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Well this book was It hadBad writing Bad, bad writing, no biscuit for you, Author Aside from the massive quantities of derivative plot has everyone read Tolkien there were words that were used incorrectly, writhing unending sentences, and garbage bags full of overwriting and overexplaining.Why did I keep reading it Partially, because I was looking for the next BAD bit Honestly, if this man had retained a decent editor, or someone to quieten down his purple prose, he might have had something. I have waited a while to read this duology, and it was worth the wait I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this High Fantasy saga I enjoyed the read and I enjoyed the characters who are introduced. #Download Epub ⛅ Into the Forge ⚜ Finally, The Story Of The Great War Of The Ban Is Told Two Young Wanderers Are Given A Small Copper Coin By A Dying Human, Who Tells Them To Deliver It East To Agron And Warn All, But Dies Before Explaining Who They Are To Deliver It To, And What They Are To Warn Them Of Making Matters Worse, In Order To Deliver The Message, The Pair Must Pass Through A War In The East Between The Black Mage Modru And The Alliance Of Free Folk Opposing Him, And End Up Being Drawn Into Events Which Threaten To Overwhelm Them, Save For The Coin Which Has Much Significance Than Anyone Could Imagine An enjoyable read Dennis has quite the attention to detail , a familiar type of novel to the habitual Fantasy reader There is travel through many lands with various obstacles and constant strife Some unhappy results at the end but the various magical foes brought well to life Main characters quite relatable to you and me. I love epic fantasy, and this does not dissappoint Tolkien fans will definitely see the similarities and you are definitely aware of Mr McKiernan s love for the genre Some might see plagarism, but I think it s just a great appreciation for style Very exciting read, and a great story It s part one of two, and do not look for closure, this is only the beginning. Excellent readEnjoyed this book I have always enjoyed Dennis McKiernan s work I recommend this story to anyone who loves fantasy Will read . This is quite possibly the single most boring fantasy novel I have ever had the displeasure of reading The vast majority of the novel is spent describing the journey of two Warrows who are totally not Hobbits at all, nosirree in excruciating detail Tip and Beau have been charged with delivering a coin to a king in the easter part of the world as a warning about the war that has broken out between the gods of good and evil What does the coin mean Is it magical, or just a symbol I have absolutely no idea The entire novel goes by without my ever learning even the most basic fact about why this quest is significant or why I should care A war that engulfs the entire world of Mithgar is raging, and yet McKiernan chooses to focus on two characters who basically do nothing The idea of focusing on the small people in a big event is a nice one, but it doesn t work when so far they have had no effect on anything I feel as if this entire book could have been condensed into a handful of chapters and added to the second novel as a prelude.Beyond the dullness of the events, the characters themselves are fairly barebones cliches The warrows are a miller and a healer The healer heals and says oh, my far too much The miller starts to learn to play a lute and angsts about the horrors of war Their elven companions are evenpoorly developed, though I do appreciate that one of them is female, meaning that this book has a slightly better go at having significant women than the other Mithgar novels I ve read These characters don t even manage to be 2D cliches at least those might be interesting Instead, there isn t enough material for a properly fleshed out character even if you squished everyone together I wasn t a huge fan of McKiernan s retread of Lord of the Rings or his sequel, but at least he had a few clever spins on ripping off Tolkien This novel attempts to depict his setting s equivalent of the War of Wrath and fails to excite any emotion other than boredom I honestly do not know if I ll bother to read the second half of the duology, but if I do, my expectations could not possibly be lower. I think that Goodreads needs to update their review window because I just lost the entire review because I clinked on something that shouldn t have been a link.By the way, the book sucks eventhan the review writing window The author, having written sound effects for a battle, such as Thkk and plang , attempted to describe the sound of an arrow being pulled from a corpse censored No, author Spelling the F word with th doesn t make it any appropriate.Also, the author likes to start sentences with And then a lot Doesn t make for a thrilling read I can t believe the author thought Tolkien s estate would accept this thinly disguised fanfic as a continuation of Lord of the Rings The characters treat a battle like it s a drive by entertainment, something to break up the monotony of travelling Their response when they see a dragon fry a bunch of dwarves Maybe we should stop riding out in the open where the dragon can see us I do say, Tipperton, that sounds like a good idea Yeah This book wasn t even good enough as a bathroom reader And yes, Tipperton is the main character s name. Dennis L Mckiernan is not an easy author to read With that said, this was the first of his books that I have read, and is a very good place to start While this book was not his first in the Mithgar world, it does take place prior to most of his others.At first, all I could think was this book is yet another Tolkien rip off The reader is introduced to the main characters who are Warrows a tiny, sort people with great dexterity sound familiar However, as I started plowing into this book, I soon realized that while this novel does have alot in common with The Lord of the Rings, it does deviate quite a bit from the standard epic fantasy1 The main character does not suddenly develop godlike powers.2 The main character does not find out he is the long lost son nephew brother to the ultra powerful king or emperor.3 The main character does not sit back through the beginning of the story and let the grand muckamuck wizard lead him by the hand until he become the ultra powerful world savior.4 While there are special read magical weapons, there are none that are super ultra powerful that kills an entire army.5 The main character does not need to throw a magic ring into the fires of Mt Dhoom, if that needs to happen, it probably happened by the aforementioned wizard in 3 without bothering the main character at all.The main character get lucky a few times which helps him survive He is an average person who gets caught up in world changing events as he makes his own future While there are prophecies, they are not all encompassing road maps to killing the great evil of the world.This novel is endearing as it proves that epics fantasies do need average people doing average deeds to help save the world This is a very impressive story, well written, and while it does leave some questions unanswered, they have their own books, and their own answers Mckiernan does not try to answer every question about an entire world or worlds history during one book and instead spreads them among other stories. A great book, Into the Forge follows two warrows Beau and Tipperton AKA Tip as they try to delever a copper coin to fulfill a mission of great import with the instructions of take this east and find Argon warn people.The warrows are my favorite characters in the mithgar universe, humble underestimated and witty There are various races that they meet on the way to conplete thier quest A fortunate thing as Tip has never been far from his home in Twoforks, having met few of his own kind Theres a bit for everyone love, mystery, sorrow, gore, banter Although not as whitty as I thought it was when I first read it as a teen it still made me laugh.