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!Kindle ☨ Life Lived Twice ♻ Life Lived Twice By Sherrie Wouters Some Promises Are Made To Last Forever What If You Fell In Love With A Stranger But That Stranger Had Come From Your Past, A Past You Never Knew Existed Until The Moment Your Eyes Met When Tess Winters Locks Eyes With A Stranger At An Airport Bookstore, It Ignites A Feeling Of Passion Somewhere Deep Inside Her That She Can T Explain Although The Encounter Is Innocent And Brief, The Intensity Of It Lingers, Leaving Her Overwhelmed By A Yearning For The Mystery Man Now Consuming Her Every Thought Struggling To Break The Powerful Hold He Has Over Her Heart, Tess Starts To Experience Strange But Familiar Dreamsdreams From The Turn Of The Twentieth Century Of The Charming Mr Addison Taylor As Her Dreams Start To Materialize Into Reality, And Past And Present Begin To Blur, Tess Is Forced To Put The Pieces Of A Forgotten Time Together, And Soon Discovers That Love Isn T The Only Thing That Can Find You After An Eternity Captivating, Mysterious, And Romantic, Life Lived Twice Will Leave You Wondering Whether Love Is So Powerful It Could Last Than A Lifetime I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.WOW That about sums up this debut novel from Sherrie Wouters Once I started reading, I could not put the book down not a good thing when you have to get up early for work the next morning Be warned Wait until Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to start this one Ms Wouters is a fantastic storyteller This story is so different from anything I have ever read Maybe it has been done before, but I ve never come across it It took me until maybe halfway through the first chapter to really get into the story I started off thinking I wasn t going to like it However, once I got to page 10 or so, when the mysterious LB enters the picture, I was hooked Who is he How does Tess have such a connection with him Yes, this could be labeled as insta love, but if that isn t your thing, READ THIS ANYWAY It isn t that kind of insta love Besides the sweet, sigh worthy romance, there is plenty of mystery and suspense I figured out some of the mysteries easily enough, but some things kept me guessing for a good while I was kept on the edge of my seat, uh hmm bed, for hours as I devoured page after page.I ll admit, one of the things that made me first feel as if I wasn t going to like this book was the MC, Tess She is that awkward, immature girl from all of the other books But, as the story moves on, she does grow a little and become a little confident in herself Also, some of her awkwardness and lack of self confidence is explained later in the story So, don t let Tess stop you from finishing the book The dialogue does feel a bit older than the age of the characters at times Some of this is due to the storyline, but some of it is just written in the wrong voice at times, but I didn t even care The story was THAT good.I HIGHLY recommend this for those who love YA paranormal romance This is definitely YA no sex or bad language This story doesn t have vampires, shifters, angels, or any of the other typical YA paranormal characters There is a slight love triangle which I am not fond of, BTW But I absolutely loved this story Overall, I recommend you give this one a try I don t think you will be disappointed. Life Lived Twice was such a great book I felt like this novel was a genre bender the author describes it as a romantic fantasy with a supernatural edge, which it was, and the mix of genres made for an interesting and unique read.I was drawn into Tess story right from the beginning I liked her as a character and identified with her easily Her first meeting with Logan was really intriguing it was far from your typical meet cute Instead, it was a life changing interaction, one that set the tone of mystery, romance, and chemistry for the entire book I loved the way Wouters described Tess emotions in that scene, and afterwards Her inner dialogue was so easy to relate to, and the fact that Life Lived Twice is told in the first person, and I knew all of Tess thoughts, intensified the love story even further.My two favorite genres are historical fiction and contemporary fiction, and Life Lived Twice encompassed both of those genres What a treat Life Lived Twice is a contemporary story with historical flashbacks I love flashbacks, especially when they are told at the beginning of each chapter They help keep the story fresh, interesting, and fast paced The main two themes of Life Lived Twice are the chemistry filled love story and Tess trying to figure out the mystery of Logan Right away, she feels like she knows him, and than that, she feels like she knows him from another life I liked that Tess and I were in the dark along together as to who Logan really was The mystery was unique and the resolution of it was my favorite aspect of the book I was completely surprised at how Wouters settled the mystery it was a new concept for me and a really interesting one at that I m looking forward to diving deeper into this concept in the next book in this series.As Wouters was drawing the story to a close, I thought I knew how things would end I was shocked at the ending it literally left me breathless As soon as I finished the story, I emailed Sherrie to ask beg if there was going to be a follow up book I was so relieved and happy to hear that Life Lived Twice is the first in a series I cannot wait to read book two If you like contemporary fiction, historical fiction, magical realism, or even time travel themes, you will like Life Lived Twice I highly recommend it Let me tell you how much I enjoyed this book I watch two or three shows a week I read through the show I normally watch I tuned my husband and family out I didn t check email or Facebook at all once I started this book That is how good this book was As I started reading this book I felt the writing was almost lyrical the way it flowed Tess s dreams keep taking her back to someone named Lylah and Addison For years she d had dreams Some of them left her feeling terrified, while others left her feeling somewhat confused After a chance encounter at an airport her dreams return To her the dreams seem so real I think that is one thing I loved about this writing When in the dream with Lylah, I felt like