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I was so happy that this book took place back at home especially after River Marked I was really missing the pack, the fae and especially Stefan but of course, we don t get any time to enjoy it Right at the start, Mercy and Jesse are involved in an accident When Mercy is trying to call someone to pick them up, all she gets is voice mails and no answers Turns out the pack has been takenthank goodness for the pack bond This book is action packed and practically non stop with a lot of variables involved but not enough for it to get confusing When the pack is held hostage, an extremely sad part happens that just killed me but I felt better about how PB incorporated things later on And at the end, we get a good battle sceneI think my only complaint is that I wish it was detailed We get to spend time with most of our favorite characters but because almost everyone was involved, some of the character s page time was limited What in the heck happened to SamuelI really enjoyed catching up with Stefan and Mercy spending time with Ben but I missed having Warren There are a few new characters Hello Hao and one from PB s other series, Alpha Omega, Asil Asil s one of the old but yummy werewolves with some problems I have a sneaky feeling something might happen with a certain female werewolf Anything to get her out of Mercy s hairthat s dragged on long enough We do get some good Adam and Mercy time, namely Chapter 9, but alas, not really any smexy time I swear the fade to black drives me crazy sometimes Butwe do get a couple of chapters from Adam s POV which I really liked I think my one main complaint is that I felt PB over explained things I don t remember it being this much before One example is her telling us that Mercy can see well in the dark Not only is this the seventh book of the series and we should know..and remember that by now but she explains it at least four other times It was a bit frustrating Overall, I thought it was a good addition to the series I guess there are some tradeoffs with every series In this one, we got caught up with the characters but I did miss having humorand even that darn walking stick The funeral pyre at the end was a great help to end things on a lighter notejust because Favorite quotes When are you and Dad going to have a baby I was going to fight vampires, and my name wasn t Buffy I was so screwed. Want to win a copy of Frost Burned Want to read an interview with Patricia Briggs Then click here Check out this review and others like it at BadAssBookReviews Beyond typing I loved it I loved it OMG I loved it over and over again, it is hard to write a coherent review Why Because I loved this book so much It was an emotional and a fun experience reading it I feel like I lived another life through the pages of this book Patricia Briggs s talent seems to increase with every book that she writes Frost Burned brings a heightened level of complexity and character development to the Mercy world in the same manner that Fair Game did for the Alpha Omega world Like the other Mercy novels, there is danger and Mercy is engaged in figuring out the source of danger What I like about how Mercy traces down the danger is that she does it in a rational way She does take chances, but only if she has to She really doesn t want to be reckless And Mercy s actions make sense I can see her living a real life off the pages of these books, fixing cars and giving Adam heck The cast of characters that are involved in Frost Burned is large, but in my opinion it was manageable and oh so satisfying to see everyone Frost Burned feels longer than previous Mercy books and is very meaty This book is worth reading and buying now.The monsters are freaking scary and yes this includes the werewolves Briggs s stories are engaging because they are not simplistic She does this by writing horrifying creatures that remind me of what I was afraid of when I was younger and alone in the dark Vampires are not sexy well they may be sexy, but only in a terrifying way Werewolves protective nature may be admirable, but it gets in the way of modern life and puts others in the vicinity of a protective werewolf in danger And then we have the Fae For those readers that read Fair Game, then you know that the stakes have been upped and the world is suddenly a much dangerous place for supernaturals In the midst of all this there is Mercy and Adam Their humor, banter and flirting shine through the pages and as does their love for each other Thankfully, their bond is stronger than ever..Kyle blinked You can talk to Adam when he s not in the room, and you don t have a phone Frost Burned gives readers several chapters from Adam s point of view These advance the story line and give good insight into why Adam does what he does But also, for me anyway reading Adam s point of view solidifies that he there is NO doubt that Adam is my favorite werewolf I live to read when he is frustrated with Mercy and yells, Mercy I gotta say that I love what being an alpha and submissive means to Briggs Alpha is not just to push people around and to dominate Alpha is to protect and care for others As Briggs writes, having a submissive werewolf in a pack is a gift because it breaks the tension and gives the alphas something to focus on and protect I love this concept, it is so beautiful.Frost Burned is funny lots of really good humor and sweet it moves the Mercy world forward Fans of Mercy and Patricia Briggs will not be disappointed. [Free Kindle] ♶ Frost Burned ♸ Mari E Depuis Peu Adam Hauptman, Chef De La Meute Locale, Mercy Thompson Se Pr Pare Passer Un Paisible Thanksgiving En Famille Mais Alors Qu Elle Est Occup E Faire Les Magasins Avec Sa Belle Fille, Elle D Couvre Que Les Membres De La Meute Sont En Danger 4.5 starsA few weeks ago, Patty Briggs and her husband Mike