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Classic Science Fiction Maybe I need to start a new category for my reviews for this type of story I tend to hold these stories to a different standard I don t know if that is fair But on the other hand, I do take into account the target audience of a story and the publish date, so perhaps I am not being unfair.The hard science part has some major flaws, but I tend to ignore them for this publish date I found the world building interesting, but not ground breaking, but if I was reading this closer to the publish date, it would have been wonderful Time is not friendly to this story I am reading this as a trilogy, but felt I should consider reviewing each book separately, since that is the way these stories were originally written Have a GoodReads. I first read this book in the very early 80s, when I picked up a copy of the seventh printing April 1981 I remember that I liked it which I must have done, since I ve held on to this yellowed paperback for 35 years now but I had, frankly, forgotten almost all the details It was high time to reread it.Ethan Frome Fortune is a young traveling salesman, journeying aboard a luxury starliner to his next port of call, where he plans to sell a consignment of goods at a tidy profit Along the way, the liner makes a quick stop at Tran ky ky, which used to be a pelagic world but has since frozen over, with vast seas of ice broken only by a few island chains and other minor land masses.During the stop, Ethan stumbles across a kidnapping in a remote part of the ship two thugs are trying to abduct a wealthy industrialist and his feisty daughter, forcing them into one of the liner s escape pods at gunpoint The crooks are reluctant to kill Ethan for fear of alerting the ship s crew, so they make him come with them Unfortunately the escape pod is damaged as it leaves the ship, and the group have to crash land in the frozen waste of Tran ky ky.Before long they encounter the local sophonts, a race of tall, warlike felines known as the tran, who have natural blades of bone on their feet for skating across ice, and folds of skin under their arms, like a flying squirrel, for catching the winds that constantly blow They use the wind to propel them at amazing speeds across the ice, but the blades make it difficult for them to walk on non ice surfaces.The tran prove courteous despite their fierce nature, and promise to help Ethan and his companions reach the only human settlement on the planetbut first they have to withstand a siege by the Horde, a massive army of feral tran that appear every few years to sack towns and exact tribute.I like how Alan Dean Foster has devised tran physiology to show how they ve adapted to their frozen world Their culture is a little too derivative of medieval Vikings to be believable, but on the other hand it s nice to have some familiar points of reference given the otherwise exotic setting and natives.Foster has a great knack for describing characters, environments, and epic events which is one reason he s been tapped to write so many novelizations of blockbuster films, including many from the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises , and he puts his skills to great use in this book The battle scenes are gripping, and the interactions among the characters are always compelling especially when they involve Ethan s partner, the giant and enigmatic mercenary Skua September Why this book has never been made into a major motion picture baffles me I would actually pay money to see a good treatment of this book in a theater, rather than yet another tiresome Batman or Spiderman reboot.UPDATE I have no idea why Goodreads classifies this book as Fantasy It s space opera science fiction at its 1970s finest. @Download µ Icerigger ⚨ Ethan Fortune Was Simple Salesman Knowledgeable And Civilized A Sophisticated Traveler Between Many Worlds But He Had Certainly Never Thought Of Himself As A HeroSkua September, On The Other Hand, Never Thought Of Himself As Anything ElseA Matched Pair, If Ever There Was One When The Two Of Them Were Suddenly Stranded On A Deadly Frozen World, Ethan Fortune Incredibly Found Himself Cast In The Role Of LeaderAnd He Didn T Find That At All Amusing Gave up Artificial setting, characters, plot Couldn t connect.Foster can write better than this Okay, this was written in 1976 Don t waste your time Better books out there. Fine book, young feller me lad Read it and enjoy Skua September There s two to come. Another fun journey from Mr Foster I ve had this book on my shelf for ages but was missing the third book and had to wait till I had it Then I found it on so decided to start the trilogy The cover promotes it as a space opera but its not really its an adventure story on another very cold world Either way its a captivating aand fun read Gotta read this one every couple of years Don t know why It s just a cheesy, pulpy space story But I love it. In Icerigger the human characters crash on a planet The planet is covered in ice, with islands popping up from the once ocean While there is a human base on the planet, they crashed on the wrong side of the planet and they are way to far to radio them They end up having to work with some of the natives, first to survive, then to make their way to the human base.I love this book and its two sequels for several reasons, first it does a good job of letting the world and it s people unfold Learning about them is a shear pleasure The second thing is the interaction between the humans and the natives The humans end up using their superior science to help the natives, how they were able to do so makes a lot of sense, and is not as easy as many authors would make it.While not hard science fiction by any means it is also not as soft as is all to common in many books with FTL. I m a hardcore Foster apologist and pretty much love most of his work But really, guys, who couldn t love an frozen world with ice skating bat like people who are roundabout medieval in their social development I have a soft spot for Alan Dean Foster I grew up reading his Spellsinger series, and I ve enjoyed many of his stand alone novels For sci fi written before 1980 this is pretty decent Action packed, humanoid aliens, misogynistic and self contained They don t write books like these any, and I m not sure that s such a terrible thing, but I just love classic SF for some reason.