I was right there with them There was such a passion about that time period that the reader can feel it The characters are fleshed out and very believable There were enough twists that kept me reading from beginning to end I don t read very many romances because I don t like what I call mushy, gushy romance novels This definitely was not one There was some suspense and trying to figure things out only to realize that the author had magnificently thrown me off the trail Some things I was able to figure out, and I believe the author did not try to hide those things from the reader, she just delayed their discovery, which made them pleasantly like hidden nuggets of gold, that the reader discovers along the way The small supernatural element was written so as not to offend anyone I won t say what it is because I d rather you the reader, figure it out I have to say I did not feel like I was beaten over the head with it The book leads you to a wonderful place, then throws the curve of all curves at you Everyone has read books where the ending left you unsatisfied This book leaves you satisfied even though you may not like the ending The ending set things up so if the author got enough response she could continue it on in another book, and if not she could end it nicely the way it is I am glad to say at this writing the author is two thirds of the way through the sequel In case you can t hear me I am squealing with delight I would gladly read and review the second book I would definitely recommend this book to all romance lovers who like the addition of a little bit of the supernatural. This has been on my TBR list since it s release date, and I finally got around to reading it Forever can start tonight.Tess Winters is searching for a book in an airport, when a handsome stranger unlocks memories that aren t hers from a time well before she was born Unable to shake them, she returns home, but becomes enamoured with the man she met, and longs to find him again At the same time, Tess wants to find her independence from her over protective parents, and makes a decision to move into a house in New Hampshire, close to college Her landlord and room mate Dane is charismatic and handsome, and she finds herself falling for him Until she locks eyes on his brother Logan and realises he is the man from the airport Secrets from the past re surface in the present, and a lost love comes into full bloom.I adore stories that delve with love lost, reincarnation, and love found, so this was right up my alley Unfortunately there were a few things that annoyed me which meant I didn t rate this book as high as I could have Characterisation felt flimsy, and wasn t really delved into enough for my liking.Tess while young, and the main character, was so indecisive and blind to what was happening, I became frustrated with her We saw her a little in the old people s home, but only with one resident who happened to be a link to her past life We never saw her at college, or really much of what she normally did, other than her interactions with Dane, Logan, their parents, and her sister Cabe There was no interaction with her parents or her other house mate Amber.Krista It felt like she was thrown in there to explain certain things to Tess, and so early on, I expected to see her throughout the story, but she was really only there for one or two scenes.The ending I never expected a HEA, but I felt like I received no closure from this story at all The ending felt a little rushed I understand why it played out the way it did, but I would have liked to see how Tess moved on from it, even if only in the short term.Despite those things, I liked the setting, the story kept me involved, and I really wanted to know who Tess would end up with Dane or Logan I also wanted to find out what happened to Lylah and Addison in the past and have their mystery solved I won t spoil the ending, because where s the fun in that This was a quick, enjoyable read 3 Being here with you right now, in this place, makes me feel like it was just yesterday the two of us were here together making that promise for forever LBTess Winters is ready to begin her new life Little does she know though, that to go forward she ll have to go back Logan Addison has being waiting so long to meet Tess Laylah again One touch is all it takes for Tess to uncover her past When Logan and Tess meet, their attraction is instant The electricity that burns between them ignites even from the very first look, the very first touch.Tess feels as if she knows Logan despite never having seen him before Or so she thinks That s when she starts dreaming about her past Her dreams are so real to her that Tess is beginning to question everything Will she get trapped in her past Is Tess ready to face the truth Because the thruth is out there and it s waiting for herThis is the first book I read by Sherrie Wouters and I feel it s not going to be the last Filled with mystery, suspense and a love big enough to last through eternity, Life Lived Twice will leave you wanting it surely left me What I loved about this book was how the author chose to present us Logan and Tess s story We got to see their present lives and every once in a while we would get a glimpse flashbacks of their past ones It was so incredible how everything seemed to fit together It had such a nice flow.The end though, it was something else It was so unexpected and it ripped me apart I loved, loved their story and I can t believe it ended so tragically All in all, the characters, both main and secondary, were amazing while the story was INCREDIBLE Tess and Logan s love story was a bittersweet one and I feel lucky to have read it.Totally recommended ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review First posted on Review also on my blog at Lived Twice was a real surprise package for me I didn t expect to be drawn into the story so much or to have finished it as quickly as I did but this was a captivating novel with a great plot It was a really impressive debut by Sherrie Wouters and I m eager to read from this author.Tess was an interesting character Straight away, I was fascinated by why she was drawn to the mysterious guy at the airport so suddenly and as we learn about her nightmares and her past, the concept never let me down I loved how intricately the present was linked