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Priddy baby books are a favorite around here and this one is no exception ReadToNiblingM is learning words, and I was really impressed by M s willingness to sit through this entire book, repeating each of the words I said 26monthsI like the bright clear photographs of the opening numbers section though I would not have picked circular candies as one of my nouns.I also really like how for the colors pages, in addition to having 3 or 4 items of that color, the background of the photographs is also a wash of that color so you can gesture at the whole page to indicate the color, and I think it helps reinforce the color.I didn t love the shapes section though I think that s probably true of every teaching shapes book I have encountered, And I enjoyed the book when I stopped trying to explain everything and just said the words I don t think an umbrella is the most intuitive object to demonstrate closed vs open, but okay Using a two story ranch house for home was a choice While we got city, there weren t any urban buildings like apartment building though we did get road We got countryside which I wouldn t even know how to explain to a toddler but no park for sub urban kids or field or farm for rural kids We did get beach and forest and river and mountains, which I will validate as useful general geography words. Awesome read for my great grand kids Plenty of eye candy here for a toddler with colorful photographs Very colorful fun This book would be great for a child who is just learning numbers, colors, and shapes This book is super colorful to attractive the child s eye and has large print The numbers are also displayed in animals ands objects.This book also includes colors It says the color and shows things that are of that color The outside of the book s also very appealing to ones eye and plush. &Read Book ⇻ Numbers, Colors, Shapes ☂ Your Little One Will Soon Learn Their First Numbers, Shapse And Colors With This Bright Board Book There Are Color Pictures Which They Will Love To Look At, And Simple First Words To Learn, Too The Pages Are Made From Tough Board For Hours Of Fun Reading, And The Cover Is Softly Padded For Little Hands To Hold