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#Free Book ê None Shall Sleep Ì Frightening, Riveting, Defiant, Resounding The Highly Anticipated Release Of The Secret Diaries Of The Nefarious Vigilante Hydra Moonlight In The Killer S Own Words We Learn Of Her Birth, Her Upbringing, The Alarming Events That Brought Her To Power In This Insane, Feral World The writing Was so beautiful So dark in such a little book but gahh. Otep has a unique way of writing in a way to make you feel the suspense and chills in your bones, it moves everything in you.Since this is Otep s first book of fiction, I found that she did a beyond amazing job The stories are very dark and very gore, I loved every bit of it. A relatively short book that I read in a little over an hour This is basically the same story as what was included in the booklet, titled Maledictions, of the deluxe edition of Shamaya s 2011 Atavist album The story is riveting and pretty disturbing, but intriguing without a doubt.