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Overall, a solid selection of contemporary ghost stories Some editing issues, but all stories have something to offer It s hard to pick a favourite Very quick review of each story behind the spoiler tags view spoiler At Glenn Dale, by Julia Patt adored the voice very quotable Didn t like the ending at all I m not saying gay boys can t die, but this one really hurt me.Journeyman, by Eloise Shepherd genuinely chilling whether one decides that the ghost is real, or not.Tom, by Oli Hadfield the voice is unassuming, and just right for the story Heart breaking.Washout, by Matthew Licht unusual characters The MC s friend had some great lines Good use of smell in the narrative Sometimes overwritten and confusing.Half Mom, by Jason Atkinson some really annoying editing issues, which is a pity because that story is quirky and hilarious I ve often wondered what would happen to our poor vampires and ghosts, now that so many people get incinerated rather than buried This story s a good answer to that.Chalklands, by Richard Smyth location, location, location It s a traditional ghost story, and beautifully written.Old Ghosts, by Ann Wahlman so sad and sweet I didn t want the MC to move on Yet she had to It was right.The 25th Caprice, by Linda Brucesmith A pact with the devil story I fell in love with the ghost My I could almost hear his Caprice.A Whole Bloody Century, by Jonathan Pinnock a predictable tale, but still enjoyable with some fun descriptions.In the Walls, by Miha Mazzini everyone has an inner child who bets to be heard even when that inner child isn t actually you.Loved it The MC s voice is spot on The awkward moments in particular come across very well as in very awkwardly In a good way.Guests, by Joanne Rush It s way out there, and I loved it hide spoiler This was a super quick read and I liked most of the stories but there were a couple that left me scratching my head and I have no idea what the ghost was in one of them Still, overall I enjoyed the collection and I d recommend it to readers who like things a little ghostly, a little literary, a little weird and a lot British I may be genre biased, but this is one of my favourite Fiction Desk anthologies to date no mean feat, as they ve all been excellent.This is a very strong, well written and thought provoking collection of what can loosely be termed ghost stories In fact, the only little issue I really have with it is that there aren t actual ghosts in it a lot of the ghosts being the everyday spectres of grief, loss, or illness.I enjoyed every story in this collection, but the one that fell slightly flatter for me was Jonathan Pinnock s A whole bloody century , which utilises quite a familiar idea in a pretty straightforward way Also, Linda Brucesmith s The 25th Caprice made me a little uncomfortable in that way I experience when someone uses an actual historical figure as a character That said, the story did linger in my mind for quite a while My personal favourites are Julia Patt s At Glenn Dale for it s wonderful narrative voice and truly unexpected twists and Amanda Mason s No Good Deed , a tale so subtly creepy that I actually had to have a break from reading it one evening Joanne Rush s Guests was a deserving prizewinner, full of character, detail and colour and with another ending that surprised me in the best way.I loved this anthology, and can t wait for the next Fiction Desk publication and the second Ghosts one, too. New Ghost Stories, published by The Fiction Desk, features some strong, fresh stories that make this collection worth picking up Julia Patt s At Glenn Dale based on a real location preys on urban explorer fantasies and ratchets the tension beautifully, while Eloise Shepherd s Journeyman has the rare distinction of something I ve honestly never seen done the ghost s appearance is so seamlessly integrated, sharp, short and shocking it s almost as though it s a film image it s a jump inducing moment that made me question whether or not I had really seen it Matthew Licht s Washout uses the sense of smell to flesh out its setting and help the reader relate to the circumstances of its sorry characters, and the entrance of the supernatural is so completely unexpected it would ve made a surprising addition to a non genre specific collection My personal favorite, though, is Jason Atkinson s Half Mom, a palpable examination of loss and regret with a bit of black comedy All in all, those four make New Ghost Stories a general recommend for ghost story junkies who are tired of the same old stuff. (READ KINDLE) ì New Ghost Stories í Everything Is Haunted From An Abandoned Hospital In Maryland To The Stage Of The Sydney Opera House, From A Lonely Apartment In Slovenia To The Yorkshire Wolds, The Stories In This New Collection Remind Us That There Are Ghosts Everywhere This Volume Also Includes The Two Prizewinning Stories From The First Annual Fiction Desk Ghost Story Competition Contents Julia Patt At Glenn Dale Eloise Shepherd Journeyman Oli Hadfield Tom Matthew Licht Washout Jason Atkinson Half Mom Amanda Mason No Good Deed Richard Smyth Chalklands Ann Wahlman Old Ghosts Linda Brucesmith The Th Caprice Jonathan Pinnock A Whole Bloody Century Miha Mazzini In The Walls Joanne Rush Guests