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!FREE EPUB ♶ Master Prince (Book 2) ♕ Mitchell Prince, Is A Dom With An Attitude He S The Chief Counsel Of Knight Enterprises And Has A Private Practice In Dallas, Texas, Which Keeps Him Busy He S Also A Co Owner In Club Tabu And Tends To Watch And Monitor Than Have A Sub Of His Own He Has Yet To Find The Right Partner To Fulfill His Darkest Desires To Control And Challenge Him Physically And MentallyGuilianna Hathaway, Nicknamed Anna By Her Closest Friends, Is No Princess But Can Play With The Big Boys In The Courtroom She S A Hard Edged Attorney Representing Women And Children Her Latest Client Files A Civil Suit Against Club Tabu And The Owners For Negligence Due To An Alleged Rape And Assault Of Her Client By Another Patron Of The BDSM Club She S Curious About The Goings On In An Establishment Catering To The Abuse Of Women, Or What She Assumes Happens There And Returns To The Crime Scene For Research And Is Stunned And Shocked By What She Finds Once She Meets With Mitchell Prince At Club Tabu, Not Only Is She Attracted To The Tall, Dark And Handsome Attorney Representing The Club, She S Also Drawn Into The BDSM World Discovering She Has A Submissive Nature Is A Revelation She S Willing To Explore With The Right Dom, That IsWill Mitch And Anna Plead The Fifth And Follow The Laws Of Nature Rather Than The Laws They Uphold In Court Master of Her Heart Master Prince by Ms Gray Dixon.Master Prince, the second book in the Master of Tabu Series is another hot, steamy, delicious read from author, Ms Gray Dixon This time it follows the exploits of Club Tabu s chief counsel, Mitchell Prince as he spars, both in and out of the playroom, with Giulliana Hathaway, counsel for one of Club Tabu s regular members.In order to nail Club Tabu for promoting violence against women, Giulliana decides to a little research that pits her against the enigmatic Masked Avenger before she finds out who he really is Research becomes a hands on exploration in so many ways, not only with respect to D s relationships, but also becomes a cathartic release for Giulliana of wounds deeply buried and best forgotten.And Master Prince is there to help her.Ms Dixon never disappoints She successfully juxtaposes Giulliana s subconsciously submissive behaviour and deftly differentiates it from the fear that underscores Giulliana s childhood trauma Mitchell Prince, although a ruthless corporate lawyer, becomes Giulliana s anchor He helps her get past the abuse Giulliana experienced and embrace the pleasure and pain he gives her through their play Mitchell makes Giulliana realize that exploring her sexuality as a submissive is not the same as being beaten into submission.Another incredibly erotic read with a lot of food for thought, Master Prince is another great offering from Ms Gray Dixon.Kudos Guilianna Hathway is a successful attorney Her focus is to represent woman and children and her newest case is not different Guilianna is representing a woman with a negligence suit against the sex club, Club Tabu Her client was allegedly drugged raped after leaving the club To investigate this club, Guilianna goes under the coversoh, I mean under cover in Club Tabu Little did she realize that Mitchell Prince, Club Tabu s attorney and co owner recognizes her and her perfect sub tendencies immediately.Mitchell Prince is Chief Counsel for Club Tabu, co owner and a Dom with a capital D Hathway has been a thorn in his side for months So when she strolls into his club, he can t help but play a littlehe never was expecting to find the perfect sub behind that cut throat attorney with attitude.Letting Mitchell in control forces Guilianna must face the demons from her past Will she run from her desires Can Mitchell show her the happiness in giving up control Check out the steaming hot BDSM read Master Prince the second book in the Master of Tabu Series Master Prince is a BDSM Erotic Romance Although there are strong aspects of sexual behavior, Gray Dixon hits the mark with the relationship building romance between the characters A Dom with heart, Mitchell Prince and a wounded woman fighting for rights of the down trodden, Guilianna Hathaway, makes a great erotic read.This copy of Master Prince was given to me by Gray Dixon in exchange for a honest review. Cocktails and Books ReviewOriginal Review Published here Hathway is successful attorney that specializes in representing woman and children While her current case should not be difficult, it seems increasing difficult to work with the opposing attorney Therefore, Guilianna gets the idea to sneak into Club Tabu and what she finds confuses her She enjoys what she did while she does not want to admit it.Mitchell Prince is an attorney by day and a Dom by night He is co owner of Club Tabu, has a private practice, and is Chief Counsel of Knight Enterprises so Mitchell has his hands full all the time The only thing he is missing is a sub all his own He wants a sub that will challenge him in and out of the bedroom.The chemistry between Mitchell and Guilianna is blistering The sex scenes were hot and steamy I loved that they had a connection before they really even knew who the other party was Mitchell was pretty sure who she was I enjoyed watching Guilianna learn and experience BDSM and then embrace it.Master Prince is the second book in the Masters of Tabu series by Gray Dixon While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel I found this book well written The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic