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!DOWNLOAD BOOK ♺ Never to Keep ♞ Strangers Meet In A Hotel Bar For A Few Stolen Hours They Pretend All Is Right In Their Worlds Madison Miller Is Broken Nearly Everyone She S Loved Throughout Her Life Has Left Her Now, She S Desperate To Feel Something Other Than The Pain Of Her Most Recent Loss, Even If It S Only For One Night Sawyer Ramsay Is Jaded After Witnessing His Younger Brother Marry A Woman No One Can Stand And Years Of Watching His Older Brother S Disastrous Experiences With Women, The Last Thing He Wants Is A Relationship Almost A Year Later, Fate Will Have The Strangers Crossing Paths Once Can This Strong, Caring Woman With A Complicated Life Convince This Disillusioned Man To Believe In Love Will Passion And Desire Turn Into Something Strong Enough To Surmount All Of Life S Obstacles, Or Will The Fear Of Heartache And Overwhelming Responsibility Force Madison To Accept Sawyer Was Never To Keep REVISED EDITION RELEASED MAY , I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story As a blogger, I m lucky enough to get to discover new authors all the time This was my first time reading this author, but I will continue to do so.Madison Miller has a broken heart that she has carried around for a long time She lost her father when she was 10, and recently lost her brother that was her best friend On top of that, the man she has been with has left as well With her broken heart, she finds herself in a hotel bar In walks Sawyer, a sexy stranger she has a one night stand with, and sneaks out the next morning Sawyer is very wary of any relationships but he feels a pull to Madison When Madison has to move back home to help her brother s wife out with her niece, fate steps in and she runs into Sawyer as her niece s teacher This is when the fun begins.Madison was a great character who was so strong through everything even though her heart was bleeding Sawyer was sexy but with his own demons My emotions were all over the place while reading Never to Keep I truly felt Madison s pain throughout the whole book, and was in love with her and Sawyer together, although wanted to choke them quite a few times The spark they had was explosive The writing was easy and I was sucked in from the beginning I can t wait to read of Aimie Grey s books. 1.5 StarsNot what I expected It looked good, but then it was disappointing A lot of things didn t make much sense, the story wasn t well developed I found myself skipping lines, and that s not a good sign for me.In my opinion, half of the book wasn t necessary The author threw clich s here and there, but they weren t believable enough I did a lot of eye rolling.Not something I would recommend, sadly. This was one of those what the hell happened and what did I just read the plot was one big cluster fuck of confusion and bad porn Pull every bad episode of a soap opera and you have this book.Edit okay I tried it again Nope Still a shitstorm. Okay That was awkward.So halfway through this, all I could think was Is this a joke It was all so confusing So many plots Seriously, there s no plot in the history of New Adult that s not here I would have forget that NO , if it weren t for the characters Oh, Dear Lord Every single girl was a whore It didn t matter if they were about to get married were the school s principal or a social worker All whores Except Madison, the main character, who was so pure and good, and beautiful and sexy And all the boys were attracted to Madison And to other boys Seriously And the dialogues There were so many WTF conversations Like, talking about sex in a school yard, when one of them was a teacher Or, making really inappropriate advances towards a stranger in a hospital, when one of them was a secretary in said hospital Or generally, talking so bluntly about sex in front of strangers a poor child who s going to need a LOT of therapy Those were the things that bothered me the most Those things made the story to lack realism I couldn t believe half of what was happening The author could have chosen one of the plots on the story, and it would have been a good book Well, minus the parts were she forgot where her characters were and who they were with So they wouldn t try to have sex talk loudly about sex in such inappropiate places A school yard A freaking closet in the school on the first day of class In front of children and their parents Maybe some people like this book But it was TOO much of everything to me My head hurts And I want to break my computer so badly every time I recall something I just read. This book made me cry it s so good. Estaba tan emocionada por este libro Fue una de las pocas veces en que yo realmente le la sinopsis, pero al final no fue lo que esperaba Termin decepcionada y cuestionando mis gusto literarios Voy a resumir esta historia en dos palabras DRAMA TOTALEn serio, ni siquiera las historias de Collen Hoover tienen tanto drama Fue como si la autora tomara todos los clich s del new adult los metiera en una licuadora y se sentara a ver que resultaba de eso Le dir que fue Desastre total La historia comienza bastante bien, con Madison dando un emotivo discurso en el funeral de su hermano Ryan y un poco m s tarde siendo dejada por el amor de su vida, lo que la lleva a merodear por el bar de un lujoso hotel donde conoce a Sawyer Su aventura de una noche Pero, a medida que avanzamos la trama o la falta de ella comienza a desinflarse y la historia decae much simo La relaci n entre Sawyer y Maddie no me la creo, por m s que intento no puedo ver el amor entre ellos Ni siquiera alcanzo a notar en que momento fue que se enamoraron Para m , este es