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This will certainly be the most usual YA in your collection The author, 21 years young, has spinal muscular atrophy SMA and has been wheelchair bound all of his life He started a blog and, the Internet being the wonderful world that it is, the blog took off Why Shane Burcaw has a sense of humor, AND he puts his predicament in perspective.For some, the book might cross well into TMI territory you know, way too much information, from the logistics of peeing and pooping to the quest for a girl and, you know, sex On the other hand, given the success of Adam Sandler movies with the teen crowd, you might say, So what s new It s age inappropriate, every graphic bit of it The book, episodic in nature, follows Shane from toddler years to the present day and his Laughing at My Nightmare tour, complete with speaking engagements Is the writing stellar Well, no Are there any poetic insights into the nature of life Shane flirts with such moments, and that s when the book is at it s best not so much when it s going for belly laughs as when it s looking at the big picture and being self reflective.Overall, though, looking past the f bombs and occasionally gratuitous fart jokes, I think it d be a great thing for teens to read, especially if they act afraid or nervous when they are around handicapped people People are people, no matter what their situation or what they look like If the book has one solid message to make, that s it, and on that score, Burcaw makes his point well. It took me a few days to let this one marinate before writing a review I know that my opinion of it is different than most others here on goodreads, but it left a sour taste in my mouth Shane and friends considers himself to be a champion for disabled people, a breath of fresh air, etc But throughout the book, he reiterates that he does not like other disabled people In fact, they sicken him After a little internet searching, I found that the feeling is mutual His fresh air actually works to steal the legitimate voices of those fighting for their rights By pushing so hard to make normal the cool way for disabled people to act, he makes others look like whiners to the outside world, when they have real, important concerns And, when they can t come off as cool as he does, he makes them seem sickening to others as well It s incredibly sad If he could have paired his insightful, funny, candid style with real compassion, this book would have been a home run As it stands, he is Regina George for people with disabilities And that is decidedly uncool. I was able to get an advanced copy of this book through netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion Being a person with MD, I could relate to many of the things Shane discussed in his book While I am still able to do many things for myself I do have to rely on other people for help sometimes and know how frustrating it is I also deal with people staring because of the way I sit in my chair or being talked to like I m 3 So much of his book hit home I loved his humor and I too find that laughing about things makes it so much easier to deal it This book was well written and even though there was some language he uses the f bomb several times I still enjoyed the book I think anyone dealing with issues should read this I love his message that laughter is the best medicine and I am so glad that someone like him is willing to share the scary experience of MD and its progression I highly recommend this book. Got this from Netgalley So, first I have to say that this book would definitely be rated R for profanity and some sexual situations As a middle aged Mormon pediatric nurse with five kids, this is not particularly my cup of tea Despite those things, I loved this book for it s message of using humor and optimism to enjoy life and be thankful for it no matter what your circumstance Shane was born with spinal muscular atrophy, which is when the body fails to produce a particular enzyme required for making and maintaining muscle tissue Aside from having some physical abnormalities, Shane s body slowly and steadily gets weaker Mentally, he s completely normal, and above average intelligence, above average sense of humor He describes his life, from the day to day where he can barely chew or move his head, to the friendships and relationships he forms It s definitely a faith in humanity restored books Shane started a blog, Laughing at My Nightmare on tumblr, and eventually it morphed into a foundation for spreading laughter to overcome adversity, which lead to a documentary, and also writing this book I was ignorant of any of that, so this was my first exposure to Shane I distinctly remember this one part He describes how he deals with problems as they arise He asks himself, basically, if it will matter in ten years This includes breaking up with someone, breaking a femur, etc Most problems won t, so there s no reason to worry about them The second question is, can he do anything about the problem These type of problems include becoming weaker each year, losing a loved one, etc Since the answer to the second question is almost invariably NO, he says his solution is not rocket science He just doesn t think about those things Instead he focuses on laughing, on doing