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!Kindle ♓ Mad Woman on the Bridge and Other Stories ☦ Set During The Fall Out Of The Cultural Revolution, These Bizarre And Delicate Stories Capture The Collision Of The Old China Of Vanished Dynasties, With Communism And Today S Tiger EconomyThe Mad Woman On The Bridge Wears A Historical Gown Which She Refuses To Take Off In The Height Of Summer She Stands Madly On The Bridge Until A Young Female Doctor, Bewitched By The Beauty Of The Mad Woman S Dress, Plots To Take It From Her, With Tragic Consequences An excellent collection of stories by the author who wrote the novella on which the film Raise the Red Lanternwas based I have always loved that film, and the main star Gong Li is one of my favourite actresses, so I decided to seek out the prose work of Su Tong All the stories in this collection are good but the best is possibly the last of all, The Giant Baby , which really is a very strange and powerful story about fear and revenge Many of the stories take place in China just after the Cultural Revolution and they are saturated with unease, even when nothing blatantly bad is happening. . I do not usually enjoy short stories but these are different Very short and translated from Chinese with footnotes for non Chinese readers Interesting. ONE OF THE BEST SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS I HAVE EVER READ His books changed me It made me love violence and erotic gore so much that I wanted to be a writer like him Su Tong is the best Chinese writer for me I think there are some pretty good stories in here, but I think I can pretty easily blame a lot of the awful writing in here to a bad translator References to Chinese culture are clunky, footnotes are used to explain wordplay the translator doesn t even attempt in English, and some passages are virtually unreadable But the stories themselves caught my interestwhen I could actually read them I would easily recommend other Su Tong before this book, even if there were a competent translation, but still some good stuff.3 stars for the stories.1 star for the translation. Not a beautiful book but an interesting one Layers of metaphors add to the richness of the text It is an easy read. . This was the last book I bought before 2009 ended I bought this out of curiosity after hearing a book review of this on the radio Add to that my interest with Asian inspired stories and Asian authors I havent read Raise the Red Lantern but have heard good reviews about it This gave me enough reason to buy this bookfeeling that Su Tong would not disappoint me.This book is a compilation of short stories set during the fall out of Cultural Revolution Some of the stories amused me, others were dull Im not sure if this has something to do with the fact that the stories were translated from Chinese to English that it might have lost their essence There were notes provides on some pages providing facts on dynasties or cultural reference that could help the reader better understand the stories.It was a tough read for me because some stories are can be dull and makes me think if I should give the succeeding stories a shot Nevertheless, of all the stories included, I specifically liked the Madwoman on the Bridge, On Saturdays, Thieves and The Private Banquet. Entertaining