#E-PUB ⚢ Modules For Manhood -- What Every Man Must Know (Volume 1 of 3) ë eBook or E-pub free

#E-PUB ë Modules For Manhood -- What Every Man Must Know (Volume 1 of 3) à What Do Women Want What Does America Need MenYou Are Merely A Male By BirthOnly By Choice And Effort Can You Become A ManWhile % Of People Are Male, A Male Is Not Necessarily A ManThe Transformation Of Boy To Man Does Not Happen By Accident, But Rather Through A Proven Process By Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, Grandfathers, And Mentors In The St Century, Most American Males Haven T Access To Such Character Building Role Models, So They Flounder About As Soft And Incomplete MalesThis Book Will Show You Where Your Own Modules For Manhood Are Missing, And Help You Transform Yourself Into A Strong, Patient, Competent, Wise, And Courageous Gentleman Of HonorVolume Chapters Are Understanding Thinking, Truth, Wisdom Integrity Character Conquering Fear, Depression, Laziness, Anger, Impatience, Pride Individuality, Courage, Manhood Getting Along Better With People Communicating Persuading Selling Learning Training DoingOur Country And Our Families Have Been Waiting For Their Men To Return Will You Be One Of Them This Is The First Of Two Or Three Volumes Of A , Page Work