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Well now, it s always interesting reading a book written by someone you know But when that book is essentially Avon getting to write his own fan fiction Blakes 7 continuation, with characters based on other people you know, the result is delightful Even if some bloke called Ray Dawn seems to have scribbled all over my copy Paul s novel the first in a planned loose trilogy is set twenty years after the events of Blake the final episode of Blakes 7 , but it also picks up the immediate aftermath of the events on Gauda Prime in order to explain Avon s escape from that iconic series ending The story deals with Avon s quest to be reunited with the one true love of his life the super computer ORAC in a post Federation world of backstabbing politics and a casual disregard for the lives of both footsoldiers and rivals.The novel s charm lies in its interesting insights into how Paul sees a character he helped to create half his life ago There are clear intimations of mortality throughout not surprising given the dedication to Paul s late wife and the post Gauda Prime sections reflect the extreme stress Paul has always said he tried to convey in his series D performance So although Avon always prevails, this is no Mary Sue portrayal Most of all, the book is written with an actor s eye So the dialogue sparkles in places, there are some fabulous entrances and I m sure Paul had his narration of the audiobook version in mind when he was writing it But I m not sure I ll be able to forgive him for that ending. First, this book is based on the BBC TV show Blake s 7 Anyone who isn t a devoted Blake s 7 fan will have no interest in it.Second, the author is an actor by trade, not a writer, and it shows This book is loaded with passages that will make any reader want to jam a fork into his eyes To be fair, Blake s 7 was also loaded with cringe worthy moments In that light, this book is a worthy sequel Keep your expectations low. Amazing Paul Darrow writes about what happened to Avon immediately after the final scene of the last episode Loved it It read just like a classic episode. Format Audiobook The spider will be waiting A revisiting of the wonderfully nostalgic days of Terry Nation s S.F series, Blakes s 7, following the tribulations of Blake, an idealistic reformer, and his crew of escaped convicts as they confronted the Federation, and the stunningly charismatic leader, Servalan and her evil henchmen The series ended with the shocking and totally unexpected ambush and deaths of all of Blake s 7 with just the possible exception of Avon, the wily and very devious computer expert This book continues the story from some two decades after the Blake s 7 slaughter, with a new power struggle for control of what had been the Federation, and Avon stranded on a less than technical small planet just hiding his time to escape and recover ORAC.Written by Paul Darrow who was Avon in the T.V series, in the full grandiose and, even then, rather archaic speech of the original, the book captures the spirit of Blake s 7 perfectly There is action, plotting, backstabbing and, of course, the glorious Servalan, no longer President but no less feared and dangerous For a one time Blake s 7 fan, this is pure nostalgic pleasure Who cares if it doesn t quite make sense Neither did the original And Darrow s distinctive voice, warm but devious, in all of it s Avon glory, puts a final finish to this excellent audio.Please note, this review is totally subjective The original series was iconic over forty years ago and still remembered with great affection by this reader and favourite of the characters were Servalan and Avon, both untrustworthy schemers who only had one side their own How good it is to meet them both again in a story written and narrated by the voice of Avon, the late Paul Darrow. [ Download Kindle ] ♴ Lucifer (Blakes 7) ♬ Many Legends Surround The Aftermath Of The Collapse Of The Federation, Including The Fate Of Kerr AvonWhat Happened To Avon After The Death Of Blake And The Crew Of The Scorpio Paul Darrow S Vivid Re Imagining Picks Up Avon S Story At The Final Moments Of The Final Episode Of Blake S And Follows Him On His Fight For Survival, This Time With No Crew And No Ship To Help HimThe Adventure Continues Years Later As Avon, Now An Old Man, Finds Himself A Key Player In The Game Of Power Politics Being Played Out On A Grand Scale By The Quartet Four Ruthless Leaders In An Uneasy Alliance, Who Govern The World In Place Of The Federation Old Enemies Resurface And Dangerous New Ones Appear As The Time Comes For Old Scores To Finally Be Settled Well written RIP Paul Great readDarrow opens up another great chapter to the original story As someone who played the part of Avon in the original series, he captures the character brilliantly This book is a horrible waste of time for any Blake s 7 fan The entire book is written in a universe foreign to the television series, Blake s 7 If you want trite, over used lines like Well, now , lines that the author used a dozen times in a couple hundred pages, then by all means, go ahead and read it.The science is horrible and laughable at times with the winds of space guiding his craft into and out of planet ambits The writing is poor and there seems to be no emotion or color to the novel I often had to read a sentence twice before I could figure out who was speaking, a mark of bad writing I only wish it could have been better, and perhaps it could have if the author would have watched the entire series first to get a handle on the Federated universe But no that obviously didn t happen A good editor would have benefited the book, too There seems to be no similarity to the novel and the original series at all A whole different universe and not one familiar to any fan of Blake s 7 at all I only wish this was something on the lines of what Terry Nation and Chris Boucher, creator and head writer had in mind for Blake s 7 and the character of Avon No , please. Parts of this book are great fun However, it is best to completely suspend your knowledge of science as this could be very distracting from Paul s story.AS far as the original series is concerned, knowing the names of the characters and their relationship to each other ie Avon v Servalan, but the rest of the characters are not included except for a brief acknowledgement in the beginning.The book could really have benefited from a good editor some phrases are a bit over used.But i really enjoyed it on the whole both reading the print book and listening to the audiobook, as well as having it on my tablet.Listening to Paul read this does really enhance the experience as he adds a bit of life to the characters as they speak.The paper book allows going back to interesting parts that you may want to reread at times. Thank God for Big Finish They continuously breathe new life into franchises long thought dead and abandoned In this case the classic 1970 s science fiction serial Blakes 7 A lot of fans were left hanging after the shock ending of the show which had Blake and the majority of the cast being killed Avon s fate though was left ambiguous, and this novel written by Avon actor Paul Darrow finally tells us what happened next The author gives us a dramatis personae at the beginning, which comes in handy for keeping track of who s who as you go along The only thing to be mindful of while reading is some of the scientific inaccuracies island planet anyone but this is a minor quibble I ve heard this is the start of a trilogy so I look forward to future installments.