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FREE DOWNLOAD ì In No Uncertain Terms: A South African Memoir á Nelson Mandela Provides The Foreword To A Work That Describes The Former South African Parliament Member S Relationship With Mandela, Her Protest Of The Murder Of Steven Biko, And How She Withstood The Badgering Of Racist Ruling Nationalists To Challenge Apartheid , First Printing Helen Suzman was an incredibly brave lady that used the platform of Parliament to speak out against injustice and apartheid Often a lone voice against the cacophony of prejudice and racism.Unfortunately, her memoirs do not do her justice I found it to be written in a very dry, journalistic type manner filled with facts and event, but short on the emotions and feelings behind the history. Published in 1993 after her long career in Parliament, Helen Suzman s memoir showcases her strength and wit in a long struggle for equal rights for all in South Africa The memoir ends before the 1994 election in which the ANC took the majority and Nelson Mandela became head of state This is an important record of a critical period in South African history written by a key figure, a woman who was well educated, articulate and dedicated to her beliefs Quote about Margaret Thatcher Mrs Thatcher s powers of endurance and her courage are undeniable A sense of humor, however, is not her strong point Suzman s sense of humor is evident throughout the book and it doubtless helped her deflect the many barbs thrown at her during 35 years as a liberal and a Jewish woman in Parliament. A determined, highly intelligent, feisty and outspoken Jewish female the biggest thorn on the side of the Apartheid government A very good read for anyone interested in the recent history of South Africa