@Free Book Ü I Was Born, Now What? Å eBook or E-pub free

@Free Book ó I Was Born, Now What? Í All You Think About Is The Day When You Get To Leave Home And Be FREE Free Of Parents, Free Of Teachers And Free To Make Your Own Decisions Until That Magical Day, You Feel Like A Captive And Your Day Of Freedom Seems So Far Away In The Mean Time, Get Prepared In This Manual, You Will Get Valuable Tools That Will Help Make Your Transition To Freedom Easier In This Book Surviving High School And How To Deal With The Different Personality Types Of Teachers These Will Be The Same Personalities Types You Will Have To Deal With Later In Life Ie Bosses And Co Workers Learn How Your Brain Works And How To Improve Your Learning Skills Learn How To Get Along With The Other Teens In Your Life The Real Of Emancipation Getting A Job Learn How To Do Basic Life Skills In Preparation Of You Leaving Home Such As Car Repair, Cooking, Budgeting Your Finances, Balancing A Check Book And Getting Your Own Place To Live College How To Pay For It And When To Go Trade School Important Facts About The Military And Much