thing important to him, being with his friends, family, girlfriend This type of attitude is almost unheard of in this world Already when I was cleaning up my daughter s barf when she was sick, this little tip made me smile and realize there s no use being in a bad mood about it I think anyone can benefit from reading this book Shane is an amazing person I personally could have done without some of the cruder elements, but real life isn t always PG. This book was hilarious, and I cannot fathom how Shane stays so upbeat and positive when he is living with such a life threatening disease spinal muscular atrophy He is such an inspiration for people who have many hardships in their lives For any of you who are wondering, this is a real life autobiography written by Shane Burcaw Shane has his own blog as well as half a million followers Again, this book was hilarious, and I found myself laughing out loud at a lot of the parts However, this book does have some language that requires amature reader I highly recommend this phenomenal, inspirational book. Really, 2.5 stars Oh Goodreads, when will you give us the half star option.I started out really liking this book Burcaw s philosophy of will this matter ten years from now and is there anything I can do about it echoes things I try to pound into my students skulls And I was really excited to potentially share this book with them.ButThen I hit the chapters about the bus and the PE class I m not sure why to include the chapter about the kids on the bus, other than to mock them for bizarre behaviors that are presumably out of their control You know, sometimes neurotypical kids throw up on a bus and everyone has to finish the ride with the puke spreading out over the floor and the stench filling the air I almost stopped reading at this point.And then there was the adaptive P.E class Not to imply that there s anything wrong with people who are mentally disabled, but honestly, both of these kids consistently smelled like thy had atomic bowel movements simmering in their pants, and all they ever talked about was Disney movies p.91 Through the rest of the chapter, he never really mentions the other students again, so I don t know why the first paragraph needed to be there Dude, you ve got a website, a non profit, and a book, we know you re not mentally disabled No need to put others down to make sure we get the point.Since most of the students I work with are somewhere on the autism spectrum and are perceived as bizarre by those who don t know them, I can t see sharing this book with them.Finally, I got the impression at the beginning of the book that the focus was going to be something different that it would be about the coming together of family and friends and the strength of relationships The first chapter, with Burcaw s morning ritual was really interesting Yet, for someone who needs to rely on others for almost everything in his daily life, Burcaw doesn t give much depth to the others in his life His parents and friends are mentioned in passing He s got this brother who helps him with everything and yet there s no information about him of their relationship beyond how he helps him Maybe this is the equivalent of seeing the movie without having read the book Maybe regular readers of the blog knowabout Andrew and Becca and the book is intended to be highlights rather than a complete reintroduction My review is based on reading a digital review copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley. Okay, I wasn t going to review this book, but several days after reading it I still feel aggravated, so I m going to reduce my review by a star and say why.I d probably have liked this book if the author wasn t a jerk Now, I m an equal opportunity jerk hater, so his disability shouldn t enter into it But the way he treats other people, particularly the other kids he s been in close contact with who have mental disability, place him squarely in the douchebag category that I reserve for people who can t see beyond themselves Comedy is one of those things that you have to be careful with to caricature others in a way that debases their humanity is going a step too far and to do it with some knowledge of their difficulty is two steps too far I d say something about maturity, but sadly there are plenty of people of all ages whose value of other human beings is pretty low, so it s really not that It s a problem of entitlement and some poor taste in humour That said, I do have to give the book stars for a raw portrayal of some of the hard things about having a disease like SMA I just think he could have done a better job. I loved this very honest, if not raw autobiography of Shane Burcaw who is living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy He details a life of very funny moments balanced by those scary, real life moments for a person living with this disease His approach to life is refreshing I would love to put this book in the hands of my mature middle school readers who seem to carry the weight of their problems and family problems around with them every day He asks himself one question when he begins to worry about a problem Will his life be irreparably or negatively changed because of this problem Shane has a blog where he writes about his life as well as a non