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I don t know if I m just not a romantic but I thought this story was horrible Kaitlin was judgmental and just plain mean to the men she went out with To be honest maybe that s why here fiancee cheated on her, she was just a b ch I know in these types of stories have to have there stand byes like 1 Catty friends who care WAY about your love life than any real friend would and of course their hair brained reasons why you needs a man 2 Having to have a man for some self completion I know Kaitlin goes on and on about her house and painting it, and even states she independent but still agrees to go on dates when she didn t want too just to progress the story and make her seem the opposite of course 3 The man of course being an Adonis, she goes on and on about Paul after meeting him for the first time 4 Everyone, including the characters in the book know that they re going to get together but of course have to add conflict to the story cuz it can t stand on its own by having Paul view spoiler go by a different name so Kaitlin won t know its him hide spoiler FREE on today 11 11 2017 [Read Epub] ♢ License to Date (Better Date than Never, #6) ♞ Better Date Than Never Series, Book After Discovering Her Fianc Cheated On Her, Kaitlin Is Focused On Two Things Remodeling Her New Home And Avoiding Men At All Costs But Her Friends Insist She Get Back In The Driver S Seat And Date Again They Strike A Hard Bargain And Agree To Paint Her House If She Goes On Five Dates Anxious To Get The Paint Job Started, Kaitlin Schedules Five Dates In Five Days, But Her Plan Falls To Pieces When A Sexy Bartender At Her Venue Of Choice Makes Her Swoon Even Though He Observes Each Of The Dates From Afar, She Can T Help But Want Him To Come A Little Closer The Last Person She Should Fall For Is A Mysterious Bartender With A Sinful Smile, But Paul Makes Her Want To Take Risks Again Will The Charming Man With Electric Blue Eyes Break Her Heart Or Will He Prove To Her That A License To Date Is What Makes Life Worth The Drive Snagged this one as a freebie the other day So, Kaitlin s pals offer to help her paint her house, if she ll dip her toes back into the dating pool.She agrees, but with the intention of getting the dates over with as quickly as possible.Naturally, she meets Mr Awesomesauce in the process.It s short, cute, and sweet.Did it blow my socks off No.But it didn t annoy me, either. What can I honestly say after this one I can t takes a moment to form words Whoever read the series knows Kaitlin has been engaged to Paul DeWitt However, Melanie, Kaitlin s sister, tells her that he is her ex Thus, Kaitlin breaks up their engagement and swears off men But her best friends pressure her to go out on at least five dates to give up harassing her about it On her first date at the Geoffries Hotel she meets Paul, the bartender and sparks fly Little she did know that this Paul the sequel xD is anything but a bartender.I think this is by far my favorite of the series The depth of the story and characters and how it all came together by the end just made me allI mean from the moment Paul met Kaitlin boom instant OTP feels 33333I absolutely loved how Paul is the most developed male in the series There s about his life and story that made me just love him ever He s such a gentleman Also, loved the whole 5 dates view spoiler while the 5th Paul Milton reserved for himself heart eyes hide spoiler I received a free copy of this novel through Netgalley and the publisher Hatco Publishing in exchange for an honest review I ve read the first of this series and now this, the sixth novel What I love about these stories is that they are clean, cute, fun romances The writing is really nice and easy to follow and I can connect with the characters really well I really loved the relationships in this story Both those that were already existing and those that were developed Kaitlin and her friends are fun to read about and play off of each other really well I also loved how she and her sister Melanie got along It was a really nice sister relationship to see, particularly in a novel of this length Paul and Kaitlin were really cute together I completely bought into their attraction to each other, although this was one of the sore spots of the novel and the main reason I only rated it three stars While I really loved them as a couple and thought they were completely adorable, I don t like how things were rushed The entire story took place over about five days, which was just too fast for me Spreading out their interactions over a little time might have improved my overall opinion of the story, although I do really enjoy it as is Another thing that seems to be a trend with these novels are the relationships between the women and their mothers In the two that I ve read the leading woman has a very overbearing mother They are always really close to their mothers, which I love, but there never really seems to be a complete resolution to their conflicts These stories are such fun, clean, romances and they make me feel really happy I also love that they are about women finding love without making the women weak They are always really strong The only thing, aside from the fast paced love, that I find rather disappointing is that the guy is never really what the woman thinks to begin with I would just like to read a story where it s completely ok to fall in love with someone and for them to be exactly who you fell in love with, not some famous person or really rich guy not exactly what happens here, but you get the point Overall I think this is a really fun read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fun, clean, feel good romance stories I will likely read of these novels in the future They are the perfect read for a rainy day. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Kaitlin s broke it off with her cheating fianc Paul and is in no hurry to date For now, she just wants to focus on remodelling her house into her dream home However her friends, Kristen and Ginger are determined to get her back on the road into the dating scene They drive a hard bargain if she goes on five dates, they ll paint her house for free Kaitlin s tempted, just five meaningless dates for free labour Why not Wait till she meets Paul, the sequel I adored the fairy tale ending in every sense of the word This was well and truly written to appeal to girls like me What s not to love about a tall, mysterious, handsome, not to mention romantic, stranger like Paul Kaitlin was a pleasant female lead with a great personality It was realistic how she wasn t all that ready to jump back into dating I found the encounters between Kaitlin and Paul natural and unforced although Kaitlin did set her dates at Geoffries Hotel The conclusion was sort of predictable but it was charming nonetheless If you re in the mood for a feel good chick lit, this is the one to pick up It is very easy to read and you will get through it, wishing