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[[ Read E-pub ]] ⚤ Jessica Rules the Dark Side ⚷ It S One Thing To Find Out You Re A Vampire Princess It S A Whole Other Thing To Actually Rule Newly Married Jessica Packwood Is Having A Hard Enough Time Feeling Regal With Her Husband, Lucius, At Her Side But When Evidence In The Murder Of A Powerful Elder Points To Lucius, Sending Him Into Solitary Confinement, Jessica Is Suddenly On Her Own Determined To Clear Her Husband S Name, Jessica Launches Into A Full Scale Investigation, But Hallucinations And Nightmares Of Betrayal Keep Getting In Her Way Jessica Knows That With No Blood To Drink, Lucius S Time Is Running Out Can She Figure Out Who The Real Killer Is And Whom She Can Trust Before It S Too Late promessivampirithedarkside La storia ha inizio con una simpatica introduzione in cui viene raccontato il matrimonio tra Lucius e Jessica descrivendo le tradizioni vampiresche in modo cos accurato che mi sembrava di essere l e assistere in prima persona L attenzione poi si sposta su Jessica che da semplice studentessa si ritrova ad essere un vampiro, a vivere in un castello in Romania e a dover governare i due pi potenti clan di vampiri Affiancata da Mindy, la sua amica d infanzia un p mattacchiona, Jessica si trasforma da ragazza timida e paurosa in una vera regina coraggiosa pronta a sfoderare gli artigli quando si tratta di difendere il marito Lucius accusato ingiustamente di omicidio.Una storia di vampiri quindi ma anche di coraggio e determinazione raccontata da diversi punti di vista, la voce narrante cambia di capitolo in capitolo passando da Jessica o meglio Anastasia, il suo vero nome prima di essere adottata , Lucius, Mindy e Raniero.Personaggio un p enigmatico e buffo quest ultimo avete mai sentito parlare di un vampiro pacifista che conduce una vita da surfista e indossa magliette con disegnati tacos e infradito di plastica Bh in Promessi Vampiri The dark side c 2.5 starsThis could have been so, SO much better if the story had a different focus There is a reason why romance novels end with a wedding, sometimes followed by a few pages of honeymoon shmexing do not expect it in Jessica Rules the Dark Side, it is a very young YA novel When the lovers are bound together for eternity, when there are no misunderstandings and tension, how do you continue writing about a married couple and keep things hot and dynamic between them Only a few authors can pull off a relationship that is as exiting post marriage as it was during the dating phase Unfortunately, Beth Fantaskey is not one of those authors As you probably remember, Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side ended with Jessica turning vamp and then marrying Lucius in a series of extras posted on Beth Fantaskey s website if you missed it, here is the link So, they had their HEA, what is next Next is a conflict related to some conspiracy to keep Lucius from his rightful throne and Jessica s problems with accepting her new royal status The whole affair is pretty tepid and frigid, if you ask me The mystery is very flat, with hardly any suspense And the hotness and fun of Jessica Lucius antagonistic flirting is, as expected, gone What lightens up this otherwise dull and slightly angsty sequel is the secondary romance between Jessica s best friend from Pennsylvania Mindy and Lucius cousin Raniero, delivered via 2 additional POVs Their story should have been the focus of the followup to Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side Although Mindy sounds surprisingly and at times unpleasantly hick ish in this novel, Raniero compensates for her deficiencies with his amusing Buddhist hobo surfer attitude These two have chemistry, they provide comedic relief, they are interesting Jessica s and Lucius s boring troubles should have been secondary to Mindy Raniero romance, not vice versa I wish someone had given Fantaskey the advise to write a companion novel about Mindy and Raniero rather than a direct sequel to Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side But alas, nobody did Very unfortunate indeed Give this book a go only if you are willing to be bored and skim over all Lucius Jessica parts to get to enjoyable Mindy Raniero scenes At least this was much better than Jekel Loves Hyde. Jessica Antanasia is settling into married life with Lucius but she is struggling to adjust to life as a princess After reading this I feel the book should be renamedJessica Doesn t Rule The Dark Side But After Months Of Being Useless Finally Sees What s Right In Front Of Her And Only With The Help Of Her Friends Manages To Not Be Completely UselessLucius is trying to bring order and law to his people whilst also worrying that Jess isn t strong enough to lead When Lucius s uncle is found murdered, he is blamed for his death and locked up without any blood which he needs to survive Jess, her best friend Mindy Mondy Ah who cares and Lucius s cousin Raniero must find the real killer or else Lucius will become dehydrated, which is not a good look, oh and he ll also be forever lost in a limbo of nightmares due to the lack of blood.Things I didn t like There s a lot All Jess s large biological family are weak, nervous and cowardly All Lucius s family are evil, underhand and cruel The only characters that are allowed to be good, strong and just are JessLucius and MondyRaniero It seemed it was written that way so Jess and co are percieved as competant, worthy and likable..I found it really hard to believe that the 4 main characters were the only normal people in the book Jess was not worthy to be a princess, she had no leadership qualities..she barely even tries for the first 70 80% of the book she s too scared and frightened to take charge Jess doesn t eat because the cook can only speak Romanion and Jess does not know how to speak Romanion even though she s lived in Romania for months now I would have expected her to learn the basics such as the names of food, greetings and so forth So Jess just starves herself when Lucius isn t there to order food her because it s easier just to not eat than trying to communicate with the cook WTF why did she not ask Lucius how to order different foods or ask for a tutor to learn Romanion or buy a translation book dvd she doesn t even try to learn..what was she going to do starve herself for the rest of her life Why she didn t try to make an