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The voice in your head that tells you to quit must be treated with suspicion Ranulph FeinnesThe problem with Olympic Weightlifting is that once you get into it, all other sports start to seem kind of stupid Matt Foreman writes wonderful chatty articles for Catalyst Athletics wonderful stuff on YouTube This opus is a collection of his thoughts on being a serious athlete though a geezer After the first ten pages of the book, where I was mildly irritated to be repeatedly reminded of how old I am because I m staring at forty in the rear view mirror, I started to get into the groove of the conversational writing, brothers and sisters I began to feel the love and support and shared experience and great ideas radiating off the pages Then I realized that lifting isn t only for babies, and I m just as badass as Lydia Valentin although with a few wrinkles and a much lower total It made me want to go downstairs to my basement gym and start pulling PRs for triples, people I need to get caught up Happy lifting. More like a 2.5 The first half of this book seems focused on the beginning weightlifters The true meat in this book began in the end where it shares how other master 35 lifters train. *Free Epub ⇞ Olympic Weightlifting for Masters ⇦ Year Weightlifting Veteran Matt Foreman Takes On The Topic Of Weightlifting For The Masters Crowd, From Brand New Lifters Who Have Discovered The Sport Later In Life, To Those Who Are Simply Trying To Continue The Sport Past The Age Of Sections Include Addressing Prior Notions Of Age In Weightlifting Physical Assessment, Prior Training, And Injury History Coaching And Lifting Programming And Training Pain Management And Injury Prevention Resolution And Attitude The Book Also Includes Actual Training Programs And Advice From Several Successful Masters Weightlifters