I was hooked by this book and had a hard time putting it down Overall, this was a great book I will be picking up books in this series shortly. Gray Dixon can master my taboo anytime This series will hook you and thrust you screaming with delight into the erotic world of Club Tabu Don t hesitate Go The Masters of Tabu Series is a must read for any fan of erotic BDSM romance who is looking for scintillating stories, well drawn characters, excellent writing and passion, passion, passion Marcus, Mitchell, Jared, Shane, Brock and Jagger are hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell, y all I ve read them all Master Prince and Master Squire are my favs OMG, Jagger The Masters of Tabu gave this reader a phenomenal pleasure ride and this writer an inspiration for her own work. Back in March I read Master Knight and loved it read review here I couldn t wait for Master Prince, book two to come out When Gray contacted me and asked if I would like to read Master Prince, I jumped at the chance I am so glad I did.Guilianna Hathaway watched her father beat her mother and once her mother was gone, he went after her She suffered through the beatings to save her younger sister When she grew up she became a lawyer who fought for women and children s rights She gave it her all.Mitchell Prince is a Dom He s also the lawyer representing his club Tabu in a frivolous lawsuit, which Ms Hathaway is opposing counsel He noticed her a year ago at a charity event and has tried to avoid anything to do with her, going as far as handing the case over to other lawyers and paralegals Well, he s had enough of that.Once these two get together, the chemistry is off the charts They can t keep their hands off each other and can t think when they touch It s amazing Gray Dixon has definitely done it again She develops her characters precisely and creates a story that grabs the readers and won t release them She did that once again here I love her work and can t wait to read from her The Masters of Tabu Series is quickly becoming one of my favorite BDSM series Extremely hot, and dealing with real issues, I expect that it will go a long way Vikki s MusingsI recently won Master Knight in a giveaway during the Secret Cravings 4th Anniversary Blog Hop I thoroughly enjoyed it and when the author asked me if I would like to review the second book in the series, I immediately said yes I m so glad I did Master Prince is another great book I have not read many BDSM books, but after reading both of these, I plan to read in the future I find them intriguing Master Prince is as well written and edited as the first book The story drew me in from the first page and kept me entertained to the finish.This story has two attorneys going head to head in a case that involves Club Tabu Mitchell Prince is representing the club and Guilianna Hathaway represents the client who is suing the club for five million dollars While the criminal case did not prove guilt, Guilianna From this point on I will refer to the heroine as Anna is hopeful the civil case will bring her client the closure she so desperately needs.Anna decides she must find proof to win her case and seizes the opportunity to slip past the brute guarding entrance to Club Tabu She runs into a behemoth of a man when she tries to evade the guard While she does not know it, she has run into Mitchell Prince, her opponent in the law suit Master Prince is a Dom in addition to an attorney His instincts tell him that Anna, while a formidable and feisty challenger in court, is a submissive sexually When he discovers she has managed to get into the club under an assumed name, he covers his face and is determined to find out what she is up to Even though it is against club rules, Mitchell offers to give Anna a tour of the place His little mouse intrigues him and has him hot as hell Anna sees several scenes playing out, and while she is appalled in some respect, another part of her is enthralled Once she makes it out of the club unscathed, she feels she has had a narrow escape The next day, Mitchell Prince shows up at her office and reveals himself as the man from the night before.Will Anna choose to take him up on his offer to explore what a true Dom Sub relationship is, or will she stay forever locked in her fears of the past that color her views of what could be with Mitchell Anyone who enjoys BDSM elements to a story will love this excellent tale of Anna s journey to discover if she can be a true submissive when she is a tiger in court I thoroughly enjoyed the back and forth between Anna and Mitchell The chemistry between the pair is extraordinarily hot The scenes are explicit and what is expected in this genre Although this books borders on erotica, it does have a satisfying romance going on.This is why I could not give this book five Gold Crowns I struggled with the story line a bit, even though I found it fascinating, and I did find it very thought provoking to say the least I cannot go into detail because I do not want to give anything away All I will say, Anna s background made it difficult for me, but that could be because I do not know very much about the lifestyle and motivations behind a BDSM relationship I enjoyed their romance and the story is accurate in the BDSM components compared to other books I have read in this genre This is the second book in the Masters of Tabu series, and I look forward to reading the other stories While some of this story did trouble me, it does entertain and isn t that what a story should do Happy reading