it never ended Oh my I loved this one Fun, cute, flirty, swoony and a great shorter chick lit read If you haven t read any of Susan Hatler s books I highly recommend that you pick one up The Better Date than Never collection is a great place to start They are all stand alone novels so you can pick and choose but the great thing is that all the characters are interconnected in the stories In fact as I was reading this and all the friends and other ladies in the book kept popping up, I had to go back to the list of books and see which of these ladies gets their own book I can t wait to read Mel, Kristen and Ginger s books Kaitlin is through with the whole dating scene Done, no , zip, zilch, nada No menEVER She s going to enjoy fixing up her new house, the one that the 80 s threw up in, and enjoy her life That is until her two best friends make her a deal, a deal that s too good to pass up She agrees to go on 5 dates and they will paint the inside of her house for FREE See, too good to pass up Ok, this is going to be easy Snag every single man she can find, all the ones that people keep saying they re going to set her up with One date every night starting on Monday and bam, bam, bam she s done and her friends can spend the weekend painting with her Win Win Oh Kaitlin, Ohhhhhh Kaitlin Boy oh boy Girl you need to remember the saying, our best laid plans just saying honey From date one, there is something out to spoil her plans Why can t each date just come, not say anything and be done within a few minutes That would be perfect I have to say I loved all the different dates and the crazy situations that they sometimes put her in.But one of the major kinks in her life plan is that bartender The one who keeps smiling at her, won t leave her alone so she can prep for her first date Then comes in her friends to watch and make sure she doesn t fake her date Not only are they causing her problems but now the bartender has overheard their conversation and knows why she s really there Throw in deals from her friends and this simple easy week has just grown complicated, but hey free labor always makes life look brighterright Kaitlin is so much fun I really just loved her character I loved her relationship with her friends She s hurting from past relationships and yet she is trying to find peace and joy in her life in a way that she can But I loved how this book was able to help her heal and find peace from some of those relationships.Paul, well what can I say about Paul other than the fact that he s something else Wow Yeah for those of you who like book boyfriends I can already tell you that you might, nope scratch that, you definitely would find one in him Ugh, I keep starting to type different moments with Paul from the book but I just can t I can t If I tell you then it takes the fun out of the surprises for you Lots and lots of fabulous surprises await you in this read Let s just say it againPaul s GREAT Now it is a shorter book and these books always end with a HEA so if you don t like the insta love stories then this may not be the book for you but if I could convince you to take a chance on an insta love book series it would definitely be this one Oh yeah It s one that I really could go back right now and read again If I didn t have several other review books piling up and a busy schedule right now then I would so go back and reread it right away That s how much I loved it Now you may not have that instant love for it like I did but whether you do or not, I think you d enjoy it to say the least.Content clean A couple heated kisses but nothing than a kiss Susan Hatler s books usually have some swoony kissing in them but are fun clean reads I snagged a free copy from still free as of today one of the books is 0.99 and the others are 2.99 if you re interested in starting this series Happy Reading This is a heartwarming romance and, although it is the sixth story in the series, you don t need to have read the earlier stories to enjoy this one I know because I haven t read them After discovering her fianc had cheated on her with her sister, Kaitlin has sworn off men and is concentrating on renovating her new home However, her friends agree to help paint her house if she ll go on five dates Determined to make the most of this offer, Kaitlin decides to schedule the five dates into five consecutive days that should mean her home gets painted next weekend Now all she needs are the men to date The author has created a great group of friends, all of whom are having their own problems or dilemmas but all super supportive of each other The dates are all held at the same venue and Kaitlin finds she isn t particularly looking forward to meeting the men she s dating but she definitely is looking forward to seeing Paul again Paul is just WOW It is a relatively short story but it is a real page turner and brilliant to escape into, with engaging characters, humorous incidents and lots of love I really enjoyed this and will definitely be looking out for by this author in future.At the time of writing this review, the e book is available free of charge I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy if you enjoy reading romances After a dissastisfied night with a succubus sucking souls, I thought I wouldn t be able to sleep peacefully knowing there are other books that needed my attention With that, I immediately got my Kindle and searched for Susan Hatler s books And Licence to Date popped up on my screen Whoopeedo Kaitlin is busy remodeling her new home while her friends Ginger and Kirsten urge her to go back to the dating pool They strike a deal with her They re gonna paint her whole house for free, provided that she ll go on a date with her realtor and four other guys within 5 days Tempting offer, indeed, especially when she s a little tight on the budget So for the free labor, she gives them the deal Five men for five dates within five days Not bad, right Well, let s see First date, realtor Chace McDermott arrives late too late that he sees Kaitlin flirting with the bartender instead Second date with an architect that her mom approves has Kaitlin hanging up and rappelling down the walls of Goeffries Hotel again with the bartender instead of the real date Oh man Third date with someone her co worker has set up oh, should I even tell what transpired Kaitlin thinks of the bartender who later becomes the receptionist all the time while she s on the date Disaster, again What s up with he bartender anyway You ll be surprised when you finally realize who Paul the bartender slash receptionist is I won t tell what happened to other dates that succeeded But here s what I m gonna tell you Licence to Date is a very exciting and funny read, it made me forget about the previously forgettable paranormal book I read a while back Kaitlin and her naivete is so on point, and Paul the bartender is a darling The kind of man I d be happy to date, with or without licence Susan Hatler has just made me a one happy girl once again