with her recurring nightmares and how realistic they felt As the story unfolded, I felt like Sherrie did a great job at making sure everything previously mentioned was linked and not forgotten.This book wasn t perfect by all means but it was really gripping and entertaining Although this book was intriguing right from the start, towards the middle I thought some parts of it felt a little too over explained Minor things like Tess being speechless at someone opening the door for her or stunned by someone querying her question seemed unnecessarily detailed I just felt like Sherrie didn t need to over express and spell things out for us so because we could come to the conclusions ourselves.What I loved most about this book though was the part I wasn t expecting the suspense Life Lived Twice led Tess on the road to discovery and along the way, the twists and turns as things were uncovered made for a great suspenseful read With a spectacular ending as well, I thought this book was fantastic I m yet to move on to another book yet as I m still left considering the events in Life Lived Twice, which I think is a great judge on how much I enjoyed it 4.5 5 Book gifted for honest review. Life Lived twice is the story of Logan Bailey and Tess, two people who run into each other at an airport and find that they know each other from somewhere The crazy thing is, they know each other as Lylah Elwood and Addison Taylor, and they know each other from what Tess believes are dreams, but what are actually memories of a past life.This story is a good one about reincarnation, the importance of forgiveness, and the importance of love It also ensures that you live life to the fullest It tells the story of Tess and Logan Bailey in a way both like every other book about reincarnated love, and much different than every other story.I began thinking I knew exactly how it would end, and though most of it followed my predetermined ideas, it changed toward the end and ended in a way I would never have expected.As characters, I didn t much connect with Tess or Logan Tess slept all hours of the day for no reason it seemed, and is ridiculously awkward, and has strange bodily reactions when she s around anyone She gets guilt for no reasonThey re all sudden and intense, and often unrealistic Logan isn t nearly as bad, though I was unable to really get to know him.There is also a strange love triangle foursome That being said, this one is quite interesting from anything I had read before Some of the conversations are a bit too formal sometimes, and a little stiff, but if you can get past that, this is a great book.I give it 2.5 stars. Captivating, mysterious, and romantic, Life Lived Twice will leave you wondering whether love is so powerful it could last than a lifetime I could not agree with this quote , this book was an excellent combination of these things Starting with No one ever asks where we come from before we re born it seems taken for granted we just show up That was my first head scratcher in this book and it really got me thinking This book did a lot of that, I was questioning my beliefs in life after death, reincarnation and past lives I like that feeling when a book makes me think outside my own personal box.I really liked the characters as well Tess was bright and energetic and kind I liked so many things about her from her work with the elderly, to her kind and considerate heart I really liked Dane too, he is my favorite kind of guy cute, sweet and silly Then there is Logan at first I kind of had mixed feelings on him He was very intense and a little confusing I did end up liking him a lot by the end But it had to build for me But the things he said to Tess completely roped me in Love never dies, no matter how we might be separated by time or distance and There is always a choice, even is it s as simple as choosing to put a smile on your face rather than a frown Swoon I could eat him up I did find that I did not know the characters as much as I would like to The book moved at a fast pace and there were a lot of elements introduced This took away from the character development a bit for me I hope that if Wouters continues with this series she gives us a little depth in her characters.My favorite part of the entire book was the date at the pumpkin festival I have mentioned before that my favorite season is Fall and this had everything Wouters did an excellent job describing this scene, the festival, Autumn scenery, leaves, pumpkins and pie I could feel the cool air and smell the cinnamon I enjoyed Wouters writing and found this debut novel intriguing and thought provoking After that ending which I have NO COMMENT on I am excited to see where she takes the series next I hope to see from her characters and to see the loose ends from Life Lived Twice tied up.Thank you so very much to Sherrie Wouters for allowing me the privilege to read and review her debut novel Check out the review on my blog This and my other reviews can be found at to Sherrie Wouters for giving me this book to review.When Tess meets a mysterious man in the airport bookstore, the moment lingers with her and she cannot forget him even though she does not even known his name She also wants to get her independence in her last year of university, so she moves out of her parents and in with a guy called Dane who she becomes really good friends with At the same time she keeps on having dreams about her being a girl called Laylah from the turn of the 20th century and her relationship with a man called Addison Taylor As her dreams and the present start to blur will she be able to believe the truth.Life Lived Twice is an enjoyable light romantic book which has a good story, however, I did find it a bit predictable The characters are all well written and three dimensional I really connected to Tess as we are similar to each other, we are both shy, are awkward around guys and feel guilty about things we shouldn t I also liked Logan as he was sweet and kind but I felt we did not get to know him very well While I really liked Dane I wish he had stayed as a friend to Tess, instead of it becoming a love triangle.The ending was really bittersweet and I hope Sherrie Wouters writes another book in this series I would recommend Life Lived Twice to fans of Grasping at Eternity by Karen Amanda Hooper or Ever by Alyson Noel.