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~READ EBOOK ⚖ John Carter of Mars ⚕ In This Volume, John Carter, An Ex Soldier Turned Prospector, Is Transported To Mars Barsoom, As It Is Known To Its Natives Under Mysterious Circumstances He Becomes Dedicated To Protecting His New Home And Newly Found Love, The Princess Dejah Thoris, From Warring Alien Civilizations And A Host Of Deadly Barsoomian Beasts Yendo de m s a menos en el apartado art stico, el breve repaso DC al universo de Barsoom compensa en los divertidos guiones de Wolfman y el suficiente respeto a la fuente Un din mico preludio a sumergirse en las novelas. great art, okay story A shorten variation of The Princess of Mars from the 1970s I enjoyed it, especially the art and layout Worth a read for John Carter fans. The stories in this are not the best adaptations but they at least hue close to the ERB source material Where this volume fall far short is with the sub par artwork It is no wonder that John Carter ended up going to Marvel if this is the best that DC could do with the character. Don t let that poor rating fool you There s some great comic book material in this collection Murphy Anderson and Gray Morrow in the 1970 s Doing Edgar Rice Burroughs Damn you, man What could you possibly want in science fiction It s utterly splendid And worth the 50 quid you ll need to shell out in the second hand out of print market Now, go and secure yourself a copy Do it not for yourself but for future generations, pass it down as a heirloom This is pure golden treasure, silly git.