profit aptly called Laughing at my Nightmare I love the part in this autobiography where he describes how he started his blog and writes about one of his first blog posts I will use this as a read aloud as we kick off our own blogs in my middle school classroom He writes with pure honesty and voice Something that is difficult for many middle schoolers to do I will end up purchasing this for my classroom library, but will need a parent permission due to language and the exploration of teen bodily functions and curiosity. Twenty one year old Shane Burcaw s acerbic, raunchy, cussing look at life from a person with a debilitating disease, is written to teenagers with an authentic voice and good message, but it is flawed by its negative stereotype and insensitivity toward people that suffer from mental challenges Shane is only affected physically and ironically he perpetuates stereotypes in his comments about those with mental disabilities Shane is a courageous kid who uses humor to deal with his spinal muscular atrophy, a disease that causes the muscles to waste away He weighs about sixty pounds and shows how he has slowly lost control of the muscles that help him hold his head up, chew, and talk He has never walked and relies on others to help him every day, but this doesn t keep him from living a full life He reveals in his biography how he has made friends and lived as normal a life as possible playing sports, dating, and starting a nonprofit organization It is obvious he is living a full life.Shane s family is loving and supportive They all use humor as a way to deal with Shane s disease and they are very positive They have taught Shane that life is what you make of it and that being in a wheelchair does not mean you cannot live and dream like everyone else It does mean that obstacles will be different and normalcy will take on a different meaning The book describes Shane s painful surgeries and need for help with sleeping, dressing, eating, and moving around He does not dwell on the fact that he will not live a long life or that he cannot walk As someone trying to help others, I am baffled by the instances where Shane separates himself from others with disabilities that affect social or mental skills and perpetuates stereotypes that this type of person is outside of society and not like him In a world that has problems with intolerance and persecution of marginalized people, I was offended several times by his stance And as a person with a nephew who has autism, I find the book insensitive to my nephew s value of being a member of society He implies that people like this are not worth his time Shane does not go after any one disease, but instead refers to kids with mental challenges as having tantrums or drooling and being so different from him that he can t fit in with them In his quest to be considered normal he unintentionally puts down others with disabilities The result is it keeps the book from reaching its potential even though for the most part I liked his authentic viewpoint and humor I liked the book most when Shane stuck with describing the challenges of having his disease I laughed pretty hard with his description at the doctor s office yelling football commentaries at the top of his lungs to deal with the pain of getting monthly shots He uses some good figurative language and captures the terror of not being able to breathe The budding romance at the end loses this writing style and he soundslike a hormonal boy out of his mind that he has a girlfriend with most of the descriptions being fucking awesome I have a bias where I think authors or characters in movies that resort to a pattern of swearing are being lazy It is easier to swear than come up with a metaphor or simile describing feelings I suppose you could argue the swearing goes with his character He does swear excessively throughout the book Of course, I work with kids every day all day long and swearing is not in my vocabulary.Shane spends much of the book convincing himself and other people that he is normal even though he is in a wheelchair He shows how adults can be patronizing and pitying toward people in wheelchairs The struggles he has with relying on others to help him all the time are poignant and revealing Even his terror at a college event and wondering if someone was going to break his neck by hitting his chair so hard running to the stage show how fragile his body is But he also shows great courage in trying things He has discovered that through his positive dealings with spinal muscular atrophy, he has helped others through his blog and organization deal with their own struggles in life His life is valuable and he is contributing to society in a terrific way You go Shane Just clean up your mouth a little, would ya ^E-pub ⇞ Laughing at My Nightmare ⇹ With Acerbic Wit And A Hilarious Voice, Shane Burcaw S Laughing At My Nightmare Describes The Challenges He Faces As A Twenty One Year Old With Spinal Muscular Atrophy From Awkward Handshakes To Having A Girlfriend And Everything In Between, Shane Handles His Situation With Humor And A You Only Live Once Perspective On Life While He Does Talk About Everyday Issues That Are Relatable To Teens, He Also Offers An Eye Opening Perspective On What It Is Like To Have A Life Threatening Disease