un fuerte caso de insta lust y no de amor real La historia pudo resultar mucho mejor si la autora se hubiera ahorrado la mitad del drama, las mil escenas de sexo y el mont n de di logos sin sentido que no aportaron nada. Advance Readers Copy ARC provided to me by author via blog tour Thank you4 starsCover 10 Plot 6Heroine 4Hero 5Ending HEA 7I highly enjoyed reading Never To Keep but I didn t love it as much as I would have It had potential too be great but I felt that it was unlateable and I felt so confused while reading it because it was jumping around to weeks or months it was giving me whiplash Honestly I felt heartbroken for Madison because I know how it feels to lose all the people you love And in such a close time frame from each other But I think she could of handled it a lot better than she should have But other than that I didn t connect to her at all And Sawyer where do I even begin with him I just wanted too punch him in the face but I loved him at the same time only when he was caring to Madison I felt like he was stupid even though he s a teacher but how clueless is he about women Honestly I wanted too smack his brother upside the head for putting idea s inside Sawyer s mind And he s an Alpha Male But his love for Peyton just makes me want to cry like a baby But why was Peyton calling Madison mama When her real mother was still alive This book was like taking every show you have stockpiled on your DVR, and watching them all together, intertwined Nothing will make a damn bit of sense Sawyer Ramsey and Madison are the key players If you keep reading, there will be spoilers, so beware SPOILERS Dont be alarmed by how long this is LOL OH MY GAH Sawyer hooks up with Madison at a bar On the day that his brother gets married to a demon bitch who constantly tries to sleep with him The same day Madison buries her brother and then her boyfriend dumps her at the graveside, and says she isn t enough SO MUCH HAPPENS Sawyer gets a call from a woman claiming to be his sister, cause he s adopted They both happen to be at LAX, meet up, and then get a DNA test Once confirmed, she gives him 52 million that their mother left to her cause it was his mom too She was a rich actress and didn t need the money Can i be adopted Please Meanwhile, Madison is taking care of her niece Peyton, while the mom is in rehab She s going to school to become a nurse and strips to make money I think I ll just bullet this shit Madison wasn t enough for Ethan because she s missing a penis But he wont sleep with another guy, or another girl, cause he doesn t want to loose her Madisons father, comes back from the dead Just shows up..and Olivia dead brothers girlfriend and nieces mom knew about him Hmmmm the girl Sawyers brother Finn married is Madison s arch nemesis Kristy Kristy continues to try to sleep with Sawyer Ethan, her ex who s actually gay, keeps trying to get back with her But still wants to get dick on the side He wants to have an open relationship Sawyer is a teacher, with 52 mil in the bank that only his brothers and sister know about, but accuses Madison of being a gold digger The father that comes back from the dead, says he helped another couple that they were friends years ago with conceive a child, and that child was her arc nemesis Kristy Kristy s dad couldn t handle not being the father so treated her like shit, thus explains her hatred for Madison..i guess Madison is trying to keep guardianship of her niece, and the social worker on her case is none other than Kristy s bff from high school Heidi, who tries to sabotage everything Madison gets pregnant by Sawyer, and he accuses of her doing it on purpose to trap him for money, when it was his bright idea to forgo condoms Annnnd she just thinks he s a teacher The nieces mom in rehab actually has cancer, so the point being in rehab She has 3 months to live Has some risky surgery and dies Madison gets stabbed in her pregnant belly She just opens the door, insert knife, and they go to hospital.But no worries, all is well Its some random guys son who was in a war with Madisons dad Kristy sets up Sawyer to look like they slept together, she s trying to ruin Madison The set up is she s naked in the shower, condom wrappers in the room Welllll, he s allergic to latex, so they would have made his junk swell and be in pain, but I guess nobody pieced that together until the end of the book Ethan still wants Madison, but is attracted to another guy, who s wife recently died And they try to threesome with Madison, while she s pregnant Sawyers famous sister Marina, at one point says they are full siblings, half siblings and cousins.Really It was explained that her dad had a twin brother, and apparently both brothers were with her mom.Complicated Sawyer continues to be Peyton s Madisons niece teacher, sleeps over their house constantly, but always insists its nothing romantic However hes jealous of Ethan And any other guy Madison has a custody hearing, Sawyers rich sister Marina set her up with an attorney, who took the case pro bono The Heidi chick did all kinds of twisted shit and blamed it on Kristy After the lawyer wins the case, he asks out Madison, completely out of the blue I ve never seen a pregnant chick get so much play in my life Madison gets assaulted in the alley by some guy who works at the strip club, but noone knows who it was Madisons mom has been in Spain for years, she doesn t even have contact with her But when she was stabbed, she shows up in the hospital.I guarantee you I left something out But good lord, can you blame me There was waaaaaaaay too much going on in this book. Looking forward to read books like this one Loved it.