effort to learn Romanion when 1 She lives in Romania and will live their for the rest of her life 2 Everyone around her speaks Romanion 3 She s a Romanion princess so will need to talk to her subjects, who suprise suprise are Romanion Jess was an idiot trusting her cousin when Lucius told her not to trust anyone..it was so obvious what was happening but Jess was too blind and too stupid to connect the dots Jess is always shaking and fliching at the tiniest things I seriously can t remember the last time I flinched or saw someone else else flinch whilst going on with their day to day lives Jess is just a weak, crybaby idiot Jess is too scared to visit her biological parents graves even when Lucius was with her..she didn t even know them and they died honourable deaths 18 years ago and her adoptive parents were lovely..so I couldn t understand why she was so scared We find out Mondy dumped Raniero because he s jobless, scruffy and doesn t like violence and she wants someone powerful, rich and protective she just comes across as snobby and shallow, how she was judging anyone else when she had absolutely nothing to offer herself was rich..pot meet kettle..your both losers Mondy fails college, she doesn t even try because she s thinking about her loser ex Raneiro who turns out not to be a loser but a powerful tortured vampire bounty hunter assassin..aw yea..take that Mondy She also doesn t want to be in college because she wants to be a hairdresser to the stars..fair enough, then why doesn t she apply for a job at a hairdressers and work her way up whilst doing a beauty course instead of whinging that college isn t for her..noone just get to be a hairdresser just because they wish they were Mondy you have to actually do something to achieve your dreams it s no good just wishing Mondy Mindy is a complete bi h to a girl who s dad just died all because she s friends with Jess what noone else is allowed to be friends with her or did she expect Jess to remain friendless oh, but it s ok she acted like a cow because it turns out that the girl is secretly evil so that of course excuses Mondy s initial uncalled for douchery..please..Mondy is a stuck up, nasty bi h Raniero and Ylenia speak english when it was just the two of them having a conversation, when they would usually speak in Romanion just because the plot requires Mondy who is eavesdropping to understand them Jess sounded like a 14yr old instead of like a married woman who s a ruler Mindy Mondy sounded like a 10 yr old with her silly nicknames Lukey and Ronnie and saying the word like in like every sentance.Things I liked there s not much The emails letters Lucius and Raneiro sent each other were mildly amusing It ended. Firstly, thanks sooooooo much to Jess of She Known As Jess for letting me borrow her ARC Thanks honey you rock Jessica Rules the Dark Side was a terrific follow up to Jessica s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, a book that surpassed all my expectations when I read it a few years ago and made it s my into my all time fave list I thought for a long time that Jessica s Guide was going to be a standalone novel, so I ve been holding out for this book ever since I learnt of it It s been one of my most anticipated books to get my hands on It doesn t officially release until January of next year, but one of my online friends who I just love to death, Jess of She Known As Jess was kind enough to lend me her ARC so I could quench my thirst for of Jessica and Lucius There are noticeable differences with this book when compared to the first It s darker and has lost that popular teenage school vampire story feel This is serious now for Jess and Lucius its life or death and they ve come a long way since the first book They re together, but are soon ripped apart and it s up to Jess to save her new husband from a painful execution This book jumps back and forth in the POV s of Jess and Mindy, as well as letters corresponded between Lucius and Ranerio during his incarceration I admit that it was nice seeing of Mindy She s really spunky and has her own personality She s Jess s best friend and wants to be there for her, but she also has a certain problem and bit of a broken heart thanks to a certain surfie vampire I won t name, but am sure that fans of the first book will know Life as a royal was never going to be easy for Jess She didn t have the same upbringing as her husband and isn t used to the harsh world of vampire politics and law She went from being a regular American teenager to a princess and a wife and who finds herself set to become ruler In this book, Jess looses herself for a bit gone is the confident and sure girl of the past, and instead is a vampire princess just trying to find her feet in a world where weakness is despised I loved watching Jess find herslef in this book and truly become Princess Antanasia Dragomir Vladescu She s not without her vulnerabilities and often makes mistakes, but she learns and at the end of this book is ready to become queen It was so nice watching Jess accept who she was as a princess and her place within the Dragomir line There s a lot of growth in her during this book and she doesn t have Lucius by her side which forces her to stand on her own two feet The only issue I had with this book is that it lacked a lot of the constant romance I adored with the first book Obviously there s a reason for that with Luciuswellbeing in jail and all LOL but I missed him a lot during this book That s not to say that he and Jess aren t electric and oh, so in love when they re together, they are.but I just would have loved of Lukey He s so strong, and noble and fierce and so incredibly in love with his wife Just the way he speaks of her in his letters to his best friend that noble prose of his swoon There s nothing he wouldn t do for Jess and all hell would break loose if anyone ever hurt a hair on her head, but in this book he s forced to let her discover strength within herself to rule and make to decisions without him being there to guide her There s mystery surrounding this book, although about halfway through I was pretty sure who the culprit was This doesn t mean I didn t enjoy the ride thought, because boy.did I ever There s no real cliff hanger to this book, but it leaves you wondering and I for one would certainly love to see a third book, just to see what becomes of Jess and Lucius.