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Pretty insightful I enjoyed the conversation examples and the scripture references This is a tool aimed for parents to teach their children to speak with people of all ages, to not participate in meaningless conversations, and to know how to lead a discussion with than 1 or 2 word sentences I would definitely recommend it to parents For myself, however, the most helpful part was the appendix, where it gave a list of conversation starters and questions to keep a conversation going. I tried to finish this book The ideas were great but I couldn t get past the unrealistic examples of conversations The Maxwells must live in some kind of Christian enclave Everyone is a Christian and talks about their walk with the Lord.This isn t real life Our children need to learn to talk to people outside of Christendom. Simple but very practical reading Felt convicted about my own conversation and decided to improve myself while reading. (BOOK) õ Making Great Conversationalists ⚸ Do You Want To Equip Your Children To Be Powerful Conversationalists Who Can Succeed In Relationships, In The Work Environment, And In Life Join Steve And Teri As They Open The Doors To An Essential Life Skill That Will Positively Shape Your Child Making Great Conversationalists Has The Potential To Change Your Child S Life Within This Book S Pages, Steve And Teri Unlock The Keys To Dynamic Conversation The Ability To Effectively Converse Prepares Your Child For Courtship, Influences His Job Potential, And Could Even Help Him Lead Someone To The Lord