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Living a Lie what a brilliant romantic book, l honestly loved it, could not put it down one of those books that touch your heart, and will stay there for many days to come.All about a woman Lucinda Marsh who throws herself in front of a speeding train, leaving her twelve year old daughter Kitty alone, confused and abandoned save for a selfish Aunt and a violent father, and a childhood sweetheart Harry.When Kitty is sent to an orphanage after the death of her father, she meets Georgie, a wild cockney girl who through the following years becomes her BEST loyal friend.Convinced that her feelings for Harry will ruin the brilliant future that lies ahead of him, Kitty turns her back on his love.Together with Georgie, she strives to find fulfilment in other places and other relationships, when fate throws her back together, with Harry, she begins to wonder if true love can never die.Once again l absolutely loved this book.The characters are so real one feels part of the whole saga, and such a beautiful happy ending.A truly great read, you wont be disappointed. very good,but i have read better from her Yes another good one Although this one would be a lot shorter if the descriptions of some characters were not repeated so often. Interesting story of the girl who was supposed to be a boy. Having read many of Josephine Cox books I wasn t let down by this one Ok it was a little repetitive in places but an enjoyable story Guessed what was going to happen near the end but it didn t spoil my enjoyment of it. Quite possibly the worst book I have ever had the displeasure to read.The author will bludgeon you with the main character s good looks on every other page, the dialogue is woeful, the plot is painfully bad and the whole thing is basically a great example of why best selling authors aren t particularly impressive. I have never read a Josephine Cox book that I didn t love ^FREE DOWNLOAD ☚ Living a Lie ↷ In Lucinda Marsh Throws Herself In Front Of A Speeding Train Leaving Her Twelve Year Old Daughter Kitty Alone, Confused And Abandoned Save For A Selfish Aunt, A Violent Father And Her Childhood Sweetheart Harry JenkinsWhen Kitty Is Sent To An Orphanage After The Death Of Her Father, She Meets Georgie, A Lively Cockney Girl Who, Through The Following Difficult Years, Becomes Her Loyal Friend Convinced That Her Feelings For Harry Will Ruin The Brilliant Future That Lies Ahead Of Him, Kitty Turns Her Back On His Love Together With Georgie, She Strives To Find Fulfilment In Other Places And Other Relationships, But When Fate Throws Her Back Together With Harry She Begins To Wonder If True Love Can Ever Die