in order to hold the Confederation together there are only two possibilities Joubert s position and Graf s position If this story is going to add up to anything, though, there has to be a third explanation to find out if he has a home somewhere with a wife and children, or once had a wife, or once had a home, or if this room is not the place where he has always lived last but not least Mr Blank might have acted cruelly toward some of his charges over the years, but not one of us thinks he hasn t done everything in his power to serve us well hide spoiler Travels in the Scriptorium, Paul AusterTravels in the Scriptorium is a novel by Paul Auster first published in 2007 An old man is disoriented within an unknown chamber and has no memory about who he is or how he has arrived there He tries to understand something from the relics on the desk, examining the circumstances of his confinement and searching for reasons and a method to exit Determining that he is locked in, the man identified only as Mr Blank begins reading a manuscript he finds on the desk, the story of another prisoner, set in an alternate world the man doesn t recognize Nevertheless, the pages seem to have been left for him, along with a haunting set of photographs As the day passes, various characters call on the man in his cell vaguely familiar people, some who seem to resent him for crimes he can t remember and each brings frustrating hints of his identity and his past All the while an overhead camera clicks and clicks, recording his movements, and a microphone records every sound in the room Someone is watching 2009 1387 162 9789643694883 1389 1392 1396 20 1387 136 9789643805173 1394 138 9789643806354 1387 135 9789643624125 1389 1396 It is official Paul Auster is the master mind messer This book is an MC Escher drawing in literary form Spoiler alert Mr Blank is in a room He can t remember who he is, anything about his past or where he came from All he knows is what people tell him about himself and without knowing it he is under 24 hour scrutiny by a higher power, someone with an overall view of the situation Characters enter the room, perform basic tasks and leave and almost the instant that they are gone Mr Blank forgets who they are So who is Mr Blank Well Blank is Auster and Auster has taken the opportunity to anonymously write himself and all the great characters from all his earlier novels Peter Stillman, Walt Rawley, Daniel Quinn, Fanshawe into this book The empty room is Austers own imagination An effective prison to Mr Blank because he can try to walk out at any time but he is paralysed within the limits of his own mind No matter where he goes he will always be trapped inside his own head The cast of characters, who outwardly appear benign are the characters that Auster gave life to in all those novels At the end of novel he is charged with cruelty, criminal indifference, sexual molestation and negligent homicide these are all the things he subjected his characters to when he made them experience a life of his choosing and now they are back to get him Mr Blank is about to learn that you can create a fantasy cast of people and send them out into the world but once they re out there they will keep on living and the tables are about to be turned as the author becomes the subject of a story over which he has no control in an environment not of his own making He cannot even remember who he is and that is because he has no substance, he is being written into existance as the story progresses.This book is probably a clever comment on what it means to be a writer you can get caught up in your own head and in your own stories You can come to believe that the people you create are close friends because you know them so well Labels can be applied to anything and what you apply them to does not have to be constant or remain the same Or it might be a comment on nothing who knows But I enjoyed reading it and I was extremely pleased when I recognised all the characters names although if you ve never read any other Auster novels then this is not the place to start This is only clever if you re an Auster fan If you re not then it probably just comes off as predictable pseudo sci fi cheese.