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#Pdf ⚺ Jack and the Animals ä When Jack Leaves His Appalachian Home To Seek His Fortune, He Finds It In A Roundabout Way Along The Way He Assembles A Group Of Traveling Companions That Includes A Dog, A Cat, A Rooster, A Donkey, And A Cow As Night Falls And They Grow Hungry, They Come Upon An Abandoned Farmhouse Or Is It I really like the illustrations in Jack and the Animals All of the pictures were done with watercolors and were full of great detail The color scheme was warm and reflected the mood appropriately in a way that went along with the text The obvious brush strokes add texture to the pictures in a way that is very enjoyable The endpages have a very intricate design that foreshadows what is yet to come in the following pages The story itself was a not as intriguing as the pictures, but I do feel that young children would enjoy the animals that are portrayed in it. A Jack tale where Jack leaves with a group of animals to seek their fortune.