joined a chat room to discuss both Frost Burned and Patty s previous books The idea was to discuss each Mercy Thompson book separately, but that s not how it went in the end I was able to join them just once because the timing didn t work for me, but the half hour I spent talking to Patty and her fans further convinced me that she is both a great author and a very pleasant person When I shared with her my opinion that Fair Game, her third Charles and Anna book, is the best one she s ever written, she assured me that Frost Burned is even better At the time, I took that statement with a healthy dose of skepticism, but now that I ve finally read it, I both agree and disagree with Patty Frost Burned is neither better nor worse than Fair Game both are as good as urban fantasy can get From the first Mercy Thompson book so far there are ten books in this universe , Patty has been getting better and better In pacing, characterization and plot development, she has reached perfection Big words, you say Well, yeah, but so is this series.After all that fear of her mate bond and of losing herself to the pack, it was nice to see Mercy so comfortable in her role as mate of the Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack She and Adam have such a beautiful, healthy relationship In River Marked, Mercy was feeling comfortable as part of the pack, but she was still adjusting and she still had her doubts In Frost Burned, she is truly the Alpha s mate she thinks as one, acts as one, and protects as one I was going to have to come up with a rank for myself besides Alpha s mate In the pack, I was just Mercy but if ten people called me the Alpha s mate, I was going to hit someone It sounded like a chess move. The addition of Adam s point of view was so very unexpected that I had to take a moment to think about it and decide whether I liked it or not I certainly understand the need Adam and Mercy spent most of this book apart and their mate bond can only be used so much Besides, I feel that I now understand Adam just a bit better, and Patty did an excellent job writing from a male perspective And yet, something bothered me about it, and it took me a while to figure it out It wasn t the change in perspective, it was the switch from first person view to third person view I wish she d done both Mercy and Adam in first person I think that would have worked much better Although he was mostly absent from the second half of this book, one Mr Kyle Brooks stole the first half all to himself Yes, that s right an ordinary human though admittedly a lawyer won me over by being a bigger hero than all those other heroes Briggs has created Kyle has always been the brightest star in Mercy s universe, but I felt that hi finally got due respect in Frost Burned All of the secondary characters appeared, at least for a little while, with the exception of Samuel and Bran I didn t miss Samuel all that much I never did warm up to him , but I missed Bran greatly He was a constant comforting presence both in Mercy s mind and mine, but I missed his subtle sense of humor and everything else that makes him who he is.Those of you who are still unfamiliar with my favorite coyote and her wolves should consider giving this series a chance And I doubt I need to say anything to those of you who ve read this series before except We waited two years for Frost Burned to be released and now it s finally out Yaaaay I ve been enjoying this series and for me to make it to book 7 is rare This had all the elements of the previous books, danger and strange magic and political machinations And I like the characters, but for this one the plot was.not weak, but the main protagonists, were reactive than active I know, sounds strange here s some examples view spoiler Adam and his pack don t escape, the mercenary captain gives him the key to his cuffs having him kill everyone was a nice bit of revenge, but would have been even better for Adam to figure out how to escape They don t discover who the money man is Hao shows up and Marsilia tells them about Frost hide spoiler Favorite Quote He laughed again, and his body softened as much as it ever did there just wasn t much soft about Adam I love you, he said I know, I told him seriously How could you help it While the Mercy Thompson series is an absolute favorite of mine, the past couple of books have been a little on the slower side for me But I am happy to say, Frost Burned brings back the fun action and world building I ve come to expect from this series And before I go any further, let me also say We get two full chapters of Adam Hauptman POV.I ll give you a minute to recover from this Because yes, it is that fabulous.Frost Burned starts with Adam and almost his entire pack being kidnapped by possible federal agents although everyone is pretty sure they are rogue, human radicals To take down almost 30 werewolves means these guys are serious and must have a lot of power and knowledge about the werewolf community What Adam soon learns is that these rogue agents want to set up the shifters by having Adam assassinate a senator to look bad in the public eye, as public perception of the supernatural population is on very thin ground Pumped full of silver and drugs, Adam must play these kidnapper games to keep his pack safe, all the while concerned for his Mercy and his daughter Jesse, who have yet to be kidnapped.Mercy and Jesse were out shopping when it all went down Unable to get ahold of anyone after getting into a fender bender, Mercy starts to panic Eventually she finds Gage Jesse s love interest , Ben the only werewolf able to escape I love me some Ben and Kyle Warren s partner The three of them along with some help from Stefan I love this vampire too set out on a plan to keep Jesse hidden and safe and try to figure out where Adam is being kept and how to get them all out.I