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I am an elderly intermediate player I found this instructional bookwell organized, easy to understand and I am eager to try the system.Each of the chapters is followed by a set of practice examples thatreinforce your understanding of the concepts.I can t imagine anyone expressing what you need to know to get going with 2 1 This book is well worth the time and money. A good resource to understand the 2 1 game forcing biding in Bridge. 2 1 in a nutshellTwo over one is rapidly becoming the new standard bidding system for intermediate and advanced bridge players This clear and concise booklet by a leading player teacher gives you all the essentials you need to get started, without the excessive detail found in other works. Comprehensive reviewA fine explanation with many good examples Covers all bids and rebuilds by opener and responder However it does not address competitive bid sequences after responders first bid. |READ EBOOK ⚖ Larry Teaches 2/1 Game Forcing ♷ Larry Cohen Describes The Two Over One Game Forcing System For Bridge Bidding The Page Large Spiral Workbook Was A Big Hit And Now It Is Available Digitally It Takes The User From The Beginning Up And Through All The Basics Of The System There Are Numerous Quizzes For The Reader To Test His Understanding