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Magic Kingdom for Sale Soldis an enjoyable read It isn t epic like The Lord of the Rings but it s not trying to be Its world building is solid and believable and its characters are fun Ben Holiday makes for a great, relatable protagonist with just enough flaws to keep him from being too perfect yet noble enough to keep him honorable The secondary characters like Questor Thews the court magician , Abernathy the court scribe who was transformed into a dog , and Willow the sylph , are interesting though they definitely fulfill some of the typical hero s journey tropes e.g the wise old man, the comedic relief, the beautiful maiden, etc But Brooks can get away with that in this novel since it reads like a quasi fairy tale, so having symbolic characters is okay.While the plot has a few slow parts, the majority of the story is well hinged and kept me invested The friendships Ben makes are organic and two characters romance is sweet and innocent without being cloying Another big plus for me was that the villains avoided being too cartoony, with Nightshade being the most interesting of the darker figures and I can definitely see her becoming a thorn in Ben s side in the series other novels My only issue is that I thought Ben was a bit too forgiving towards another character considering the gravity of the other person s offense But, overall, I found very few flaws with this book.Lastly, the underlying messages of believing in the impossible and seeking to be set free from the fetters of the past and deep seated fears were well executed Where it would have been tempting for Brooks to preach, he instead weaves a slow thread that presents a satisfying conclusion yet leaves the door open for the series sequels I finished this book eager to read about Ben s adventures and I will certainly try to get my hands on the other books in the series To date, I ve read books two and three with an intent to finish the series at some point in the future Concerning content, Ben s law partner likes to spout some choice PG and PG 13 level words but he s not a main character except for some early chapters Likewise, Ben sometimes makes profane exclamations in times of surprise or stress but these aren t pervasive Violence is minimal and while there are scenes of peril, these are free from overt violence and gore Elsewhere, most of the violence is typical fantasy style violence that involves magic and sword play with no graphic killings or tortures Lastly, there is no sexual content Ben undresses to bathe in a stream and sees Willow, naked at a distance , standing in the water This is a scene of pure innocence, so nothing is described in graphic detail and nothing sexual occurs between them in this scene or elsewhere in the novel Overall, Magic Kingdom for Sale Soldis a fun, enjoyable read Think of this novel as a bowl of creamy macaroni and cheese cozy, enjoyable, and fulfilling It may not break new ground in its genre but it s honestly a likable book Thus, if the Shannara series scares you due to its expansive size, give this novel or series a try as a good introduction to Brooks as a story teller and world builder You won t be disappointed. This is my favorite book by Terry Brooks A normal business man finds himself looking to a propertiy for sale but its a kingdom He doesn t even believe it and he goes to find out about it He ends up buying it and goes to a far off world of new kinds Where he meets a wizard who turned himself into a dog, and his friend Willow a girl who at night turned into a tree This was not what he had expected to find in his new home As well as the responsability to go on an adventure to save the town in which he was now king. This is lighter fare the kind of book that takes your mind off the real world Having read it almost three decades ago, I don t know if I m truly qualified to review it now, but I remember it as a refreshing palate cleanser at the time I went on to read and enjoy three in the series Plot wise, it s not overly original It s the basic portal Narnia type of novel So I can t say that it shaped the field or massively influenced it Basically, your white American male, Ben Holiday, is a little over the mundane American lifestyle and purchases the Magical Kingdom of Landover for 1 million dollars Landover is the real McCoy, replete with wizards and all manner of fae folk It seems the perfect opportunity to start afresh for Ben.Yet, like any bargain, there s a catch The Kingdom has been neglected greedy barons haven t paid taxes there s a dragon called Strabo wreaking havoc on the farmlands a nefarious witch, Nightshade, who takes pleasure in destruction and finally, the Lord of the Demonic Underworld has challenged the new king, Ben, to a duel to the death But Ben has friends, a wizard who Ben has turned into a talking dog, and a dryad like lady who transforms into a tree at night once a month As you can imagine, it s simply a fun page turner Brooks, as always, is fairly derivative, but he handles this world very well And I m eventually going to finish the rest of the series as it s simply a great escape. I actually enjoyed this series better than his serious offerings.My attention drawn back to this one sentence reviewI found a typo.The book is a humorous one but not a straight comedy This falls into the category of literature and media for that matter which might be called humorous or comedy drama It s done pretty well By the way, if you read finish the book you may think that I had a sort of prejudice toward the hero because of, one of the charactersnot so, really Lessons to be learned from the book Be careful of what you buy from those exclusive gift catalogs at Christmas. It took me a while to sink into this book seemed like a lot of time was spent in Ben Holiday s disbelief at finding himself in Landover Yes, it was any sane person s natural response to leave town and enter a hidden world where a person can be accidentally half transformed into a dog I just don t want to spend so long wallowing in it It took me a while to feel any sort of sympathy for any of the characters For most of the book I was laughing when they got into trouble although some of the characters warrant it particularly the inept wizard Questor, my favorite character Not until Ben s harrowing journey through Fairie did I start caring about him at all.The women of the story were flat While Willow was throwing herself at Ben I just gagged although I liked her a little better when she turned out to be not quite the sex object Ben would have liked And it was redeeming on Ben s part that threatened with her loss, he finally comes to accept her for what she is Nightshade was interesting, as the villains often are, but she was pretty much just evil, no motivation Not that the male characters were particularly better, but at least they were original.The Paladin s secret was frankly cheesy, and I didn t feel there was really enough precedent for it I may have just missed that, though And the attempt to bring some sort of psychological depth to the story came off as a little less than poignant.Still, there were redeeming points and even a few deep thoughts What do we seek in fantacy, be it through fiction or fairy tales, or through an ad in a department store wishbook Is it for us as it is Ben Holiday escape, wonder, nicely drawn lines between good and evil, big clashing battles instead of endless legalistic hearings in the name of justice In the piece of anti fantasy fantasy I m cobbling together, I take lots of stabs at those things But offered a chance to make a difference as a single person, I must admit I d be sold. This is my first Terry Brooks and I was a little hesitant going in One of my good friends had recently skewered Swords of Shannara and I thought I might be stepping into a pile of crap However, I was pleasantly surprised with this story It was light and fun and I had a good time reading it Maybe Brooks got better as he continued to write or maybe this story just hit me at the right time Whatever it was, I liked this. I always thought this was a funny read But it wasn t To tell you, managing a fantasy kingdom is not as easy as it sounds But I had a good time here I had a good time at Landover that it makes me sick of frustration that I could not find the second book of the series 3.0 to 3.5 stars A pretty good book if you are looking for a lighter fare fantasy novel I thought the main character was well written and the story was engaging. This was a book that constantly frustrated me by not making the most of its premise Here you have a pretty original premise, a humorous tone, and a diverse cast of characters, and yet all that emerges is a mildly engaging but not wholly entertaining read There were countless missed opportunities, and I couldn t help wondering how this book would have fared in, say, Terry Pratchett s far capable hands. ^Read Kindle ⇸ Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! ↹ After Ben Holiday Purchased Landover, He Discovered The Magic Kingdom Had Some Problems The Barons Refused To Recognize A King And The Peasants Were Without Hope To Make Matters Worse, Ben Learned That He Had To Duel To The Death With The Iron Mask, The Terrible Lord Of The Demons A Duel Which No Human Could Hope To Win