think the Mercy Kyle Ben dynamic is a really nice in here While Mercy is quite upset and panicked that Adam is in danger, using their bond she is able to reach out to him and she knows he is still alive She actually visits him on two occasions through a dream of sorts too, which gives her a tiny peace of mind Even with the dark cloud hanging over them, this book is still full of some lighter moments, especially when Mercy takes Marsilia s head vampire queen car from her shop it was in for an oil change The car is a really fancy expensive model and let s just say, while Mercy has every intention of just harmlessly borrowing it, horrible things happen to this car which is quite amusing.When I first read the blurb and noticed that Adam was kidnapped, I was bummed he wasn t going to be in the book very much, but I was wrong As I said, we get two chapters of his POV and he has a lot of page time I really enjoyed what we get between him and Mercy in this book Now married, they have such a mature relationship, and by getting Adam s POV, we get insight into how proud he is of Mercy, but also how fragile he thinks she is and his overwhelming need to keep her safe.I have to give Patricia Briggs a lot of credit for the way she writes her shifters She makes their wolf part of them, so realistic So violent, so feral, so.not human Adam has to make some decisions in this book that are hard core, and I love that she shows the reader his complete alpha side We see the ramifications of pissing off the leader of the pack We see the ramifications of supernatural power and how human police also need to follow through with their procedures This author portrays so well how a shifter world would integrate into a human world and is really careful with the details And that is something I really appreciate with this series As well as the fabulous characters all of them, even the small supporting ones add so much to each book Such a well done urban fantasy world I really enjoyed.Rating B Poor Mercy can t catch a break Hardly recovered from injuries suffered in River Marked, she s trying to distract her stepdaughter Jesse by taking her Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving evening Mercy has a panic attack while driving, which leads to a car accident At first Mercy thinks it s because Jesse asked her when she and Adam were going to have a baby, but it soon becomes apparent that her Alpha werewolf husband and almost all of his pack have been abducted As Mercy scrambles to try to find Adam, protect Jesse, and rescue someone who s been left behind, it becomes clear that these problems, as terrible as they are, are just the tip of the iceberg Several characters have hidden motives and deep laid plans The plotting in this series is just so good. This series is one of the best Paranormal Urban Fantasy series out there Patricia Briggs has a wonderful ability to create a world that feels real and is totally believable Mercy Thompson as found her place in Adam s life, even though there are few things that just get to her Frost Burned, the 7th book in the series starts a day after Thanksgiving and Mercy and her stepdaughter, Jesse decide to do some last minute shopping Unable to contact Adam, they return home to discover that the entire pack has been kidnapped by a group of men posing as federal agents It is now up to Mercy to figure out how she can rescue Adam and the pack.Because of their incredible bond and unique abilities they were able to do things that have not been previously done she gets into Adam s body and is able to see what he sees She will need all her resources, including her growing powers.I adore Mercy and Adam as a couple have I said that before Truly, their relationship is intense and emotional and I admire the fact that they respect each other a real team Their scenes together are unbelievably romantic The character development continues to surprise me Something new about them is revealed and it just pulls you in and The plot is very complex and it s almost impossible to guess who the villains are until almost at the end Another fantastic read.My favourite quote All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing Thank god we have Mercy to do the job XDSo this was already the seventh book in the Mercy Thompson series and even after all those many books I still can t help but have to love Patricia Briggs heroine Mercy is such a strong female character and I really wish there would be of them in literature XD Don t get me wrong, it s getting better and better and a lot has improved ever since I started to read this series, when I was younger and began to get into reading, Mercy Thompson was almost the only cool heroine though Well, next to Kate Daniels start of the series 2007 and Rachel Morgan 2004 lol Still, I m very thankful that Patricia Briggs and the other authors wrote about those strong female leads and I think their stories influenced a lot of other young writers to do the same thing This said, I guess it s no wonder I still love to come back to this series and enjoy it immensely It almost feels like coming home whenever I begin to dive into the next book and I really hope there are to come Of course the 7th book didn t disappoint as well and I was once again pulling for Mercy and her pack I swear, I love the interactions of the pack so much Each and every single member is so unique and likeable, it s like they ve become my family over the years lol Still, I can t believe what happened at the beginning of this book view spoiler A Cantrip agent killed Peter Sweet and gentle Peter OMG I ll never be over his death The heart of the pack is gone and I m sure there will be a lot of trouble because of this TT hide spoiler Expected publication Spring 2013blinks blinks again HELL.NO UPDATE February, huh sniff POST READHmm.Still not sure how I feel about this one